Hair Food Oil

Nourishes the hair and the scalp. Gentle enough for daily use. Batana, Olive oil, Vanilla Fragrance oil, Coconut Fragrance oil. Ingredients:

  • Olive Oil
  • Batana
  • Coconut Oil
  • French Vanilla

Dr. Sebi’s Original and Unique formulas are proprietary of Dr. Sebi and may contain ingredients not listed here.


"These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease."

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24 reviews for Hair Food Oil

  1. Sheree Williams

    Smells amazing! Very rich oil I love it I used it on my hair and my son’s skin! Very nice product..

  2. Wendy Rodriguez

    I am in the process of growing my hair out after cutting it short. I have used many, many, many products over the years. This product has convinced me! I tell everyone about it. My hair is now growing beautifully. I take medication for epilepsy which used to cause hair loss. Ever since I started using Hair Food Oil, my hair no longer falls out the way it used to. This oil is light weight, gives my hair volume and smells terrific. I get compliments everywhere I go. Please don’t ever stop making this product. Thank you Dr. Sebi!

  3. Paulette Brown

    This hair food oil is amazing. It softens and feeds the hair without an oily feeling. It also smells so nice! My hair feels alive and stronger after every application!

  4. Ashley Whitney

    Love everything about this product the smell is amazing and it feels so good in my scalp

  5. Ashley Whitney

    Pretty good product it gave me a lot of energy and I notice a positive mood change every time I take it

  6. Stephanie Fenty

    The best and only product that grows my hair ! I had struggles from different hair products and this oil is was the best thing evented ! From the scent to feel , you can’t go wrong. This helped my hair grow very wellll ! Before I would be selfish and not let anyone know about this but now I refer everyone ! Only because I didn’t want anyone using what I was usin lol !! Love it and everyone else will too !! My second year but on my third bottle ❤️

  7. ktvflint

    I literally just received my Hair Food oil and smells delicious. Upon receiving my package to I immediately begin using the oil and I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE it make my hair feel. I’m a natural hair girl and my type is 4c to which is hard to managed and keep moisturized but not anymore. I am totally ordering another bottle.

  8. oumar sylla

    very good

  9. jerseyboi93

    Just received my oil earlier this week but just yesterday used a little bit. I’ve suffered from dandruff and flaking after moving to Vegas and nothing really works to help out and usually leaves my hair feeling like I have a bunch of product on it. I used a very small amount of the oil and immediately knew the product was different. I’ve been growing out locks and usually fade my sides and notice all the flakes from my barber brushing/combing etc. but there was an immediate decrease in that too. They have my buy in and this will be the only thing I use in my hair moving forward 🙂

  10. futurecheferic

    Fantastic item works very well with my Locs!
    The Marathon continues!

  11. ***

    I’m so excited about my results after all of the many products that I’ve tried this has been the best

  12. janellemplummer

    I got mine bottle yesterday and the smell is divine. I can feel how soft my hair gets immediately after applying it. I will have to post again to see how my hair grows because it’s only been one day of use. I can honestly feel the difference already though.

  13. flow_smiley

    I love this oil. It smells amazing!! It is perfect for keeping my locs and scalp moisturized during the winter months. Would definitely recommend.

  14. kevinbeqaraj

    I love the new packaging for the bottle as its dark colored and has a harder casing to protect from light and damage in general. Does what it’s intended and it even smells better than previous ones as of January 2020! Thank you Drsebiscellfood team you’re making him proud.

  15. jackie_chunn

    I love this product very good for my hair it’s thin and naturally curly and I’ve experienced hair loss due to medication I’m on but after I started applying oil to my scalp I can see where my bald areas are starting to grow back and my hair stays dry but the oil add moisture to my hair and I only have too apply it only twice a week because the oil sticks to my hair and holds moisture I really recommend this product to whom ever is suffering from hair loss and lacks moisture in their hair will order again thank you Dr. Shebi.

  16. takeesha.concepcion

    Just received my hair oil today. I love it on my natural hair. Thanks again for a wonderful product.

  17. tonya.piercy

    I just got my product today. I love the smell of it. I will be taking pictures so you can see how it
    work on my hair and scalp.

  18. anjellwade0

    I ordered my first bottle it’s been a month and it’s gone already I’ve been using it on me and my 2 girls hair and we are all natural and I can see the results and it smells so good I just ordered 2 more bottles thanks Dr Sebi

  19. Owen Pope

    The smell is crazy good! I’ll let you know if my hair start growing! Took 20 days to receive tho. 313

  20. kesh20095

    I have been suffering from alopecia aerta for years now; I had several bald spots in my head, I mean clean as a baby’s bottom! NO HAIR! I’ve been without health insurance for years, and could not seek medical/professional help. I tried every remedy I could think of or heard of. I started taking the hair food oil in May, and now I have no more bald spots in my head!!! Within two weeks, I could see hair coming from the bald spots that were once there!! It feels so good to not have to wear scarves to hide my hair loss! I would give this product 10 stars if I could!!! Thank you so much Dr. Sebi!!!! Ordering my second bottle now!

  21. thomaslaporsha

    I really love this oil. The smell is so good the French vanilla smell even last after you wash your hair this is my second bottle I have really horrible dandruff but since I’ve been yes this oil & medicated shampoo I haven’t had dandruff since I highly recommend

  22. mamaloismorgan

    This oil smells absolutely AMAZING!!! It feels great on my scalp and makes my hair soft! I would most definitely purchase again.

  23. clarissasutton1968

    Please order more hair oil!! ☺

  24. shamarmoore2

    Works wonder on the scalp. I had a bald spot. After using this oil and, massaging my scalp with it, I’m beyond pleased. Will highly recommend this product .

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