Iron Plus

Purifies the entire system. Chaparral (Larrea Tridentate) has been recognized as a powerful antioxidant. Native Americans have used Chaparral to treat various conditions such as respiratory illness, chickenpox, snake bite and arthritis pain. Due to its powerful antioxidant properties, chaparral is a great treating liver wellness, cleansing of blood, improving immunity, weight loss, and overall wellbeing. It has also been used to treat digestive problems such as cramps and gas, and respiratory tract conditions. Ingredients:

  • Elderberry
  • Chaparral
  • Blue Vernvain
  • Hombre Grande
  • Palo Guaco
  • Bugleweed

Dr. Sebi’s Original and Unique formulas are proprietary of Dr. Sebi and may contain ingredients not listed here.


"These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease."

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42 reviews for Iron Plus

  1. Destinee Blanton

    I ordered this and after 3 days noticed I had a little more energy. The white coating on my tongue has also improved. I wish this last 30 days because it only lasted me about 10 days. Next time I’ll order 3 bottles. I’m not sure what it’s curing….but it’s healing something…lol
    I even coughed up some mucus one morning. Felt like my lungs threw it out….from a Grateful Heart in Texas

  2. Claudia Winn

    Excellent gave me lotz of energy taste bad but it wrks.

  3. Virginia Valentine

    The Product was a good one, just didn’t last long. and the taste was find.

  4. Malachi Moncher

    I feel energetic and healthy on this product and my skin looks smoother. By the far the best product for me. The only down side is the price, don’t even last me 2 weeks if taken as suggested. I highly recommend this product hopefully they negotiate a better price

  5. LaFaith Networks

    Been taking the Iron Plus for about a week. Yes there is a difference in how I feel, Thank You Dr. Sebi and the Team/Family. Very grateful to be able to give my review. Please continue to help many as possible:)

  6. Sheree Williams

    This product is the truth! I’m happy I got it I feel so alive happy and energetic when I take it. . Need more!

  7. Natalie Belle

    I have iron plus and bromide plus!!

    First day of taking the products made me very sleepy after the first 30 minutes. I actually slept in the day and then very deeply during the night. On the 2nd day I was busy so it didn’t interfere with me. But again when I took it in the evening I became heavy eyed and later slept a full 8 hours which is not normal for me as I work nights, and when I’m off work it’s hard to sleep.

    I’m not going to the toilet excessively. And my mood seems pretty stable, I’m not so jumpy with my kids.

    I’ve also given my children the iron tonic morning and night.

    Interested to see how I handle my night shifts while taking the products now.

    After 2 weeks of taking both products and trying the diet I have lost 3 kilos and my period was lighter. In general I feel good my stomach is less bloated and my skin is clearer and I have more energy. My mood more stable, I will try to stick to the diet as I’m happy to lose the weight and the bloat.

  8. Tedisha Baker

    I’ve been having problems with my immune system and anemic off and on for years. Took this product (partially; shared with mother) and was able to get my level to low end recommended levels. I stored in refrigerator. My only complaint is it didn’t last long at all would have to buy more than on bottle to make it through a month.

  9. Vanessa Humphrey-Ghazi

    I took this product and the Bio Ferro together and my arthritis in my knees was almost gone! I didn’t reorder, but I am now and will try to continue using them. I also use the Bromide Plus Powder and it heloed my acid reflux, that I have had every since I was a kid, I’m 61 now. I just wish I could afford the $1500.00 package!!

  10. bleek0512

    I stayed noticing significant changes (for the BETTER) in my body within 2 days of using this! Felt completely revitalized and I could actually feel the healing taking place. I need Iron. We all do. I happily spend the 50 bucks every 2 weeks now to KEEP this one AT ALL TIMES. Thank you!

  11. Megan

    As a woman we need our Iron…it helps those days when you dont feel like getting out of bed.
    no more groggy days and harsh pain.

  12. Janelle Lawrence

    I had the Depo birth control shot for the first time three months ago, and it devastated my energy levels. After taking Iron Plus, I felt a boost of energy almost instantly. This product is heaven-sent!

  13. Horace Gipson

    it’s great !

  14. ellingtonjames51

    I believe in Dr sebi products

  15. Claudia Winn

    I got to keep getting what works truly. I love Dr. Sebi and keep telling people it’s worth the investiment for your health but they don’t want to listen to Wise Counsel…

  16. sklimited227

    When I watched the teachings on YouTube I had to get it..
    I did the research for myself on the minerals and herbs the alkaline foods ..??‍♀️Yup he was right.. thank you team??

  17. latonya.hudson

    I have suffered from Anemia, memory loss, digestion issues and hypothyroidism for many years. My goal was to become a more healthy person. I started first by eliminating things from my diet to see if that would help with the medical issues that I was experiencing. I started researching natural products for a few months. I tried other natural products that did not work. I have been taking Iron Plus, Bio Ferro, and Bromide Plus for about three weeks and the results have been absolutely amazing. I feel great. I have not been tired or sleepy during the day. I am attentive and starting to remember what I read. I have been having BM’s everyday, whereas it use to be weeks. I am happy with the product and will continue to order the Iron Plus to ward off Anemia. I am 43 and I am ecstatic about the use of these natural products.

  18. gaurangalive

    Amazing, being a Belizian native and being raised by my Mayan Grandfather and African Grandmother these are the bush herbs us children always had to take. I instantly felt the energy and potency of the herbs and how they synergistically work together in the body. Dr. Sebi is genius in his field and will forever be here spreading the good word. AMEN ?

  19. f_packard

    My iron was very low I could tell based on how I was feeling, I began to take it and on the first day began to feel better. The only reason for 4 instead of 5 stars is because the cost is ridiculously expensive for the 8 ounces that you’s date is 5/23/18

  20. lovingmaat

    I have low iron and this product gives me so much energy. I love it!

  21. laverne.rivera

    I didn’t believe all the write ups about this product but believe me it works. I started taking Iron Plus 08/25/2018 and was suffering from a sore throat and chest pains from coughing so much. I felt the effect immediately, it is now 8/27/2018 and the soreness is basically gone and no more coughing pains. I have so much energy and do not have those cravings for sweets anymore, please try this IT REALLY WORKS, WHAT EVER IRON PLUS DOES TO THE BODY IT’S DOING GOOD THINGS SO FAR!!!!

  22. Trisa Denson

    I’m almost through my first bottle. I feel lots of energy and I’m sleeping well. I will update again. I ‘m ordering another bottle!

  23. Zeola Beasley

    I took this product along with the Bio Ferro. Very good results.

  24. mbtrucker68

    Very very very good product, I highly recommend this. I went to Big Bear with my family and 12 other’s. Their we’re 16 of us total in the cabin. Me my wife and two son’s were on iron plus. It was snowing and very cold up there in the mountains. Everyone in the cabin either came down with the flu or pneumonia. I remember Dr Sebi saying if you’re iron is up it’s almost impossible to get sick. I will always take Dr Sebi products. One of my son’s is four years old and his diet isn’t the greatest. So this iron plus is a miracle

  25. donyalthompson

    The products are excellent a little bitter but the body needs these powerful herbs.😊

  26. Sbmoedog

    I needed a little more energy to be consistent with exercising, Bam! Iron Plus is working.

  27. semaloki

    I took Iron plus 7a.m an hour before taking my vitamins pharmaceuticals. Worst mistake ever! I felt so groggy/nauseous all day. Ten hours passed and I purged so much brown liquid. Felt like I was having an ayahuasca experience. Right away I felt 10 times better.

    I waited an hour or two to take the second iron Plus dosage with lots of water afterwards and I felt amazing. I slept for 8 hrs straight for the first time
    (thank goodness)

    Now day 2. Took it by itself this time. My mood feels great, I am more relaxed and not so hungry.

    I would rather pay $50 a bottle for a better health than taking something chemically made every single day with little to no results.

  28. Ms Berry

    This Works for me! I thought I was eating healthy for the last 30+ yrs based on the information from healthcare industry. then i learned about the differences between acidic and alkaline food consumption. made the necessary changes. At the same time I’m learning about the deficiencies of iron in our body. Watched Dr. Sebi lectures, other lecturers, and did my due diligent research. My experience? within the first few days I had more energy than I ever had the week before and prior. the same week I also started drinking sea moss as my morning tea. Thank you Dr. Sebi for caring. This is “real love” for your people everyone!!

  29. carolynybryantpatton

    Love all of Dr. Sebi’s Products! The Iron Plus is amazing!

  30. misscillapg

    I was diagnosed with Fibroids,cysts on my ovaries and Endometriosis plus my iron was low.I ordered one of the teas as well.When I tell you my symptoms was horrible..its was very bad.I started taking the iron plus,with the tea and did the Alkaline diet.Within a week, I was pain free.God knows who to send and when to send them.They where talking about surgery to remove all my female organs..but the endometriosis would never go away.So, I am all about natural remedies.This has been apart of my daily schedule and has helped me TREMENDOUSLY! BLESSINGS TO ALL OF DR.SEBI PRODUCTS and His Team.AMEN.

  31. alonciaprofessionalsec

    I’m on day six of the 10 day 1 bottle of iron plus per day dosage recommended by Dr. Sebi, and I feel so happy and healthy, I plan on trying one bottle everyday for a full month with the estro package when I have better recipes so I can do a half of gallon of water and soup daily with the cleanse! Thank you Dr. Sebi and family you have been a gift in my life and my future family’s life! I only have health insurance for chiropractic care!

  32. jknuckles100

    First day still in testing but so far I’m filling good

  33. Nelson Ashley Simcock

    Me and my 3 children split one bottle of Iron Plus. After a couple of days I took only a quarter of the bottle to myself, I coughed up lots of nasty mucous from my lungs. I was confused about which herbs this contains exactly because on the bottle is says ” Cardo Santo, Contribo, Hombre Grande, Bugleweed and Governadora” but on the website page it says; “Elderberry
    Blue Vernvain
    Hombre Grande
    Palo Guaco
    So after confirming that those are just different names for the same herbs and a few other ones I was actually thrilled that this has more in it than I expected.
    My children have white thrush and sores on their tongues that their doctor will not even sample or treat, so I knew that Blue Vervain is good for that. I ordered two more bottles of this with Bio Ferro, will let you all know what happens.
    Thank you Dr Sebi’s Team!

  34. lsgoldman05

    If you want to improve your iron deficiency, I would recommend 3-4 bottles. I bought two my first order after reading the reviews and the first bottle is about 2 1/2 weeks. I felt amazing about me third day taking it. I started at night and the next morning I took the recommended amount and felt refresh at work. I had cold hands and feet along with other things. I am buying again because it takes about 4 months to detox your blood, so solemnly for that purpose im buying more! ig:le_saintjean

  35. DAYGIG

    My father’s hemoglobin levels has increased and still increasing….I need a stash…Iron Plus is Necessary!!!!

  36. myzzyummy1

    I have severe Anemia and Heavy cycles due to fibroids, I tried the Iron Plus my levels went from 7.3 to 10.3 in 1 month I have Energy Now I feel soo much Better.
    I Love This Product Thanks so Much Dr Sebi and Family. I will be trying all your Products I just made another order.

  37. alcendorsecession

    I have been taking this iron for close to two years now. Believe me when I say it is the truth. Dr Sebi for Life.

  38. mbunton99

    I must agree, it’s an almost instant affect on the mind and body. Started to feel the affect the first day. Definitely will be purchasing more products. Ordering my second bottle of Iron Plus as we speak. I’ve been raving about it ever since. More people need to know about these product and his teachings. Much love Dr Sebi and staff.


    Absolutely amazing! You must order two at a time!!!!! Nothing seemed to work for my energy! And mood! I have tried EVERYTHING! Within two days! I was up happy enjoying life again. This is NOT a paid advertisement. On my journey to healing my body from Lupus! Dr Sebi’s teaching have brought me so far! This and the immune boosting (Elderberry)Tea! Is a MUST have in your home! AT ALL TIMES! Especially now!
    I’m so late sharing my review! But there’s no time like the present to share positivity and healing of the body!!!
    Be Blest!!!

  40. alowe0127

    This stuff works! It does not taste so great. However, my iron has always been low, since high school. Fastfoward 15 years. I have been taking for 1 week once a day vs twice. I went into my doctor’s office and my iron levels were normal! I am so happy.I will definitely be ordering monthly. I DO RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT:)

  41. conciergenursingservice

    All I can say is oh boy ! This is it. This is my first time ordering this product although I have tried other Dr Sebi products. This is my second day and I will be ordering more. The first day I started at night and I immediately went to sleep. I felt the same during the next day. Today, I had the largest BM I have had in a while, looked like an elephants. Stomach is less bloated. I’m not as hungry and just feel good overall. Slept very well last night too. If this happens in the beginning, I could not imagine what would happen with continued use. Highly recommended. You would need at least 2 bottles to last a month. This is the truth.

  42. owenkyfung

    Got 2 bottle one each for my gf and I. While I was on it, i didn’t have irregular heart beat. I’ll come back and update another review from my Girlfriend.

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