Natural nourisher and cleanser for the eye. Euphrasia (Eyebright) is used to treat an array of eye diseases. It reduces the inflammation of the eye caused by blepharitis and conjunctivitis. Ingredients:

  • Eyebright

Dr. Sebi’s Original and Unique formulas are proprietary of Dr. Sebi and may contain ingredients not listed here.


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14 reviews for Eyewash


    This eyewash brings out the mucus from your eyes and make your eyes feel refresh. Love all Dr Sebi’s products, will stick to his theory.

  2. anciientja

    This is the best, thank god for Dr.Sebi literally

  3. Alemayehu Meharie

    I ordered this item because my left eye was sick and was unable to see almost anything too much pain I felt like something is inside. I’m working in IT field and almost sitting in front of computer the whole day long however I cannot see screen at all it was too much pain. I went CVS and bought artificial tears it helped me for some time but the pain was there Finally I ordered this product and washed my eye at night and the next day I even cannot believe I never feel anything and totally gone. Thanks Dr. Sebi. I really deeply sad when I remember you’re gone.

  4. Sbmoedog

    What I love about Eye Wash is it brings the mucous out of your eyes.

  5. roselady46

    I order this and mix it as describe in a 8 oz bottle and spray my eyes. It really brings out the mucus. Make the eyes feel so much better. I do it twice a day. In the day and night before going to bed. Next morning full of mucus. I even other family a 8 oz bottle. Will last a long time.

  6. t_davis09

    I was nervous about trying this product and was surprised from the result I got. I order product 9-9-19 mixed according to directions. I used in morning an night for a week and I noticed that my floater has disappeared and vision is clearer. Also I don’t have the pressure behind my eyes anymore, I haven’t experienced any mucus like most reviews are saying. I will defiantly recommend this product.

  7. keisw7

    I have used this product in the past. I was not consistent with it nor do I remember if it used it all. I SUFFER from allergies big time and my eyes get dry and fatigued. I purchased it again. When I received it , i immediately used as directed. INSTANT RELIEF. My eyes don’t feel tired anymore . My eyes feel well rested when I sleep as well . Will use definitely for now on. Thank you Dr. Sebi for your knowledge.

  8. phonatic_13

    This product works.

    I always read what people are saying but I witnessed it for myself. I washed my eyes using an eye cup morning and evening and the next morning both my eyes had mucus in them in both corners and on my eye itself. While washing my eyes I also cough up mucus.

    Later that afternoon I took a nap with my daughter and when I got up my both eyes had mucus again in both corners also and on the eye too.

  9. sassy0702

    JUST WOW! Today is my 3rd day of using this product, day and night. I had mucus on both my eyes when I woke up this morning. I got up and washed them. More mucus was coming out that I used up probably half a cup to fully wash the mucus out. I’m feeling less pressure on my right eye (my bad eye) and it’s only been 3 days. I will have my kids use this because all of us wear glasses. Also, I will buy a pair of goggles to help with the washing. I think it would be easier than using my hand. Bless Dr. Sebi for all his hard work and for believing in the bible that God created plants to heal all kinds of diseases. That’s exactly what he did! Also, thank you to the people that continue to make the products of Dr. Sebi.

  10. secsip

    I started using the eyewash when I received it on May 18, 2020. When I woke up the next morning I can see the mucous dried up around my eyes and when I used it that morning mucous continued to come out. I was shocked about what I saw but I was very happy that I was seeing this which let me know the product was working. I was squinting if I didn’t have on my shades in the sun but now I no longer squint in the sun, it’s amazing. Now I only wear my shades for style. I can’t wait to have my next eye exam because my eye dr has indicated I had dry eyes and they prescribe they eye drops which I could not afford even with my insurance that’s how expensive the drops were. The eye dr told me use this other over the counter eye drops which was cheaper but was it really working? After what came out of my eyes after using Dr Sebi’s eye wash, I think not. I just want to say thank you thank and thank you.

  11. trevonphillips37

    Came really fast haven’t used it yet but super excited

  12. Sbmoedog

    I have been using this eyewash for 2yrs. Last year’s visit to the eye doctor she remarked a slight improvement in my vision. When I wake up during the day mucus is constantly coming from my eyes.

  13. claudiorosemberg89

    Amadeu – Luanda – Angola

    I was a bit skeptical since Dr. Sebi passing, due to all the controversy that arose concerning the originality of the products and all his family issues.

    I have bad eyes, dried and all most went blind on the right one, was necessary to evacuate me from work to get medical attention.

    I have tried lot of different products, but this time I decided to try Dr. Sebi eye wash. Since the first day I used, immediately experienced lot of mucus coming out of my both eyes, less eyes pressure, less pain, and above all less itching.

    I am continuing on the treatment and won’t stop now…

  14. lataviahuntley

    I had LASIK surgery in August and waited until October to use the product. My vision is already great because of the surgery but I was experiencing dry eyes something I never had before. I used the drops two times a day. Day 1 no dryness, no crust. Day two mucus was damn near blinding me. A film was over my eyes. Sleep in my eyes the whole day. Day 3 was slight pressure. It was like I could feel my eyes healing. Day 4 no dry eyes and my vision is so sharp. I’m very impressed.

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