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Staying alkaline on the road this summer (July 2021) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

Traveling can be difficult when you’re alkaline. We reveal a treasure trove of ways to make your road trips and vacations as food-friendly and fun as possible. Get prepared for summer with an alkaline travel plan!

Keep your appetite at bay and your energy high with Dr. Sebi’s Green Food Plus and Viento. This uplifting duo delivers the nutrition to empower your summertime adventures - so you can focus on your next trip!

Enjoying Alkaline Travel

We understand how hard it can be to eat alkaline on vacations or trips away from home. Fortunately, planning and preparation can prevent summer splurges that pile on the pounds. This alkaline survival guide will help you nourish and protect yourself while out and about.

Your mind will try and persuade you to eat addictive foods! It will have lots of good ‘reasons’. Processed foods and refined sugar ‘feel’ good immediately (as they hack into your neurology) but 20 minutes later you can look forward to bloating, indigestion, brain fog, and lethargy - as the pesticides attack your gut and toxins flood into your blood and brain. Before you take a bite, ask yourself ‘how will this feel in half an hour?’

Don’t ruin your vacation with a carb coma!

Alkaline Convenience

Carefully planning how to meet your nutritional needs makes it part of the fun, and much more likely you will eat food that enhances your bioelectric body and doesn’t drain your vitality. Here’s how to stay electrified and alkaline this summer so you can take a well-deserved break without sabotaging your success.

1) Amenities: Consider what you need away from home. Think about access to nature or exercise equipment, peace, and quiet, fresh air - what’s important for you? Ensure your needs are met, especially if in a group, and you don’t end up in an all-inclusive resort on a beach when you hate sand and want to fast in a forest!

2) Appetite: Keeping on top of your hunger will keep you safe from immediate temptations. Small meals and snacks keep your appetite at bay. Green Food also naturally reduces your desire for food as it fills you up with essential nutrition. We make poor decisions when hungry, keep yourself well fed.

3) Breath: Take a deep breath to give yourself more time to choose what to eat. Oxygenate your mind and then decide - we get much more energy from oxygen than food anyway. Taking a few deep breaths can be enough to guide your mind to a more conscious decision, deep full breaths also remove acidic carbon dioxide.

4) Cleansing: Travel has a natural novelty that can be harnessed to distract you from eating. Instead of vacation dining being a stress, why not cleanse instead? Experience the benefits of losing weight and feeling great, while spending minimally and having fun! A cleansing holiday could even be cheaper than staying at home. Consider a small cleanse before or after a trip if you know it will be difficult to remain alkali.

5) Exercise: Keep fit with fun summertime activities like hiking, swimming, walks, meditation or yoga in nature. Gentle movement (so you aren’t out of breath) reduces stress, helps you sleep, moves waste and is alkalizing. Add enjoyable activities to your vacation - walking in nature is a natural therapy for your body and mind, pack comfy shoes!

6) Entertainment: Choose places to visit that are less likely to be packed with people and processed food. Keeping the focus away from food will reduce temptation. Choose activities that inspire you and occupy your mind with new experiences. Maybe learn a new sport or skill that gets you out and about like golf, kayaking, or rock-climbing.

7) Facilities: Enjoy the comfort of your own alkaline homemade food, but in a completely fresh environment by renting accommodation with a kitchen. Bring basic equipment, like a portable blender, to help meet your food needs without stress. A picnic set with plates and cutlery makes it easier to make fresh fruity snacks on the go.

8) Food: Avoid airplane and pitstop convenience food and try to create a plan for your meals. Don’t eat too late and ensure you are enjoying what you eat. Eating food you don’t enjoy often leads to overindulgence. Research restaurants in advance and ask about their menus - plant-based food is becoming increasingly popular!

9) Hydration: While on vacation prioritizing hydration is important. Whether you are flying or driving, it’s very likely you will become dehydrated. Plan your water consumption, you may have to purchase water at the airport or on the road. Fortunately, spring water can be found in most convenience stores ready to enjoy. Pack key limes if you want to add an alkaline zing to your drink!

10) Ingredients: Stay close to your source of healthy food. Choosing accommodation near organic farmer’s markets, local food co-ops, or organic grocery stores makes access to alkaline produce easy. Research the place you’re visiting before you book accommodation; choose somewhere close to everything you need.

11) Nature: Forget crowded airports and hotel lobbies this summer, why not explore nature on your doorstep? America boasts 63 national parks, from Alaska to Florida, where diverse wildlife and breathtaking forests are conserved for the public’s enjoyment.

12) Relax: It’s tempting to pack in lots of activities into your vacation schedule. Ensure you also plan to rejuvenate your body with sufficient sleep and rest. Allow yourself to be peaceful by simply relaxing and allowing your body to feel calm, being in nature is perfect for this (CBD helps you unwind if you find it difficult). Ensure you leave all your work at home!

13) Replace: Eating fewer meals can make it easier to balance out your food. Eating one meal a day with family could be balanced by replacing another meal with Dr. Sebi’s Green Food. Find a realistic balance of nourishing your body and enjoying the social activity of eating - set your own limits. Cleansing is an excellent way to recover if you exceed your limits!

14) Smoothies: Drinking your greens is the most efficient way of getting magnesium-rich chlorophyll into your body. A glass of green goodness featuring Dr. Sebi-approved amaranth, dandelion, or turnip greens gives you an immediate rejuvenating rush, as well as lasting energy for traveling. Plus, it’s convenient to take with you in a flask whenever you need a boost.

15) Snacks: Pack well with snacks for long trips. Don’t get caught hungry and with nothing to eat, as this is when accidents happen! Treat yourself to plenty of fresh fruit and experiment with making your own trail mix or raw energy balls. Carry plenty of fruit, plus scrumptious walnut butter to spread or dip.

16) Springs: Have an alkaline adventure discovering local sources of spring water for free! Take your own bottles to fill up on this mineral-rich resource direct from nature and get off the tourist track. Springwater is naturally alkali and different springs have their own mineral profile. Find-a-Spring near you!

Wherever the road takes you this summer, keep yourself strong with optimum nutrition. Dr. Sebi’s Green Food Plus fills you with powerful micronutrition to fuel your vacation, and Dr. Sebi’s Viento reduces your body’s acidity while giving you a boost of vitality.

Temptation combined with hunger creates unnecessary stress. Viento and Green Food will maximize your mind and body to help you avoid summer setbacks and nutritional mishaps.

Recharge your alkaline-electric batteries with an alkaline adventure fueled by nature. Make your alkaline travel plan today, what do you need to fuel your fun?

“It is the food that you eat that would reconnect you with the energies of life.” - Dr. Sebi