Small Cleansing Package

The Small Cleansing Package is comprised of Chelation2, Bio Ferro and Viento. This cleansing package is designed to cleanse and renourish your body at the cellular level.

The package will help rid the body of mucus, toxins and acids which accumulate throughout the body. It will also nourish and purify the blood and will bring the entire body to a healthy state.

This is not a therapeutic package. If you have complex health issues, please call our office to formulate a therapeutic package designed to address your specific conditions.


"These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease."

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21 reviews for Small Cleansing Package

  1. Michael Swaray

    I felt relief from sinus drainage while taking items in this package.

  2. Mansoor Zulfiquar

    Forgot to rate the product, FIVE STARS!

  3. davisshambria

    I just started the package literally this past Monday (November 13, 2017) and on the first day I wasn’t feeling anything happen (besides a slight headache). I guess bc my body wasn’t use to it. Well, fast forward from Tuesday all the way through now, as I’m typing this review (Sunday November 19, 2017) I am EXTREMELY please with this package. Literally, in a matter of a week, I’ve been have a vet constant bowel movement and my stomach isn’t as bloated and my skin is clearing up. I am taking the pills exactly as suggested and the results are priceless. I’m not hyping this product just bc, no it seriously works. So, before you purchase anything from here, I highly suggest starting with the small cleansing package and overtime you may work yourselves up and also PRAY and seek God to help show you what you and your body needs. Yes, it may be expensive; however, I rather pay for this than constant doctor’s visit. It’s all about priorities. We can buy $200-$300 shoes/hair/etc. but why not invest in your health? And the ingredients are ALL NATURAL:) I love it!
    #25yr. old graduate student

    #Love #Peace & #Health

  4. gabenphil1012

    Sent to a relative, who did not use it, so o asked for it. I took the three to see if and how they work. They are a tremendous blend of life changing tabs. If I could show pics, you would be amazed.
    The relative who chose not to avail themselves of this goft, passed away 5 months later. I can’t help but wonder if taking the products would have made the difference. Toxins and mucus, the enemies of life.

  5. Lenore Pattillo

    My first time using any of Dr Sebi products. I decided on the Small Cleansing Package added the Green Food Plus and the Bromide Plus Capsules in order to do a Water Fast. I must say I was nervous and not sure what to expect but went for It. And I am over joyed of the way my body has responded to the herbs and the cleansing. I am detoxing on a major level. I’ve had two cancer diagnosis and was on my way to a third and started to follow his methodology of the alkaline eating. When I went back for my 3rd diagnosis and biopsies they were all gone. Just by changing my eating. So now with the full detox and water fasting with his herbs I plan on never having a cancer diagnosis again by doing right and staying prayed up. My next cleansing will be the support package. Since I had cancer that spread to my lymph nodes I definitely want to use the lymphalin … my 2018 bucket list is to go to Usha Village!!! So happy that a gentlemen told me about Dr Sebi …

    Lenore N Pattillo

  6. noonneut

    Before taking the Brand New You cleanse I was a ball of acid. My reading was 6.2-6.4 on the pH strip.

    I just finished my cleanse a couple of days ago and I am ALKALINE!!! 7.6-8.0 on the pH strip.

    I am turned off from meats, sugary things, and processed foods ???.

    I lost unwanted weight and I feel like running ?? starting an amped up work out regimen!

  7. bbobb

    I bought the small cleansing package and bromide plus powder.I started the product on 3/12, it is now 3/16.
    I definitely have a lot more energy. Not like caffeine energy. I just don’t feel tired as much as I used to.
    My appetite seems to have changed. Either that or I’m just scared to eat because I don’t want to have another one of those bowel movements. I’ve been having them about 4-5 times a day. Seriously!!! Before taking the pills it would be every other 2 days, if that.
    I have lost a couple of pounds
    One issue that I’m having is that I do get really really bad cramps in the middle of the night and mid day. Any suggestions would be helpful.

  8. cunninghaandrea

    I have used The Small Cleansing Package and it made me lose about 80lbs and it also toned my body from the weight lost and I did not have time in my schedule to exercise, it cleanse me and toned me. Thank you A Cunningham

  9. Ron Williams

    I ordered the small cleansing package and really enjoyed cleaning my system.

  10. Sbmoedog

    This product is cleansing my colon and removing the mucus from my body. I eliminate a lot.

  11. antoinettejame

    I started taking the small cleansing ( recommended serving amount a day) April 8, 2019, but was still eating whatever I wanted. I also had a major headache too. The next day I noticed my bowel movement texture changed, but didn’t feel any different. By April 10th I took my a.m. herbs, but not the p.m. herbs. I still felt the same. I did notice I was using the bathroom a lot more then usual the past two days. I decided on that day to start all over by drinking more water no eating any meats and follow the nutrition guide. From April 10 -12 I detox my body of meat, dairy and animal products. Started back taking my herbs on April 13th weight in 258 lbs my heaviest by far. I meant with my health coach at work on April 17th. I step on the scale and could not believe what I saw 250 lbs in just 4 days OMG! Today April 21, 2019 I’m weight in 247 lbs. My energy level has been phenomenal too.

  12. chinare79

    The energy boosting tea most definitely works. Taste like tree bark but it is from the earth and is expected. Will definitely purchase again!

  13. Ladymaxine76

    The first day i took this miracle food. i felt a boost of energy 30 minutes after ingesting. This did a complete detox. I usually have a menstrual for 3-4 days. I started the small cleansing package a day after my menstrual started and for the first time in my life i was menstruating for 7 whole days. No pain. I continue my regime because i know this was a total detox. I change my eating habits and all the craven for sweets and chip, just overall junk was gone. I stopped after day 12 just to see if it was so and after 2 days the craven for sweets and salt came back, so i knew for a fact that this was working. Prior to starting i checked my urine dipstick and my ph balance was at a 5.5. 7 days on the cleanse and diet change i rechecked my urine dipstick and it has changed to a 7.5 ph level. I feel great. I recently added fish to my diet but will be taking it out because of the difference i feel. Thank you Dr. Sebi’s for completing your assignment and leaving us with a such a great gift. It is finished. Have a bless day everyone and stay healthy.

  14. mariciortuz

    Great products. Gave this to my son to detox and this stuff is amazing. He noticed a big difference and felt well after his final journey. Definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to detox from toxins we carry in our bodies.

  15. iyungbama

    Love it!

  16. leerichhard

    I was having some stomach issues or digestion issues and within the first 2 days they were all gone. I have been using the product for 14 days now. I have been eating as suggested and drinking plenty of water. I didn’t lose but 2lbs but i feel great. My mind is much sharper and i am more consciously aware of Gods presence. I am definitely going to purchase the support package. The stuff is PHENOMENAL

  17. enguerrandd

    Would love to share my experience taking this package with the community.

    It definitely increases the number of bowel mouvement per day. I was already having 3 bowels per day it increased it to 4 – 5 bowels. So for peoples having issues with bowels i can definitely recommend it. Furthermore during the first 2 – 3 days after starting taking the package I could see some mucus in my bowels, thus it also does a great job at cleansing I guess.
    I don’t strictly follow Dr Sebi diet, I do eat meat and fish but not everyday. While taking the products I tried to do 16h – 24h intermittent fasting too and interestingly i could see that I wasn’t loosing much weight (not as much as when I did the fasting without the products), thus these products seems to indeed nourish the body at the cellular level.
    I didn’t notice much change at the energy levels but I guess it is because I was already paying attention to my eating habits.

    Try it out and I’m sure you will have some good experience to share too!

  18. naminkeng

    This product is so amazing. it’s almost a year I did the cleansing and I still feel the impact. I am in my 40s but after the cleansing I feel like I am in my 20s All the aches and pains gone .I will continue using Dr sebi products .

  19. abiel93

    Dr.Sebi herbs are great!!! I followed the instructions on this package, and to my surprise I lost 24lbs in 30days.I didn’t take the herbs for weight lost, I just wanted to be healthier.I gained energy and feel good.I’m in my 40’s and really care about my health so after listening to the masses talk about how Dr.Sebi helped them.I wanted to see what it would do for me.All I can say is I just ordered the small cleanse package plus green food…


    I have heard about Dr. Sebi product before but did not try them at all, however after reading the reviews I decided to make a purchase of the small cleansing package. I start taking it on May 08, 2020 and OH MY GOD this herbal product WORKED. Bath room (yes) you will be going. Energy (yes) it will increased. YOUR SKIN (yes) will start looking great! I will not stop using these product. Our creator said the herbs are for our HEALING.

  21. rosajean1950

    I just started the small package. When I begin to drink enough water. bowel movements increased, kidney function increased. I begin to release gall stones. These herbs do a tremendous job at cleansing the entire system. The Viento product, which is included, helps with energy and alert levels. I continue to be impressed with the late genius of Dr Sebi, he was far ahead of his time. the staff is pleasant also

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