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10 CHEAP Ways To Stay Healthy in 2021! (May 2020) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

You don't have to spend a lot of money to be healthy. In fact, with our 10 cheap ways to stay healthy in 2020, you might even end up saving cash. Check them out!

Buy Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

When shopping for fresh produce, you'll find that you can still buy fruits and vegetables that are out of season because with today's logistics and farming techniques, we're able to grow or transport foods year-round. But with the increased effort to get out-of-season produce available for people, the costs (for your wallet and for Mother Earth), are significantly higher. Buying fruits and vegetables that are in season is a lot cheaper, and healthier! You'll end up saving cash while being environmentally conscious.

Cook Food At Home

Eating out is fun, right? However, it can also be very expensive, and you often get more ingredients than you were aware of. It is far better to cook your own food so that you know what's in it, and can save on cash at the same time!

Here are some great Journal from Dr. Sebi to get you started:

Take Your Lunch With You

You should be cooking your lunch and taking it with you as well. How often have you been caught out at work without a healthy meal that you've prepared, and you've had to buy something out, or worse, resorting to the office's vending machine?

Cook as much of your food at home as you can and you'll save a lot while eating healthier than most of the food you can buy.

Prepare Your Meals in Large Batches

Part of the benefit of cooking at home is that you can do it in bulk. Many of you have heard the term "Meal Prep" by now, and there's a reason for that. You can cook your whole week's worth of food in one batch.

By doing this, you're able to use fresh produce and cook large dishes that can be split and consumed over the next several days, saving time and money.

Keep Your Leftovers

In addition to preparing your food in advance in large batches, any time that there is more food than you need for the current meal, always make sure to keep it and store it for another time. Save your leftover vegetables to eat over wild rice or quinoa later that week, make sandwiches (with approved-grain bread, of course!), or save them to use as salad-toppers or side dishes!

Buy Whole Foods

It may seem obvious, but we often get caught out by convenience or laziness. Pitted fruits, diced melons, packaged green leaves, chopped mushrooms. There are a ton of options available today of foods that are already prepared for you. But these prepared foods are far more expensive and usually come in smaller quantities. You're much better off buying the whole food and preparing it yourself. You'll get way more for your money, and it only requires a little bit of extra time on your part.

Drink Plenty Of Water

People very often think they are hungry, but they are actually thirsty. If you're feeling hungry and it's not your usual mealtime, try drinking a glass or two of water and wait 15 minutes. You'll usually find that you're no longer feeling hungry because you were really thirsty instead. And remember, Dr. Sebi, recommends that you drink at least one gallon (3L) of natural spring water every day.

Don't Fall Into The Junk Food Temptation

How much money do you actually waste on junk food? Sodas, cookies, chips, chocolate. These junk foods have no nutritional value and are becoming more and more expensive. If you're thirsty, drink water. If you're hungry, eat sweet (approved) fruit. And if you're craving junk food then it's probably time to cleanse and purify your system!

Replace Meat With Plant-Based, Natural, Approved Food

Other than being bad for you, meat and animal products can also be expensive. Avoiding meat is a great way to save you money while also contributing to your alkaline diet.

Try switching to things like ancient grains (quinoa, tef, wild rice, amaranth), hemp seeds, and other healthy options. They have a long shelf life, come in larger quantities for a lower price, are nutritious and easy to prepare. Remember to stick to seeds, nuts, and grains that appear on the Nutritional Guide.

Use Natural Cell Foods

Some foods and compounds feed your body at a cellular level. They cleanse your system, allow your body to heal and purify itself, and can suppress your appetite as well while still feeding your body what it needs.

Check out some of our packages of natural cell foods to help you stay healthy on a budget.