Eva Salve

Eva Salve is designed to nourish and tone the skin. Eva Salve’s unique combination of ingredients provide natural minerals to the skin such as calcium, fluorine and potassium phosphate which is essential for maintaining proper elasticity for the skin. Sage (Salvia officinalis) is a powerful antioxidant that helps the body’s cells protect from damage caused by free radicals. Ingredients:

  • Shea Butter
  • Nopal
  • Lily of the Valley
  • Olive Oil
  • Arnica
  • Sage
  • Eucalyptus
  • Manzo

Dr. Sebi’s Original and Unique formulas are proprietary of Dr. Sebi and may contain ingredients not listed here.


"These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease."

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35 reviews for Eva Salve

  1. Sheree Williams

    Makes my face super soft and bright after using for a short time ,I still have it … use it on my stretch marks as well .

  2. akilah chandler

    Eva Salve is the best healing ointment I’ve ever come across and my worst nightmare is to wake up and my can be empty. It evens out your skin tone within weeks and should be sold in stores like sephora because it works better than any product I’ve ever purchased. This salve heals cuts within days and it’s so good I’ve never seen it leave behind a scar. Great for dark spots,softening of skin,rashes, burns, bed sores,dry skin,black knees and elbows you name it and it works!!

  3. Wendy

    I have adult acne and this product keeps my morning breakouts at bay

  4. anciientja

    This is the best thing I have every applied to my skin in my entire existence, its clearing my skin up so much, evening my skin tone, I’m so happy I bought this and I will always continue to using this. It keeps my face moisturized, I use it as a chapstick, seriously buy it.

  5. lovekingmorgan

    When my skin is dry and dull I use this and it gives me a glow within 2 days of using it.

  6. Paige

    I looove this tooth powder and will never use toothpaste again. I agree with the other users that it does have a grainy, woodsy taste, so don’t expect the minty taste, but it still manages to make your mouth feel fresh afterward. I’ve noticed that my morning breath isn’t as bad and that I also don’t notice a breathy smell or nasty taste in my mouth as the day progresses. I am also an avid herb and weed smoker and I LOVE how I don’t have the weed aftertaste with this tooth powder that I had with toothpaste. No weed breath here!! My only improvement would be how its dispensed. It’s messy, bottom line. I’m not sure how else to package the powder, but aside from that I have no complaints. This will def be a staple to my hygiene products. Thank you!!

  7. Zakiyyah Pickett-Campbell

    This product gives my face a cool, tingling feel. I’m already noticing the difference in my acne and darker areas under my eyes. Gives me a great glow. Can’t wait to see even more results.

  8. ashya060

    I really can’t say enough about this product this will be the fourth time getting it for me. I use it on my face arms & legs due to the extra dry skin & eczema my only issue it that the jar is not big enough so if you have skin issues and want that radiant glow this will give you the results & fast too, yes the odor is pungent but who care the best products that are natural either don’t smell or taste good, it does what it’s designed to do & that is what I look forward too. Hope you enjoy it as I do. Gratitude Dr. Sebi your legacy remains.

  9. Latesha Johnson

    his will be my 5th product I have tried. After using Eva salve the 1st day I felt a difference but the 2nd day the proof is in the pudding lol my elbows and blemishes on the side of my face has lightened. Be aware there’s a tingling and smell after a few minutes you won’t feel nor smell anything after that.

  10. Tiffany Beecham

    I ordered Eva Salve early this year and used a small amount every night on my face and neck. The Eva Salve would tingle and would tear my eyes a bit due to strong smell but I was looking for results. Well in 1 week I noticed facial skin was toner and the tag under my eyelid had dried up and fell off. A pleasant surpise using Eva Salve, so I’m place another. order.

  11. thegogogaga0

    I love that you can apply it anywhere on your body. I once got an extremely nasty burn with hot water and i applied it almost immediately to my foot. Within 2 minutes, the pain of the burn was gone and my skin never got all strange like how it normally would get after a nasty burn. It literally took care of the burn in less than 5 minutes. I tend to apply it on my heart area. I also tend to apply it right after showering and the effect of it feels tingly and fire-y at first, but after a while of doing it so many times, all you really feel is a slight tingle. I remember the first time i put it on my face, my face felt like it was burning and i could literally see small sockets of fat leaving my face. My face has been complemented now and even girls tell me i have beautiful skin, and im a guy! This product is definitely worth it! It may look small but trust me, this will last you for a while if used properly!!

  12. Harvey Dozier

    works excellent

  13. yerizep

    In reference to the smell…It does have quite a strong smell, but it does not last that long. It only last for a couple of minutes. But above all, I would definitely purchase this product again. If you have eczema, dry skin, acne this is a great product. I love it! I personally suffer from eczema since age of 15. This has been the only product that relieves the terrible itchiness sensation. It helps the skin heal faster. I use it daily.

  14. Corneesha28

    First off I’d like to send thanks to the ancestor Dr.Sebi. I ordered a few of the different products on Friday. I received my package on Sunday ? the customer service experience was grade A+.

    Sunday night I decided to shave soon after I noticed that my skin became irritated from the razor.I immediately thought about this awesome new product that I ordered from the site Elva Salva. I applied a small amount on the irritated part of my skin and the next morning the razor rash was gone.All I can say is thank you for such an amazing product.I look forward to purchasing more products.

  15. Harriett Hamilton


  16. lepmartinez.p2

    First, I want to thank Dr. Sebi for making this Eva Salve,& the staff. I ordered this,last week. Thursday to exact,4/4/18 it arrived on Monday. I was sexually violated,&suffer with HSV 2. The Eva Salve was applied,Tues. Morning,it is painful,but only for 6 min. exactly,for me. But with herpes it’s painful anyway. I would recommend this to anyone with out breaks. I am healing &less painful applications. Every time I use the bathroom,I apply a new coat on the area. If done this way,u will see results. The pain diminishes with each consistent application. If u want to heal, this is the real deal. It is working for me,my out break, swelling, nerve pain is diminishing fast. It’s the second morning,& the wound is so small &the swelling is gone. Thank you,so much.


    I DEFINITELY recommend this product! It has a strong smell to it when you first apply it to your skin but it does everything it said it would. I use it on my face and it makes my skin flawless, no bumps, no spots, no nothing!

  18. tauzsa5

    Eva Salve is the best product I’ve ever purchased!!! In just 3 weeks the dark circles under my eyes have cleared up tremendously!! The stretch marks on my breast, stomach, hips and buttocks have started fading!! I have lost a few pounds/ inches as well!! I’m not sure if anyone else has experienced lost inches and weight loss due to Eva Salve but I sure have!!! I will do a follow up!!

  19. nesjas24

    I really like the way it have my skin feel. The smell is not bad at all to me. I will be buying more.

  20. Siren Lewis

    The smell is very soothing especially applying a little (which goes a long way) all over his body right after a bath. Also good for eczema. I like this as oppose to cream doctors prescribe because its very strong ad has side effects. Eva Sale has no side effects and works in the same amount of time as that cream doc prescribe. My son is 2.5 yrs and I bought this probably 3 months ago. ABout to buy more because he visit his dad for a week who doesn’t know to use this SPARINGLY lol. It melts and spreads with the body heat as you apply and if you clean the areas 1st and use when the skin is wet it lasts longer:-)

  21. sandrajeanb

    Just purchase 10/9/2018 already this product is working.

  22. nicktompkins01

    Amazing product, worth every penny

  23. rsiwb

    The very 1st time I used this salve on my face there was an immediate tingling sensation …my skin felt so soft the next day….I read a review that it can also be used for insect bites …well….idk what bit me…my arm was swollen…red…itchy and warm to the touch….after 2 applications of this salve…..it went away….the swelling..the itching….the warmness….GONE….THE SAME DAY….I rubbed it in …I mean really rubbed it in …u even wear it under my makeup…thanks doc for your knowledge.

  24. Tatuiannaharris

    Great product. Ordered June 15th received the 19th hasn’t even been a month and I haven’t got a new pimple yet and ALL of my dark spots are fading like completely will be ordering again !!!!

  25. Umeeke Napier

    I Love Love Love this salve!!! When I say I put this salve on everything, I mean it! Dark spots; insect bites; eczema & dry skin; discolored body bruise; dry cracked lips; ingrown hair(s); sore & achy muscles; whatever it is, PUT SOME SALVE ON IT! Having used this product for the past 3 years, on average I’ve only needed to purchase it 2 to 4 times in a 12 month period. This salve has become a health & wellness essential in my home. Well worth the price and you won’t be disappointed.

  26. janellemplummer

    This product as amazing. I just got mine yesterday and used it last night and I can see and feel the difference after only one application. It definitely stings and burns your eyes but it goes away after a few minutes. My skin looks tighter and pores are smaller. I will include this in my daily skin routine. A little goes a long way.

  27. Christopher Reid

    i originally bought eva salve to heal a cut my mother had for weeks that wouldn’t close, it dried up the wound in days and healed. The tub was at her house for about a year after that. i developed a pile/ haemorrhoid recently and as usual i bought germoloids cream hoping to clear it up ,it had no effect so i bought anusol this did nothing either , i tried 4 creams and the pile got bigger and bigger. I was visiting mum when i saw the eva salve tub and thought about trying that on the site so i took it home and began using it. it felt very hot and tingly when applied but felt like the ingredients were active so this was comforting. To my relief over the period of a week applying the salve 2 to 3 times a day it shrunk and shrunk till it disappeared.Now I would not be without a tub in my house , This is a miracle cream

  28. ironkris333

    My female pet boxer’s stomach was so red and itchy; applied the cream within a week the redness went away and she stopped itching. Thank you Sebi and team for bringing my late Bella comfort. Love y’all and forever greatful. Salaam

  29. kevkeda

    I just received this salve last night and I used it on my face and neck. I had some acne on my chin and in the morning the acne was almost completely gone. It was very light and you can barely see it. I am certain after putting on this morning and tonight; it will be gone! I am starting to put on my stretch marks to see what it does with those. I will follow up in about a week.

  30. rodjas4you2004

    This product is great I’m ordering 2 more a little bit goes a long way

  31. dbarlow0620

    My 6 year old daughter has eczema that up until the last year or so could be controlled with Aveeno lotion. Suddenly, that stopped working and we tried almost every remedy there is. She had break outs on her arms, neck, and back with marks that I thought would be permanent from the continuous itching. Well after applying this salve for a week her skin was almost completely healed! This stuff is amazing! Let me say that it does have a cooling sensation that my daughter doesn’t like, but a little bit goes a long way and the sensation only last a few seconds after applying. It doesn’t cure the overall cause of eczema, but it cleared up her skin I wish I could post pictures. Thank you God and thank you to Dr. Sebi and his team who continue to keep his legacy going!!

  32. Mselam156

    I first started with Dr. Sebi Bromid Plus Powder back in 2014. Fast forward and I’m still using his products and every last one is A1. Not 1 product has disappointed me. Elva Salva first gives you this tingly feeling for a small period. After while you don’t smell or feelnit anymore. I use it on the side of my face under my ears because I tend to itch there. Results smooth and lightened the dark patch that was once there. Wish I can upload pictures. I also had either a small circle rash or ringworm on top of my foot. It don’t matter, it’s gone!

  33. jbtentertainment

    My mother has had severe eczema since she was 12 years old and now she is 78. I gave her a little to use after I used it on my foot for the same problem. She called me the next day and said, she didn’t itch all night. Then just called me and said, Get me more please!! Lol we are believers and purchasing more as we speak! Thank you Dr.Sebi and family!!

  34. slsjohnson

    I’ve been using this product for about a year. It has even out my skin tone, minimize my acne, and gives me a healthy glow. I intoduced this product to 2 people. The first has a problem with sinuses and rheumatoid arthritis. She reported her skin evened out, it retarded the excessive blowing of her nose, and took away the pain of arthritis in her hands. The second person has a skin dosorder of Sarcoidosis, where it appeared as raised blisters on his forehead, sides of nose, and cheek. We began applying the salve twice a day for 5 days and the blusters seemed to shrink. After another week his skin tone returned and even out. He went to the dermatologist and she was amazed. She’s researching your product. This is a staple in my household. Thanks!!

  35. Yolanda Bard

    I used this salve on a skin tag I have had for months on my face and no sooner did I start applying it I started noticing it gradually going away. So I ordered two more cans so if I need it in the future for skin tags or scratches or any skin related issues I’d have there

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