Is your lifestyle inflammatory? (April 2021) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food


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Is your lifestyle inflammatory? (April 2021) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

Inflammation in the body is a cry for help from our cells, but we decode the message incorrectly.

Learn how to understand information from your immune system, and enhance your internal communication.

Antioxidant herbs in Dr. Sebi’s Iron Plus eliminate the inflammatory-strain, and nutritional deficits, created by long-term inflammation. Combat chronic inflammation and promote relaxation with calming CBD products to reduce anxiety and stress on the body.

The Inflammatory Response

When cells are in distress they send a signal for ‘help’ to the immune system. The call goes out when:

  • Cells are damaged or toxic.
  • Pathogens have invaded (e.g. bad bacteria).
  • Tissue is damaged (e.g. a cut on the skin).

This ‘call for assistance’ is a series of chemical signals that recruits immune cells. Specialized cells will:

  • Remove danger (e.g. bacteria or toxins).
  • Prevent further damage (e.g. make a scab to cover a wound).
  • Initiate healing.

Inflammation is the start of the healing process. If you cut yourself, the skin near the wound will warm, swell, and become tender to touch. This signals that healing has started. Pain immobilizes the area and ensures you pay extra attention to protect the injury and attend to the issue. Below the surface, there is more going on!

Changes to blood vessels make them ‘leaky,’ so larger immune cells can reach the target site. This is like fire-fighters cutting off the roof of a car after a traffic accident, so they can rescue somebody inside – the risk of death makes damage to the car an acceptable loss. Immune cells can ‘call for backup’ and escalate the issue if it’s serious, using chemical messengers called cytokines.

Healthy or Unhealthy Inflammation

Responding to danger, or damage, with inflammation, is the body’s way of getting ‘help’ to go where it’s needed. Your body encounters pathogens to fight off, toxins to neutralize, and wounds to heal every single day. This response is rapid, and resolved once the injury or danger has passed.

Conversely, chronic inflammation is a constant cry for help experienced throughout the body. The sheer volume of toxins, and other sources of inflammation, that we encounter creates a continuous background inflammation. Our cells are constantly crying out in pain.

This unhealthy inflammation is not triggered by infection or damage, so it cannot be repaired or resolved. It is being triggered by our food, environment, and thoughts. The body’s cries for help cannot be answered when toxins are still being consumed. Worse still, the immune system can’t hear where it REALLY needs to go to work.

“Changes cannot be accomplished and will not be forthcoming if the diet has not changed.” – Dr. Sebi

Chronic Inflammation

When inflammation persists it wears the body out and increases the risk of disease. Inflammation evolved to be an immediate response, it’s not designed to be switched on permanently by the chemical soup of our environment.

Chronic inflammation is a risk factor in virtually all lifestyle diseases – but, it’s a symptom, not the cause. Processed foods, low nutrient diets, obesity, and smoking are all associated with both increased toxicity and chronic inflammation. Stress is also a major trigger, sending a ‘danger’ signal to the immune system.

Anti-inflammatory Lifestyle

The alkaline foods on Dr. Sebi’s approved list are anti-inflammatory. They send a ‘calming’ signal to the immune system and reduce nutritional stress. Plants are high in fiber and packed with minerals and phytonutrients that signal ‘all is well’.

Reducing stress and calming the mind is anti-inflammatory. Consider relaxation the opposite to inflammation. A stress-free relaxing environment will increase sleep and enhance immune activity. Activities that are fun, bring laughter, social connection or novelty are anti-inflammatory. Meditation and mindfulness reduce inflammation in the brain.

Herbal Fire Fighters

Reducing inflammation is like putting out ‘little fires’ in the body. Quitting inflammatory foods, that start more ‘fires’, is essential. Re-stocking your minerals and active nutrients stops the vicious cycle of inflammation that drains energy and prevents your body from healing.

Dr. Sebi’s Iron Plus provides enriching plants that actively target inflammation while reducing the damage it causes. Purge your body of pathogens while putting out the fires of inflammation with astringent, aromatic, and bitter herbs that calm and soothe the body.

Edit the Information

Reduce the negative emotions that ‘fan the flames’ of inflammation, with the incredible new range of Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food healing-hemp CBD. Enhance positive immune functions with better sleep, less anxiety, and improved mood - empowering your immune system to more effectively reduce inflammation.

Sadly, ‘inflammation’ has been mislabelled as bad. But, inflammation is just the messenger; the real issue is the underlying toxicity. Quitting sources of inflammation reduces the strain on your immune system. Inflammation can save your life - when you listen to what this message is really trying to tell you.