Uterine Wash & Oil

Cleanses and restores the natural flora and fauna of the vagina canal. Red Clover (Trifolium Pratense) acts as a natural blood purifier, expectorant and improves circulation. Red Clover contains Flavonoids and isoflavones, which produces estrogen in the body. Red Clover is helpful treating several conditions associated with menopause. Ingredients:

  • Lupulo
  • Arnica
  • Sage
  • Red Clover

Dr. Sebi’s Original and Unique formulas are proprietary of Dr. Sebi and may contain ingredients not listed here.


"These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease."

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36 reviews for Uterine Wash & Oil

  1. lashauna coulter

    I love it!

  2. otisha house

    This is the best!! I don’t have to use anything else!! Great investment

  3. Eunice Taylor

    Dr. Sebi’s Uterine Wash is an absolutely amazing product, through and through! The shipping is very quick, it usually takes about 2-3 days after I order for it to arrive. It comes as a bottle of loose herbs and a small bottle of uterine oil (smells very much like tea tree oil, heavenly when mixed with the tea). You boil 8oz of distilled water for every tablespoon of herb, and then pour the boiling water over the herb, steep for 15 mins (I usually add the oil during steeping), strain, and let cool. Then pour into your hot water bottle and douche as usual. This stuff is wonderful, and smells absolutely awesome! When you use it, you’ll feel a very pleasant tingling, not at all uncomfortable. I usually use it right after my cycle ends, and anytime I notice something “off.” As a chronic BV sufferer, I have to say that I haven’t had any recurring symptoms since I started using this product, and no return trips to the OB/Gyn! Also, don’t let the size of the bottle fool you, it lasts a long time, as you only use a tablespoon of the herb at a time. I just reordered, although I still have a decent amount left in my previous bottle, and it’s been almost 3 months! I recommend to any and every woman out there! You will NOT be sorry! A staple for gynecological health and happiness! Get yours ASAP!!!

  4. Juanita Mayes

    I started this journey 19 weeks ago and have had BV on and off for the past few years. As anyone else before i found Dr.sebi I would go to the doctor and get the same meds over and over. But since i am now on a different life journey i said that i was not going to put that stuff in my body anymore and ordered the Uterine wash. I tried it on 07/01/2017 and don’t thing i did it right (being that i had never douched before lol) but then i tried it again on 07/02/2017 (after talking to my mom on how to do it right) and it cleared up. I was shocked that it had actually worked, but it did. So i wanted to come on here and let you ladies know that this is a great buy and the shipping was fast! I got my order in 2 days! No side effects as of today and it was soothing.

  5. aawright39

    I received my Uterine Wash today. Wow, I just got out the shower from the first mix and now sitting on the bed, wrapped in a towel, waiting for the 2nd mix (my choice). I will continue to purchase this product. I’ve had fibroid surgery a few years ago and was told last year they were back. Prayerfully, this will heal them as well, because no more surgery or birth control products.

  6. remikarolfe

    I bought this product after dealing with the frustration of BV. I was depressed and feeling as if I was less than a woman. I tried everything!!! to get rid of the odor and discharge. So I saw some reviews and decided to give it a try since I am no stranger to Dr. Sebi and how great his products work. I followed the instructions and gave it a try. OMG it’s been 2 and a half weeks and no odor or discharge. I have only tried it one time. I will be using it again real soon. Because it’s all natural you can use it as often as you would like. I will be using it twice a month. This stuff is amazing and my insecurities are drifting away. Thank Dr. Sebi and team!

  7. wesley tran

    I’ve been suffering from yeast infections for several years now. I also have type 2 Diabetes. I’ve been trying allot of homeopathic remedies. Some seemed to work for two days and others made the situation worse. The Uterine Oil wash was definitely instant relief! Omigosh no itching but the Uterine Douche. I can not describe or put into words how it made me feel. I felt normal again that I literally cried and thanked the Lord. I will order some of this for my mother too because she has Diabetes but she’s not that bad off as me. I need to figure out how to get rid of the Candida; my tongue is coated in white. Can someone please advise me.

  8. mason.terri

    I have tried a multitude of products over the years simply trying to stay fresh. As a women who just turned 50, in my humble opinion, this product is absolutely PERFECT! Every women should have this product in her home forever. You can feel and smell fresh for months. I have been married for 31 years, and I have never been more comfortable with my femininity. I am thankful to a friend who informed me and told me to try it. I am also thankful such a masterpiece has been created for the female body.

  9. feleshac1

    I bought my Urine wash because I have BV. I’ve been using the wash since Tuesday night 11/28/17 & it’s working little by little I don’t have as much discharge as I once did. Thank you!

  10. mrsfleetwood30

    I just started this product today and it feels great down there I just hope the smell is gone.

  11. Sherandagunn

    I am so grateful to have found this product! The reoccurring BV was a nightmare for me everyday having to wonder if anyone else could smell the discharge and not being able to relax with my legs open anywhere. The medicine that my OBGYN gave never worked for more than a couple days and no matter what I tried I thought it would be like that forever.

    I was very excited by the reviews but didn’t know if they were real and now I am sure. Its been 2 weeks and I feel so free and confident now I just don’t know what to do! I don’t know how long it lasts but I’m gonna stock up and try some other products.

    Thanks for giving me my life back!!!!

  12. sklimited227

    This product is life ladies.. thank you ?Great for the lovedays ?and after your moon cycles.. definitely the secret weapon for keeping it clean on the scene ?

  13. Rachel Raymond

    I read all the reviews before I decided to buy this for myself. I have had issues over the years of uncomfortableness down there generally. Well I ordered it and shipping was fast. I immediately prepared it and used it after my shower. The next day I did notice what I had been trying to rid all my young life. I am so confident down there now and just wanted to Thank God for sending us Dr. Sebi. I used after my menstrual cycle. This is going to be my 3rd time trying it and will only use after my menstrual cycle and then see if I need to use it again or just store it for later.

    I also switched over to “Alkaline Electric” eating and follow the nutritional guide very strongly. It’s been about 2 months of me eating the Alkaline way and I feel good and have noticed some extra good changes in my body.

    Don’t hesitate ladies, this was made for us to get things back flowing the way God intended it to be.

  14. caramelkassy

    The best product on this site. You get 20 STARS…….have purchased this twice and will be buying again 😍😍😍😍

  15. Monifabooker

    Read the reviews and was anxious to try. I received my order within a couple days; sooner than I expected. Followed the instructions the 1st day; feeling fresh and cleansed minutes after. Highly recommend for ALL WOMEN. Thanks Dr. Sebi!

  16. kymgirl2000

    So far, I am extremely impressed. After years of suffering and medication making everything worse, I can breathe. It’s been just a few days so I will update accordingly.

  17. nataliefranklin63

    Am a nurse did some research on Dr. Sebi products and even tho there is alot of drama going on with eigher his products works or not..I try this uterine wash myself and i must say am very please with the results it give me in one try..I use to wear panty shield like most women will because of discharge that our body normaly will releast.well after using this product for a few weeks never wear one since.i feel so clean and fresh my ph is blance.This product work ladies i recomment it.will try others products and see if i get the same results..

  18. shalimar.p

    I suffer from a lot of yeast infections and bvs I haven’t had a bv yet to try this on lol I kinda want one so I use it on it but I did get a yeast infection and when I say this knocked it out in 1 day literally I used the entire 8ozs of the solution the drops makes your vagina feels like it just ate a mint I love it I really do lol I’ll recommend this to anybody

  19. Aleigha Harris

    I cannot rave enough about this product! I have reordered this product multiple times as it is the best thing out there for chronic BV/yeast infections. I also had a UTI and had to take penicillin (I never take meds) and it still did not heal me. I used Dr. Sebi uterine wash and within 24 hours I noticed a difference in the discomfort I was having. It made all my symptoms go away and relieved me of the issues I was having. I also use this product any time something seems off and it works like magic! The bottle lasts at least 6 months sometimes longer for me. Also smells really good.

  20. nrlanderson

    I cannot fully express the way I feel about this product. It’s just AMAZING!!!!!! It is a definite MUST have!!! All the testimonials are true! I’ve tried it for myself, and as a woman over 30 that has suffered with all the same GYN issues as other ladies this is a MUST HAVE product. I’m telling all my friends… DR. Sebi’s Uterine Wash is EVERYTHING!!!! You really do feel immediate relief!

  21. dhernandez469

    Used it for the first time yesterday. Smells really good and was very soothing. Hoping to add another star after a few more uses. 👍🏾

  22. jenae1019

    Uses for the first time & I still feel the same I’m going to do it a couple more times to see if it works.

  23. dhernandez469

    Absolutely an AMAZING product. Since using it I have been free of the issues (discharge and what not) that I’d been suffering from for years. I’m about to reorder to make sure I don’t run out.

  24. jerseygirl07050

    I order this product over a month ago. Let me tell you, i have enjoyed this product thoroughly!!! it makes you feel fresh and clean. I will be trying other products as well!! OH!!! and it took only 3 days for me to receive it!! it really goes along way!

  25. chancemor

    Simply put, your Goddess area needs this in her life!

  26. speed.janeika

    I started using this 3 days ago and I feel a difference this product makes you feel very refreshing down there .

  27. daynise37

    I haven’t used this product or any of Dr. Sebis products. I am actually ordering now. I was hoping ladies that recently started using the product. If it’s been over 30days can they give an update on the product. I am glad his family/friends continued to educate people about his product. Most importantly continuing to keep his legacy alive.

  28. callieking01

    I used this product on 4/22/2020 around 5AM. Today is 4/28/2020 and I haven’t smell anything off in my vagina since using it. I’ve been to many different gynecologist and was tested for BV and yeast infections and every time the test would come back negative. I also took medicine for both which never helped. I’ve been wanting to try this product for a while and I finally gave it a try and I’m glad I did. I can honestly say this product works.

  29. empowerrtd

    I ordered several products on 5/10/2020, and I received my box on the morning of 5/14/2020. Since I wasn’t going anywhere. I followed the instructions and used this product right before my shower. All I can say is wow….wow…wow.. The vjay jay feels like it swallowed a mint…I’m hooked. Ladies this is a must have…. You may have tried the rest; now, it’s time for the best. Long live Dr. Sebi’s products.
    Angie, Texas

  30. shaughnwilson

    I just tried the uterine wash about 10 minutes ago for the first time. Please hear me when I tell you that it makes you feel so refreshed, calm, clean and free; as if you have brand new insides that have never been touched!!! Now, I do get a yeast infection here and there from time to time, usually before my cycle and I’m hoping this helps clear that up. Also, I have super heavy cycles; lots of clotting, I have to wear super overnight pads plus a depend. My cycle lasts for 7 days, with the 1st two full days being the heaviest. I’m hoping that this along with my Estro pills will give me some relief. I’ve been taking Estro for almost a week now and my cycle is supposed to start on 06/10. I will post an update on how things go to see if they work instantly or if I need a few more uses before I see results. In the meantime, please make this purchase, you won’t be sorry. IT’S PHENOMENAL!


  31. dolynge

    I’ve bought this product, just because. I’ve never suffered with a OB/GYN issue so I use this product once a week only and it makes me feel fresh and clean. Love it.

  32. shaniquacoleman615

    I used this product for the 1st time and I must say I feel like a new woman! Shipping was fast only 3 days! Great product and I recommend to woman with or without problems! It just makes you feel cleaner like your insides are brand new!

  33. Mg91

    Do NOT hesitate to buy! Buy it ASAP!

    I had been suffering with all the issues that other ladies mentioned. BV and a yeast infection every freakin month a couple weeks before my period. Sometimes TWICE a month. I felt hopeless and less of a woman.

    And it was always the same BS: infection, go to the doctor, get antibiotics, infection returns. It was a vicious cycle with no sex life!!

    When I received the uterine wash package (came super super fast in the mail by the way) I did not have any infections at that moment but I used it anyways. It literally felt like I had a whole new vagina!

    A month later, a yeast infection and the nasty BV came back. I used the uterine wash nightly for 4 consecutive nights. And now…. ALL SYMPTOMS ARE GONE! I am currently about 5/6 days away from my period and this would normally be around the time where the infections would be really really bad with discharge/smell and super discomfort. But I feel good!

    Thank you beautiful angel Dr. Sebi. Tearing up as I type because I feel hopeful again!

  34. Deshawna

    Ladies!!.. I have always had heavy periods since age 15.. the 1st cycle after using this product my cycle was so light, and I experienced just a little cramping when usually im balled up in pain… I had to take a pregnancy test because I was so sure I was “spotting”. Ive NEVER used light flow pads, I am so impressed will definitely continue use.

  35. msmonicaruano

    This stuff works wonders !!!!

  36. prudenceh8

    I love this product I am 57 and suffered with some dryness I have no more you are moist ,and also clean an refreshed it restores your insides you feel amazing like you have a new one my partner said what you put in there? LOL it does amazing naturally!!! I love it an been using it about 6 months!! Thank, You Dr Sebi it changed my life !! A Customer for life!!
    I wish I had known of this years ago! I am sure it would of helped with the heavy bleeding from Fibroids I painfully suffered with which at 53 I had the surgery to remove them. I encourage any woman to try this product whether you have problems or not try it your Vagina will be changed and pleased with these natural results ..

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