Damiana (Turnera Diffusa) is a great natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It contains 22 different flavonoids. Damiana has been used for centuries as a natural aphrodisiac. Damiana increases and helps maintain healthy levels of mental and physical stamina.


  • Hydrangea
  • Damiana
  • Sarsaparilla
  • Irish Seamoss

Dr. Sebi’s Original and Unique formulas are proprietary of Dr. Sebi and may contain ingredients not listed here.


"These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease."

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17 reviews for Estro

  1. nissana1997


  2. Claudia Winn

    Good for us woman this is what I will continue to use from now on my cycle are less normally 7days not about 3-4. I feel much better and I am praying my fibroid’s dissolved too from this as well. I got to get bck to the doctor to check to make sure they are gone.

  3. robyn613

    I have suffered from 10 day long periods for years! 3 MONTHS using Estro and my last period was 4 days!!! Ive tried EVERYTHING!! Thank you Dr Sebi!!!

  4. Kristy905

    I was on the depo shot for almost 2 yrs because I suffered from long & heavy periods. I do not have PCOS or Endo. I got off the depo. While being on depo I never had a period which was what I wanted at the time to stop the horrible cramps & heavy bleeding. Also while on depo I experienced horrible mood swings & facial hair. I got off the depo and the first month I had a 3 day period so I thought that maybe the shot helped my hormonal balance like the doctor said that it would. The second month the period was 2 weeks long.. the third month it was almost a month UNTIL I began to read all of these reviews and youtube videos of women that took esto by dr sebi. NOT 1 BAD REVIEW. I was a little torn due to the price but I knew that I had to give it a try. My estro pills arrived on Saturday. 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening. Immediately the cramps stopped and my period began to lighten up. I still had bleeding I guess because there was still lining that needed to be shed. On day 4 the period is gone. Normally my facial hair would have grown back. NO HAIR! I will continue to take the pills in hopes of getting pregnant and regulating my period.

  5. Sherrie Mann

    This product is the absolute truth. In 2014, I decided to get an IUD (hormonal) to deal with 2 issues. The 1st reason was birth control and the 2nd reason was heavy periods and fibroids. I was told that the mirena would stop my periods and that the fibroids will be starved and dissolve. For about the first 6 months my cycle went from 7- 10 days to about 4-5 days and the flow was lighter. But for the most part I was still having a cycle. My doctor told me I just may be in the percentage of women who would still get their cycle while on the mirena. Fast forward 4 years later, my periods got worse. I was going through a pack of super overnights pads in 1 day. My pms symptoms were off the chart…everything from extreme breast soreness to brain fog. I am thinking that it is time for the IUD to be replaced being that it needed to be changed every 5 years. Go to have it replaced, and guess what….they can’t find it.

  6. Sherrie Mann

    Now on my last annual, it was in place. So I was sent for an ultrasound and nope they still can’t find it. I was told either is well out or that it is hidden behind one of the fibroids. Keep in mind, when I had it put in I only had 3….NOW I have FIVE and the 3 that were there have doubled in size. In May (2018), I started this supplement and I must say that I am amazed. I noticed immediately an overall change in my mood, pms symptoms, and my cycle. Let just say that it is now September my cycle has been 4 days in length since June. Due the nature of my work and timing, I had to wait on proceeding with a hysterectomy. In the meantime, I started researching on what I could do to deal with my cycles. That is when I purchased this supplement. LADIES!!!!!!! I have tried all types of supplements for various reasons. But when I tell you that this is the truth and it immediately does what is says….

  7. asiya.masood

    I have purchased this twice following reading the reviews. I am glad to say that this has helped so much with my periods which have always been heavy throughout the entire 7 days I have them. Now I only have 2 heavy days at the beginning of my cycle and the rest is very light – I can actually go to work and move about comfortably whereas before I was literally immobile, calling work sick on some days because of how heavy my periods were. It is priced quite dearly considering you only get a months worth of capsules especially with shipping charges and additional taxes to pay in the UK but definitely worth not going through the stress of bad periods monthly – Am really glad I came across this product 🙂 Hope it helps balance my hormones so I can start a family…

  8. Tracy Daniels

    I struggled with long, heavy, irregular menstrual cycles for years as a teenager. Later as an adult, I began having problems conceiving. I then, finally conceived on two different occasions and had two miscarriages. After the second one, I did not conceive again for a year. I took Dr. Sebi’s Estro for one month and I just found out that I am five weeks pregnant. Thanks Dr. Sebi, your products are changing lives.

  9. noyepl144

    Wowwwww!!!! Dr Sebi. is the real deal. I was hospitalized because I was hemorraghing prefusely EVERYDAY and passing 10-12 huge golf ball size clots per day. Yeah, I know that sounds grusome, but I gotts testify how YAHWEH has truly healed me through Dr. SEbi’s Estro and my husband telling me to drink more water. Im still taking his estro along with almost 2 gallons of water per day. I was soooooooooo happy when I woke up and finally saw no blood for the FIRST time in 6 months. I would recommend this product to EVERYONE!!! I’m myself again.

  10. shalimar.p

    I couldn’t get pregnant for 5 years I took this starting April 4 2019 as instructed, I stopped about a few days before the 18th I just kept forgetting to take them but today is May 7 of 2019 and I’m now pregnant and I only took these for 2 weeks prior to conception and I’m so excited because this is why I purchased this I was going to get my spouse testo but he doesn’t need it now I’m happy to finally have a cure and now I finally have my first pregnancy ❤️❤️❤️

  11. ctmccloud2011

    Estrogen faded my fibros after 1 month!!!! Bleeding stop after 3rd day period. # AintNothingLikeTheRealThing
    #Babayyyy”!!!! (Diana Ross voice)!

  12. normia0122

    Back when puberty hit I started sweating excessively under my arms. I tried so many deodorants that claim to stop under arm wetness. Nothing never worked. I changed my diet, nothing. My mom told me once I have kids that it will stop, my hormones would be balance. my mom experienced the same back in her younger days, but when she had kids she no longer had that problem. I’m 27 years old married w/ two kids and guess what no change like it changed for my mom. I just would like to say thank u Dr.Sebi for this amazing products! This fix my hormones! No more excessively sweating, I can wear beautiful shirts w/o the fear of under arm wetness. And I lost weight! I just received my order yesterday this is second bottle! I also take Bromide Plus Powder, and bio Ferro

  13. psalms2828

    Fibroids problem solved. Periods are lighter.cylce is 28 days

  14. diannaalabranche

    I had vaginal dryness. I called the office and Estro was recommended, so I ordered and problem solved!!

  15. liger412

    I love this product! I have been suffering from irregular and long periods since i started my cycle at 15. I would be so weak from all the blood and iron i would lose. After getting ultrasounds and testings the only thing doctors would say everything looks normal and would recommend birth control and more birth control 🙁 I’m 26 and I’ve been on birth control since I was 17 just to regulate my period and I said no more! I was on my cycle when I started Estro and about three days later it was gone. I’m about to finish my first bottle and I’m ordering my next! Definitely would recommend. Also increased my sex drive and I just feel great! 10 STAR PRODUCT!

  16. pesiolive

    I’m 27 and I’ve suffered with heavy & long periods most of my life & I was diagnosed with anemia at 13… recently my periods started going for 17 days accompanied with LARGE clots 🥴 I’ve tried literally everything and birth control made it worse to the point where I bled so much that I had to get THREE blood transfusions over the course of my life. I was on my period when I ordered these and when I got them I was on my 7th day. I took these and on my third day (which would be the 10th day of my 17 day period) …& my period completely STOPPED. I was so happy!!!! I just finished my first bottle & I’m about to order another. I would recommend getting two bottles if you want it to last a month because one bottle only lasts about 22 days… anyway THANK YOU DR. SEBI! 🙏🏽 This product is truly a god send.

  17. thompsonzarrin

    It’s been a week on Estro and my vagina is wetter and sex is better! I have PCOS and my hirutism has drastically improved! It gives me so much energy! I really like it! Anxious to see of it will help me concieve! Have been trying for 3 years!

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