Dr. Sebi Scheduled to Speak in Philadelphia

Dr. Sebi Scheduled to Speak in Philadelphia
Dr. Sebi Scheduled to Speak in Philadelphia

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  • Greetings. A family shared information about the Dr. in the early 90’s and I went with a local Dr. I was still missing something and I kept searching. My desire is to become a natural healer. I just don’t want to jump into any program. I still optimum health for myself. One night searching the web there he was the Dr.I was told about some time ago.I became excited knowing all had come to a full circle but had it really? I started to read the posting only to find out he had transition.. I am now reading and watching all the videos I can get my hands on. I desire my life change and I am sticking to it.

    • Teresa Graham
  • I think it is wonderful that you can cure sickness in an earthly way this is the way God intended for us to survive off of all natural today I am pretty healthy but if I ever experience and illness I will be in touch KEEP HEALING ?

    • GRace COne
  • Hello! I’ve been trying to get in contact with someone concerning some of these products, I would love to order. I have specific questions needing answered before I make my purchase. I have called, I have left messages and I have sent an email. Still no response. I looked at Dr. Sebi’s youtube videos and I must say, he seems to be a man of his word, and I truly believe his products has helped many. My question is how long do you not receive an answer from his staff? I hate I didn’t find about him before his death, and just maybe I’ll have some answers on which way to go. Jesus!

    • Nita
  • I happened to my order?
    • send LInda THompson
  • Hi. I have a friend with cystic fibrosis, l will like to help him. Conventional medicine docent have anything.which med should he take. Please reply.
    Thank you

    • Francisco