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The Forgotten Secrets To Health And Happiness That Boost Immunity!

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Ancient ways to boost immunity, restore health, and increase vitality.

There is a public health emergency of international concern, but it's not the latest virus. We are being violated with substances that offend our biological nature and devastate the immune system. The chronic health conditions we face are the result of compromised immunity.

As Dr. Sebi said: "There never have been two diseases in the world. There is only one disease: the compromising of the mucous membrane, and the mucous membrane of the African has been compromised for 400 years now."

The healthiest animals live in the wild, not zoos, and the longest living humans sustain themselves with traditional diets. Even our pets get diabetes, cancer and conditions like Alzheimer's when they lose the connection with their natural biology.

Immunity is undermined by toxins that increase physical stress on the body. Protecting your immune system enables you to thrive both mentally and physically. Eating alkaline food also keeps you safe from profitable philosophies benefitting from addiction, sickness, and fear.

It was while working as a steam engineer that Dr. Sebi realized the acidic environment - maintained to prevent biological growth in the pipes – could also cause cellular damage and disease. Right now we are being polluted with thousands of toxic substances causing havoc:

  • Heavy metals contaminate cells and cripple the immune system.
  • Halides (fluoride and chloride) in public drinking water exterminate life.
  • Processed food is full of preservatives, additives, and artificial chemicals.
  • Pesticides and fungicides kill the beneficial bacteria in the gut.
  • Meat and dairy are laced with growth hormones and antibiotics.
  • Plastics packaging seeps hormone-mimicking chemicals into food.
  • Cosmetics and cleaning products contain toxic chemicals.

This biological burden combined with cellular acidification is the real reason we get sick. Fortunately, by supporting the immune system, and nourishing your cells, it's possible to defend yourself against the viruses, bacteria, and accumulating toxins.

Interfering with nature has created profitable foods that acidify the body and suppress the immune system. For example, carrots used to be much smaller and yellow, white or purple; until the Dutch Royal Family bred them to be orange in the 17th Century as a tribute to William of Orange. Sadly, carrots today barely resemble their original nature and genetic heritage, they acidify the body, even the pretty colored ones.

Your ancestors knew how to be healthy and they relied on ancient herbs for healing. Reclaim your right to wellness by equipping your immune system to tackle the toxins. Restoring the natural electric-equilibrium in the body cleanses cells, rejuvenates tissues and reduces stress.

Herbs and minerals have an affinity with both the earth and your biology. Iron is the most abundant element (by mass) on Earth, and critical for your blood and immunity. Your blood delivers essential oxygen and vital nutrition to every single cell and removes the toxins. In the US a worrying 9% of toddlers are deficient in iron and 7% of adults are severely deficient and anemic.

The burdock plant knows how to reach its roots deep into the earth to claim the iron it needs. Maybe the abundant growth of burdock in Africa and America is nature hinting that we need it too? Disease cannot exist in an iron-rich body nourished by plants, and Dr. Sebi proved this to the FDA! Dr. Sebi's Bio Ferro Tonic and Bio Ferro Capsules combine the iron in burdock, one of its main ingredients, with exactly the right formulation of life-giving herbs to nourish and purify your blood, while boosting your immunity.

Elderberry is another ancient immune-supporting plant used to reduce congestion, soothe soreness, and support respiratory function. Packed with antioxidants, and phytochemicals this anti-inflammatory plant is a natural expectorant clearing mucus from the lungs.

Elderberry was used during the 1995 Panama Flu Pandemic to treat multiple strains of influenza, reduce fever and dramatically improve recovery time. The plant's healing properties were described by the herbalist Hermes Trismegistus over two thousand years ago. His botanical knowledge was inspired by Wisdom Texts written by the ancient Egyptian Physician Imhotep. Our ancestors knew how to support the immune system, and treat colds and flu, with Elderberry.

You too can benefit from these remarkable protective berries in a flavourful brew of Dr. Sebi's Immune Support Herbal Tea. The dried berries are gently simmered into a deliciously nurturing warming winter drink that combats flu, soothes the sinus, and removes mucus. Dr. Sebi's Iron Plus combines five more potent healing herbs with the powerful elderberry creating an iron-rich antioxidant that purifies and energizes your entire body.

Feel safe in the knowledge that walking this ancient path of herbal wisdom generates a powerful immune system that will protect and support you every day:

  • Increase your focus on natural foods compatible with your organic origins. In Dr. Sebi's Nutritional Guide, you can access the approved foods that nourish you.
  • Feed your genes with greens and be truthful to your body's cellular needs.
  • Chelate heavy metals and toxins from your body with plants rich in minerals. Dr. Sebi's Cleansing Packages provide everything you need to accelerate your healing and support cellular rejuvenation.
  • Stay hydrated with natural spring water to remove toxins and dilute mucus. Dr. Sebi recommended drinking a gallon of spring water every day.
  • Ingest powerful healing herbs that protect and nourish your blood and immune system, like the incredible botanicals combined in Dr. Sebi's Bio Ferro and Iron Plus formulations.

Feel confident knowing you can rely on the ancient cosmic arrangement of healing herbs that promote health. When you take care of your body, and show it love, you are at 'ease' and there can be no 'dis-ease'. Carve out a path to the past and remember you are a member of the organic-electric alkaline family. Just like the burdock, reach down with your roots to get the nutrients you need.

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