"It is the food that you eat that would reconnect you with the energies of life and then words are unnecessary because you could see. You’re reconnected."

-Dr. Sebi

In his lifetime, Dr. Sebi provided profound and much-needed healing for many people.

Nothing can fill the space that he occupied in our hearts, but we can continue his important work so that future generations can experience less ailments that can be prevented with a healthy lifestyle.

Quality and Care

We are committed to preserving Dr. Sebi's vision and maintaining his high standards for serving our customers. All of our products are 100% natural and the formulas Dr. Sebi devised have remained completely unchanged.

All the raw, plant-based, ingredients that make up Dr. Sebi's Cell Food are grown sustainably, and completely naturally, without the use of chemicals. Our suppliers are carefully vetted, and adherence to ethical standards and sustainable farming practices is critically important. Whenever possible, we select small independent farms to help preserve traditional farming practices and support the local community.

Future Research and Product Development

Dr. Sebi's Cell Food is determined to continue Dr. Sebi's research and development of products that support natural approaches to physical and mental wellness. This includes a new range of full spectrum CBD, derived from one of Dr. Sebi's favorite plants, hemp.

Cannabinoids (CBD) found in hemp have powerful anti-inflammatory properties and can reduce chronic pain, anxiety and depression. Extracted holistically to preserve the full spectrum of benefits from this remarkable plant, Dr. Sebi's Cell Food is proud to offer this healing herb.

Dr. Sebi shared ancient knowledge that was ahead of its time. Hopefully, one day, we'll see a world where humanity lives in harmony with nature, and if we get there, we'll know we couldn't have achieved it without Dr. Sebi's contribution.

*Disclaimer: We are not medical doctors. We do not diagnose illness or prescribe pharmaceuticals. We are nutritional consultants and make suggestions relating to nutrition. None of the information offered here is intended to replace any program that your chosen health professional has prescribed for you. Consult with your healthcare professional before adopting new nutritional regimens.