All Inclusive Package (Male – Testo)

We recommend our “All Inclusive” package to all of our clients because it cleanses the body on the cellular level by breaking down acid, mucus, toxins, and calcifications. It rebuilds and restores the body including the blood and immune system.

This Package provides the highest saturation rate. The higher saturation rate, the faster and more effective the cleansing results.

Products Included (20 products):

  • Chelation 1
  • Chelation 2
  • Fucus Capsules
  • Fucus Liquid
  • L.O.V.
  • Lymphalin
  • Lupulo
  • Banju (2)
  • Bio Ferro Tonic (2)
  • Bromide Plus Capsules
  • Bromide Plus Powder
  • Bio Ferro Capsules
  • Green Food
  • Viento
  • Iron Plus (2)
  • Endocrine
  • Testo


4 reviews for All Inclusive Package (Male – Testo)

  1. Alfonzo

    Dr sebi has done everything feels good

  2. joshua

    Best herbal remedies on the planet.

  3. mcallistertelford

    Great work

  4. loonchtrading

    The methodology and product range is interesting and straight forward really love how the products deals with problems from the root cause

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