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Dr. Sebi's Banju provides targeted nutrition and cleansing for the brain and nervous system.

$42.50 $50.00

Bio Ferro Capsules

Dr. Sebi's Bio Ferro Capsules cleanse and nourish the blood, supporting the immune system.

$42.50 $50.00

Bio Ferro Tonic

Dr. Sebi’s Bio Ferro Tonic nourishes and cleanses the blood, supporting your immune system.

$21.25 $25.00

Booster Package

Dr. Sebi’s Booster Package delivers optimized nutrition for cellular restoration by accelerating adaptation to an alkaline lifestyle and enhancing natural immune processes

$488.75 $575.00

Bromide Plus Capsules

Dr. Sebi's Bromide Plus Capsules provide vital nutrition for an alkaline electric lifestyle.

$25.50 $30.00

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Bromide Plus Powder

Dr. Sebi's Bromide Plus Powder provides a convenient, high-strength dose of plant-based antioxidants and minerals.

$25.50 $30.00


Dr. Sebi's Estro supports female reproductive health and hormonal balance.

$42.50 $50.00

Eva Salve

Dr. Sebi's Eva Salve nourishes skin, promoting elasticity and moisture retention. Anti-inflammatory and astringent herbs penetrate the skin

$21.25 $25.00


Dr. Sebi's Eyewash cleanses, nourishes, and soothes tired eyes. Eyebright (euphrasia) is used traditionally to treat an array of eye conditions (including the inflammation

$21.25 $25.00

Green Food Plus

Dr. Sebi's Green Food is an intensely nutritious multi-mineral formula that feeds your immune system.

$42.50 $50.00

Hair Food Oil

Nourishes the hair and the scalp.

$15.30 $18.00

Iron Plus

Dr. Sebi's Iron Plus is a nutritive and cleansing tonic that supports the blood and immune system.

$42.50 $50.00


Testo is the world’s only natural testosterone booster and male enhancer.

$42.50 $50.00

Tooth Powder

Dr. Sebi’s Tooth Powder takes care of your oral health. This powder can easily replace your toothpaste while nourishing the mouth, teeth, and gums.

$21.25 $25.00


Dr. Sebi’s Viento is energizing, cleansing, and revitalizing. Enhancing circulation and oxygenation, the iron-rich capsules increase mental energy and physical stamina.

$42.50 $50.00

A Natural Alternative

Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food offers natural herbal compounds that cleanse and detoxify the body. Our products are inspired by the 30 years of hands-on experience and accumulated knowledge of our founder, Dr. Sebi — a pathologist, herbalist, biochemist, and naturalist whose alternative approach to holistic wellness is grounded in an uncompromising respect for tradition, quality, and compassion.

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