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Happy New You Package (January 2021) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

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If you want to be happier, healthier, or even wealthier, there are proven paths to getting resolutions right!

“You don’t have to eat less. You just have to eat right.” – Dr. Sebi

Happy New You

We kick-off 2021 with a specialized package of four-products proven to power-up your year. The Happy New You Package provides curative natural compounds to eliminate toxins, neutralize acids, and cleanse the stagnant mucus impairing your body.

Toxins diminish brain-energy, reducing mental ability, and disturbing emotional balance. Have you ever walked into a room and wondered why? Or, forgotten what you were going to say? Inflammation, toxicity, and mineral-malnutrition impair our ability to think clearly, move freely, and implement the wellness we desire and deserve.

This January, treat yourself to a Happy New You Package that will:

  • Support your immune system to self-heal.
  • Dampen inflammation bringing down your mood.
  • Enhance your energy, and enthusiasm, for life.
  • Increase the speed, and capacity, of your brain.
  • Elevate your mood, making it easier to enjoy life.

Resolution Review

New Year’s resolutions have a reputation for failing before February. Here’s how to create resolutions that empower personal evolution:

Resolve to make a change you genuinely, and enthusiastically, WANT. Avoid striving for something you SHOULD do, that doesn’t really excite you.
Choose changes that bring ‘joy on the journey’ - removing the focus from completing a goal. Resolving to ‘enjoy moving my body’ implies every step is appreciated.

Strong foundations drive commitment and the confidence to continue. What does this change mean to you, why is it so personally relevant, why now?
January 1st is not a good day to begin. Conflicting commitments mean most people don’t get into gear until the week after New Year. You also need sufficient time to plan the change.

Resolve to Evolve

The practical planning essential for effective, and enjoyable, changes takes time. Separate the ‘decision’ to change (which can happen, immediately, right now, in an instant) with the plan to change.

Realistically, it takes 8-weeks to fully implement any significant change. Fortunately, some changes can be started right away, and built upon, such as enjoying more movement or adding nutrition. Other changes need more time, like experimenting with new ingredients or learning a new skill.

Alkaline Revolution

Dr. Sebi changed our perception of nutrition. He also developed compounds to restore the damage modern life inflicts on our bodies and minds. Dr. Sebi’s most advanced products are only usually available in therapeutic packages.

This January the Happy New You Package provides two, usually limited, healing compounds:

  • Chelation 2: Cellular cleanser combining sacred bark, nutritional roots, and powerful plants to completely clean the bowel, and release toxins from the entire body.
  • Fucus: Adaptogenic detoxicant that flushes-out stagnation lowers cholesterol and reduces cellulite. Enhances blood and lymph flow remineralizes cells and neutralizes acids.

Together with two potent energizing, purifying, and re-nourishing compounds:

  • Bio Ferro: Cleanses the liver and purifies the blood, enhances detoxification and improves oxygenation. Reduces inflammation, protects against oxidation and boosts metabolism.
  • Viento: Expels energy-draining heavy metals, escorting them out of the body. Enhanced waste removal and circulation while reducing inflammatory damage.

Enjoy Your Journey

Regenerate damaged cells, and fundamentally detoxify your entire body. The Happy New You Package paves the way for an energized and effective start (mentally and physically) to 2021. This January there is the unique opportunity to purchase Dr. Sebi’s intensive compounds in this smaller Happy New You Package (independently from the larger therapeutic program).

Eliminate accumulated mucus, toxins, and acids while restoring natural hormonal balance and critical nutrition. Fuel your entire year, and achieve your most passionate resolutions, with the Happy New You Package as your first joyous step in the journey to maximum elevation.

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