Hair Follicle Safety Statement

As many of you may know already, our company was subject to accusations by an individual of suffering a chemical reaction to one of our products, the Hair Follicle Fortifier. At first, we were stunned and alarmed that one of our clients had suffered a chemical burn from using the Hair Follicle Fortifier, a compound made entirely of herbs.

All of our formulas are made from herbs selectively picked by reputable and well-established growers and tested by independent laboratories before use. We take pride in preparing these special compounds that will optimally help in the reversal of disease.

After this unfortunate incident, we removed the Hair Follicle Fortifier from our stock and canceled all of the already placed orders. Additionally, we initiated a thorough investigation which included testing our products and each of the herbs separately with independent laboratories, as well as an in-depth revision of our standard operation procedures of quality control. A sample of the same batch of the Hair Follicle Fortifier sold to Jermel Brown was submitted to a laboratory. We consider our commitment to the well-being of the community to be inviolable.

After completing the investigation and receiving the results from the laboratories, our findings revealed that the Hair Follicle Fortifier contained absolutely NO chemicals or any other foreign substance. Moreover, the production of the Hair Follicle Fortifier sold to Mr. Brown was consistent with our quality control procedures and most importantly, consistent with Dr. Sebi’s unique formula and directives.

Accordingly, we firmly believe that the Hair Follicle Fortifier did not cause Mr. Brown's chemical burnt. Again, we take allegations of this nature very seriously since our customers’ health has been, is, and will always remain to be our number one priority along with preserving Dr. Sebi’s legacy and reputation.

In light of the above, we are pleased to announce that the Hair Follicle Fortifier is now back in stock and its available for all of you to purchase!

We would like to thank all of you for your patience while we conducted the appropriate investigations to ensure that everyone’s health and safety is in no way jeopardized.

Stay Healthy,

Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food