Tooth Powder

Retards tooth decay and gum disease.

Myrrh Gum Powder


  • Myrrh Gum Powder
  • Encino

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24 reviews for Tooth Powder

  1. Donna Bouie

    Whiter teeth from the first usage. The small bark isn’t bad, taste is strange but you get use to it and it rinses out. Mouth feels and smells fresh and clean.

  2. Sheree Williams

    Makes my mouth super clean and fresh without the nasty toothpaste after taste. ..makes my tooth super white!

  3. Malcolm Idlebird

    After use I can see and feel how clean my teeth are. The biggest difference for me is that I don’t have bad morning breath when I use the tooth powder the night before.

  4. Stevie

    Not sure how it works but, I just added it to my brush like it said. My breath definitely feels fresh and I love more than using tooth paste. I just wish there was more information/instructions. Not sure if it’s ok to swallow it so I spit it out to be safe.

  5. Kari Hamre Olsen

    I used to have a bacterial problem when I used regular toothpaste and mouthwash; I was struggling with tonsils stones as well which made me cough and have bad breath. No doctors could help me with my problem, so when I finally found this product I gave it a try, and I noticed an immediate change for the better. I quit using toothpaste and haven’t gone back to it since I tried Dr. Sebi’s tooth powder. After a while I went back to using mouthwash after using tooth powder, and all my mouth problems came back, so I quit using mouthwash as well. Today I only use floss and Dr. Sebi’s tooth powder and my gums, my teeth and breath is better than it ever had been, no tonsils stones what so ever, my teeth are whiter & my gums look healthier.I’m so grateful for Dr. Sebi and this product! Thank you!!

  6. damon wright

    At first the taste was a little weird its not nasty though but the texture is grainy but it works really well! iI still used it til this day and believe me when i say it works very well, no more bleeding gums i actually mixed it with coconut oil and viola!!!! This is a great product!!!!!!

  7. Paige

    I looove this tooth powder and will never use toothpaste again. I agree with the other users that it does have a grainy, woodsy taste, so don’t expect the minty taste, but it still manages to make your mouth feel fresh afterward. I’ve noticed that my morning breath isn’t as bad and that I also don’t notice a breathy smell or nasty taste in my mouth as the day progresses. I am also an avid herb and weed smoker and I LOVE how I don’t have the weed aftertaste with this tooth powder that I had with toothpaste. No weed breath here!! My only improvement would be how its dispensed. It’s messy, bottom line. I’m not sure how else to package the powder, but aside from that I have no complaints. This will def be a staple to my hygiene products. Thank you!!

  8. autumrayne0314

    The taste is different and I have to get used to it, but my teeth are so clean, I do love it and will keep using it.

  9. Cinthia Valdez

    I had symptoms of the first stages of gum disease worn enamel, and on top of that I was grinding my teeth at night, they kept chipping and I would actually feel my teeth shifting which would cause me a lot of pain, my teeth started to look worn out and weird, my gums bled anytime I brushed my teeth, I was sensitive to cold and hot and anytime the seasons changed my teeth would hurt like HELL, after using tooth pastes like sensodine and pronamel i still experienced all these symptoms, when I found this product and decided to give it a try as a last resource. This tooth powder made my teeth whiter from the first use, it took away sensitivity and pain, gums don’t bleed anymore and my teeth feel firmer now! It’s crazy I’m shocked how this worked so fast! Literally after a week I noticed all symptoms gone! I’m never using tooth paste again it’s definitely a healing process. Bad breath truly goes away! GIVE IT A TRY!!! I was skeptical at first too but I realized my health comes first! you have nothing to loose only gain your health back!

  10. skiniman

    I’m a believer in the strength of natural healing items and holistic treatments. I bought the tooth powder based on the good reviews that I’d read and because I wanted to be proactive about my oral healthcare. I’ve used another brand’s version of a
    ” Natural ” toothpaste and I was happy with it because is wasn’t filled with a bunch of chemicals. I was astonished that after using Dr. Sebi’s toothpowder 2 times (yes TWO times) that my gums stopped bleeding! I had become accustomed to it and thought nothing of it when I saw bloody gums when I first used the toothpowder. When I tried it again the next day I noticed that my gums had stopped bleeding. I purposely brushed my gums vigorously to test their strength and to my amazement they didn’t bleed! I also noticed that my morning breath was barely noticeable having used the toothpowder the night before. Based on the review, I expected the herbal/woody taste but it is not unbearable. Im going to continue with the toothpowder and I feel happy knowing that its ingredients are working on my behalf.

  11. wesley tran

    This tooth powder makes my teeth feel so clean like leaving the dentist’s office. My gums feel clean. I can’t stop running my tongue over my teeth. I will definetely be buying this product again and suggestion it to friends and family. Thank you.

  12. Paulette Brown

    I had very small vertical hair line cracks in my 4 front teeth and bottom 4 front teeth. They were only noticeable to me. My dentist could not explain or determine why they were there. After using the Dr. Sebi tooth powder, th ecracks are GONE, and my teeth feel really strong!

  13. gailking42

    Ok so I received my order on 12-22-17
    So I start using the powder on that same night and OMG!!!this is what’s up I just enjoy the tooth powder it made my teeth fill smooth and mouth fill fresh but wait let me be real not fresh like a minty fresh or a cinnamon fresh taste cause your not going to get that but you will notice the difference so let me warn you now this is like a woody sandy kind of taste but all I can say is it’s so worthy to have in your bathroom so I just put a mint in my mouth after brushing just to get that taste out so I will give this product a 5⭐️ and a 2 ?? Up#invest

  14. gdligaru

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. This stuff is amazing. The tooth pain and hot/cold sensitivity on my 2 teeth was gone after the 2nd time using the tooth powder. No more toothpaste for me. I was thinking about getting another root canal before I tried the tooth powder. I cannot explain in words how much I appreciate Dr. Sebi and his staff. Please keep up the great work.

  15. intenz.interiors

    Ive been using this product for a few days now, and will never go back to regular tooth paste. Since the first use my teeth were noticeably shiner and felt cleaner. It doesn’t have a grittier texture, and the taste isn’t the best but the results are well worth it. Ive even given it to my 7 year old daughter to brush with. Kids usually have troubled stained teeth, as she defiantly did. After the first use her teeth also looked shiner, and much cleaner. The spots that were there are no longer as apparent. Even after dental teeth cleanings her teeth aren’t as visibly clean. Ive had laser whitening but could only muster ten minutes because the treatment hurts badly and makes my teeth extremely sensitive. Not this. If the texture and taste is all I have to deal with to have cleaner, healthier teeth and gums, I stuck for life. Id recommend this product to anyone looking to have a brighter, healthier, and cleaner oral hygiene.

  16. Brandon Morton

    Ive tried many different medical and natural” toothpaste” and the results smell for them self . Dr. sebi re enforces , everything we ever need has already been provided in nature. This simply does what no other tooth paste can do , I COULDNT SMELL MY BREATH IF I TRIED! No morning breath what so ever. The power neutralized any smell that i might of had , I have the confidence to wake up and talk to anyone right in front of their face and i know they won’t smell a thing. I would recommend to make sure you brush right before bed and right when you wake up.Using it for just about 3 weeks so far i even noticed my breath doesn’t hold odors a much any more. I will be using “tooth powder” for as long as i carry the gift of life .

    I have a few tips would like to share:
    1. use the recommended amount , a little goes a looooooong way.
    2.wet toooth brush first and then apply powder .This allows powder to stick to brush.
    3.once you brush daily you’ll be able to eye ball the reccomended dose.( I gently shake or tap the powder into the cap that screws on to the “tooth powder bottle” ,next i tap the cap gently over the wet brush, ViolÀ! No mess .
    4. Lastly i would recommend using a lounge scrapper after brushing, not necessary but i love using it.


  17. slsjohnson

    I’ve only used one bottle and I have the greatest dental cleanings ever! There has been little tarter, the white coating on my tongue disappeared. I highly recommend this product. It is now a staple in my oral hygiene.

  18. Phelan Peck

    This powder has helped my bleeding gums and lessened my sensitivity to cold foods. I highly recommend this product!

  19. Claudia Winn

    The product is good I can surely feel and see the differences on my teeth.

  20. nanz42

    With acid reflux and taking several prescription meds daily for the past two-plus years I have battled dry mouth and bad breath associated with this. I eventually began to have social anxiety and cried many tears because I did not want to be near anyone including attending church. This led me to tears as I am a minister of the gospel, singer and all around people person. I tried changing my diet, every toothpaste, mouthwash, gum, mints and natural remedy you could imagine but all to no avail. However, this year I acquired a new hair stylist, and she told me about Dr. Sebi’s tooth powder and other products that might be helpful so I decided to try them and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the results. Specifically the tooth powder leaves my teeth feeling extremely clean, morning breath barely noticeable, the white coating on my tongue is a gone, and my breath is fresher than it’s ever been throughout the day. I have used the tooth powder for about two months now, my confidence is renewed, and I have no intentions of EVER going back to the other toothpastes, etc. I agree with others that the taste is bitter, but it is not at all unbearable, and so totally worth it! Thank you Dr. Sebi!!

  21. acapote51

    This is the best!!! Plus it whites your teeth!! It’s nasty at first but after u ever a little minty & fresh clean taste but not like toothpaste!! It’s worth every penny!!!

  22. saulykarlaprmx13

    I love it!!!

  23. diegodelatorre172


  24. ssheard5

    Just got my tooth powder in the mail today, used it immediately, & I can definitely feel & see a difference ! My breath has little to no smell at all & my teeth definitely look whiter ! My mouth feels so clean, I’m so happy w/ this product so far & it’s only the 1st day. I am for sure ditching toothpaste & will continue to purchase this powder !

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