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Getting Clean Deep Inside Your Cells (August 2020) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

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Your body can rebuild itself, and recover from illness or injury when it is kept clean on the inside. Support your remarkable self-healing by cleansing the waste, toxins, and impurities lurking deep inside trillions of cells.

Therapeutic Nutrition

Dr. Sebi knew that accumulated toxins and inadequate nutrition cause disease. Conversely, removing toxins and saturating the body with nutrients, drives cellular regeneration. When cells are free from toxins, and well nourished, the body returns to a state of good health.

Toxins hinder energy production, reducing cellular performance and immune function. Poorly performing cells produce more reactive waste products (like an old 'smoky' car engine), increasing inflammation, and disease risk. Intra-cellular cleansing moves toxins, and heavy metals, out of cells so they can be processed and excreted.

Minerals are essential for our bio-electrical health. A lack of iron (anemia) is common in virtually all pathologies because, without sufficient iron, cells cannot 'breathe'. Dr. Sebi taught us that "We receive life in the alkaline world" and effective cleansing creates the crucial nutrient-rich alkaline conditions for long-term health and healing.

Cleaned Up & Energized

The body naturally removes undesirable substances from the blood and tissues. However, processing-pathways are often overwhelmed and under-energized. Lack of energy (lethargy) is a symptom of toxin accumulation, because cells can't produce enough bio-electricity to meet demands, so we feel tired.

When cells are under-performing, the impact is felt in the body and mind. But, once toxins are removed, the whole body regains vital strength as cells increase bio-electrical energy. In addition to physically cleansing organs that process waste and toxins (colon, liver, gallbladder, lymph, kidneys, and skin) every single cell needs to be clean.

Cleansing Considerations

Cleansing removes mucus and creates an internal environment that promotes self-repair. When the body is free of substances reducing cellular performance, energy production is enhanced. The additional energy is diverted into self-repair, and the body builds healthier new cells and mood boosting hormones.

If you are new to cleansing, or transitioning from processed food, there can be mild symptoms as toxins move out of deep cellular stores into the blood before excretion. Symptoms can include: insomnia; feeling cold; rash; headache; aches and pains; and diarrhea. These typically resolve quickly when toxins are removed via sweat, urine and feces.


Living Clean

Cleansing is an approach to life that prevents sickness by creating a 'clean' internal environment. We clean our teeth twice a day, and the body requires a similar, regular, cleaning routine. Removing toxins, and heavy metals, before they accumulate ensures inner conditions that promote health. Preventing toxicity and ensuring nutrition is much more effective, and easier, than taking drastic urgent action when toxins have accumulated.

  • Eat More: Electric foods with high levels of natural minerals (avocado, greens, mushrooms, berries, apples).
  • Drink More: 1 gallon of natural spring water per day to help the kidneys flush out toxins and cleanse the blood.
  • Do More: Gentle movement like walking, sauna or sweating, spend time in nature, fresh air, and sunshine.
  • Eliminate: animal products including dairy, hybrid foods (GMO and non-approved foods), and alcohol.
  • Supplement: herbs provide additional targeted nutrition to help the body eliminate and re-nourish.

Practical Implementation of Cleansing

Cleansing herbs encourage bowel movements and digestion, speeding up the removal of waste from the body. Herbal support for the pancreas and gallbladder reduces fat deposits and encourages digestive juices. Revitalizing herbs re-stock mineral stores and replenish cellular nutrition. Targeted herbs also speed up recovery and strengthen the immune system to aid self-healing.

The type, and dosage, of herbs, must be calculated to support the body, and not overwhelm it. Dr. Sebi developed cleansing packages to deliver a therapeutic dose of synergistic herbs. The Small Cleansing Package is ideal if you are new to cleansing or want to kick-start a lifestyle change.

Cleansing is a powerful way to revitalize energy, mood and mojo. Reducing the burden of toxins, and adding vital alkaline minerals and nutrition, transforms you on the inside and out. Just a few days of keeping it clean are enough to put the spring-in-your-step step and a radiant smile on your face.

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