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Nutritional Guide

The world is becoming increasingly sick with chronic conditions that are the direct result of the addictive, toxic, industrially-processed food typical of the Standard American Diet.

Dr. Sebi developed the African Bio-Mineral Balance Program to address the chronic health issues being caused by the improper nutrition of modern diets.

Acidification and Mucus

Dr. Sebi recognized that disease is a symptom of the accumulation of mucus and excess acid in the body. He believed that there is in fact only ONE disease, caused by eating acidic foods. When the body becomes acidic, it is forced to strip minerals from bones to restore alkalinity. Mucus is produced to protect the delicate cell membranes from acidic damage.

Compromised membranes and sticky mucus reduce the cell’s ability to absorb vital nutrients and remove toxic waste products. Blood flow is hampered, pressure builds, oxygenation is reduced and waste stagnates. This produces the ideal conditions for disease to develop and without proper nutrition the body's natural repair mechanisms can’t perform effectively.*

Modification and Electrification

Dr. Sebi taught us that many foods we consider natural have actually been genetically manipulated in laboratories that alter their electrical properties. "Cell food has to be electrical… because the human body is electrical," he said. "So the food has to be electrical for there to be chemical affinity."

That's why we reject and advise against the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Modified plants don’t have the chemical affinity for us to assimilate their nutritional elements. Real plants, developed by Mother Nature herself, provide the body with all the nutrients and minerals needed to thrive, in a format that is readily absorbed.

Cleanse and Nourish

Cleanse and Nourish

Dr. Sebi developed the African Bio-Mineral Balance Diet to address the issues affecting the nourishment of the African genome, while also offering profound nourishment for the whole human family. " We are proud to say our methodology, though initially designed to rescue the African gene, compliments the genealogy of all races," said Dr. Sebi.

The African Bio-Mineral Balance Diet works on two levels:

First, it cleanses toxins and mucus from the body and organs at an intracellular level. Second, it re-nourishes the body with the exact minerals needed for proper electrical activity and alkalinity.

The program also promotes dietary changes to support your self-healing journey. Dr. Sebi recommended a plant-based diet consisting of very specific nutrient-dense plants, nuts, seeds, fruits and herbs that nourish the body and help maintain the alkaline state needed for optimum health.

Results that Speak for Themselves

The African Bio-Mineral Balance Diet continues to be validated by the personal experience of thousands of people around the world whose health has improved – often dramatically – as a result of following Dr. Sebi’s guidance and taking Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food herbal products.

To learn about the foods Dr. Sebi recommended, please download the official Dr. Sebi Nutritional Guide for free by clicking THIS LINK, and begin your journey to optimum health today.

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Disclaimer: We are not medical doctors. We do not diagnose illness or prescribe pharmaceuticals. We are nutritional consultants and make suggestions relating to nutrition. None of the information offered here is intended to replace any program that your chosen health professional has prescribed for you. Consult with your healthcare professional before adopting new nutritional regimens.