Dr. Sebi in New Orleans, Louisiana on June 27, 2015

Dr. Sebi in New Orleans, Louisiana on June 27, 2015

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  • Hello , first I would like to say I’m sorry to the family and all dr. Sebi friends for them taking him from y’all as well as the African race … I miss my brother even though I never meant him in person I still feel connected… I want to be apart of the movement and would like to help in anyway … I started taking dr. Sebi herbs a month ago .. I have an aunt and uncle who went blind and my mom suffers from eye problems … Can they use the eye wash or do they need a special herbs just for that ? Also my gramdma , dad ,uncle all suffer from diabetes… What herbs do they need to take ? And finally I have another uncle who has kidney problem .. He goes to dialysis twice a week … What herbs should I order for him and all of them ? Sorry for the long email and thanks for everything u do and thanks for representing the African race …

    • Tronard Warner
  • I have not recieved a single item from you can you just email me the address you sent it to.


    • Janet Francis
  • I would like to purchase the products how can do so

    • Michael
  • Dr sebi was god sent, message for everyone to no that without faith in almighty , we have nothin, herbs are for healing,nothing to much for almighty, he sent a leader with a gift for all in need

    • Eugenia Morris
  • Rahmallah may god bless him and grant him the peace and love he deserve and for his lovers dont worry allah is rightous the leaders that dindt want to listen to him will answer to god

    • Zebari