Dr. Sebi’s Immune Support Herbal Tea

Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food is pleased to present Immune Support Herbal Tea with the natural antioxidant, elderberry. Elderberries can help to reduce swelling in mucous membranes, including the sinuses, and relieve nasal congestion and antiviral, and anti-carcinogenic properties. It’s ideal to help boost the immune system. Elderberry can also act to lower cholesterol, improve the vision, sore throats, coughs, colds, flu, bacterial and viral infections and any respiratory issue. Protects against autoimmune disorders. Elderberry also contains flavonoids, which have antioxidant properties and may help prevent damage to the body’s cells. Directions: Boil two cups distilled water and add 1 ½ tablespoons of Dr. Sebi’s Immune Support Herbal Tea. Simmer for about 15 minutes. Allow to cool, strain. Should be drank twice daily. Ingredients:

  • Elderberry

Dr. Sebi’s Original and Unique formulas are proprietary of Dr. Sebi and may contain ingredients not listed here.


16 ounces


"These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease."

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12 reviews for Dr. Sebi’s Immune Support Herbal Tea

  1. ezprkr

    My wife, daughter and I have been taking this product to help ward off the flu and for our sinus problems. People around us had the flu and we did not get it. We have had sinus problems for years. Since we have been taking this product our sinus problems have decreased greatly. I STRONGLY suggest this product for your immune support.

  2. tashaharris07

    Very consistent in cleaning the bowels daily.

  3. kathleengarth1

    This also have help lowing my blood pressure and lower sugar in my blood

  4. keisw7

    I am so Mad at myself. I love this Immune tea, REALLY helps with my allergies. Allergies were like almost nonexistent using this. I have a little left. Someone convinced me to buy another Elderberry immune tea other than Dr. Sebi. Why did I do that ? I bought some other Elderberry tea and my allergies popped back on the scene . Never again will I do that. Big mistake. The quality of Dr. Sebi product can’t be replaced. Lesson learned.

  5. takeesha.concepcion

    Best tea ever, now it’s sold out. Please get this tea back in stock ASAP🙏

  6. garljnz

    very good information…thank you

  7. brandon.gathings

    Imma believer ever since they tried to block him which I can imagine what more he had in store for us besides for use to open are eyes

  8. ubvicks

    I’ve started using this product a couple days ago and already it has started to bring up mucous and it has regulated my bowels. I’ve been sleeping on Dr Sebi so glad I’m woke now!!! Thank you daughter for introducing me to this great man!! Thank you Dr Sebi fir your hard work!!!

  9. secsip

    I love this tea because it did help bring up the mucous in my lungs. Not sure why I had that because I don’t have allergies or sinuses. I can tell then difference in my running that I breath a lot better and my weight training is much better as well due to being able to breath better.

  10. Bella Sherine

    Hello everyone!
    My family have been using this tea now for the past 6weeks. I have so much to report. It’s effects are amazing. My mum had been bitten by something on one of her morning walks, it left her very itchy, after she brewed and drank the tea after one cup, mum reported to me that the itchiness had completely subsided and the swelling went away within an hour. My husband and our son have noticed that their seasonal allergies aren’t has bad as it used to be. They’re able to breathe better within the hour. I’ve noticed that I sleep better, and whatever mucus was in my system has gone. I also mix it into my Sea Moss gel that i make and OMG, this is amazing. I’ll never stop buying this product. AMAZING! Thank you to the Dr. Sebi family for continuing his legacy. I’ll leave other reviews because we bought the Advanced Package along with other products 🇨🇦.

  11. naeishadudley

    I just purchased this for my recurrent asthma/bronchitis. super exited. I will let update how it goes 🙂

  12. Nelson Ashley Simcock

    Wow using this to make tea is unrivaled in quality, whatever this south American variety is makes a much stronger and nourishing tea. And OMG wow the aroma is better than fine dark chocolate. For the first time in 30 years I can now breath easily through my nostrils. I suffered all my life with constant congestion in my nose, one nostril would be totally inflamed and the other free, then back and forth with nasal meds that never helped. That stripped and depleted barrier is now functioning the way it should. Very pleased with this amazing source of Elderberry!

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