Banju was created using a unique combination of powerful ingredients. This tonic was made to stimulate the brain and central nervous system. Elderberry – Elder is a large shrub or small tree that grows up to 30 feet tall in wet or dry soil in a sunny location. Ingredients:

  • Elderberry
  • Blue Vervain
  • Burdock Root
  • Valerian Root
  • Bugleweed

Dr. Sebi’s Original and Unique formulas are proprietary of Dr. Sebi and may contain ingredients not listed here.



"These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease."

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40 reviews for Banju

  1. Belinda Cozierfingal

    An excellent product,it feels like all the cells in your body is rejuvenated, the energy is amazing. Not feeling tired and sleepy all the time. I can do my activities of daily living without feeling tired. I ordered this product on January 29 th 2017 and received my product 2/4/2017. Delivery time is great no problems .Thank you Dr Sebi

  2. Soliel Paden

    Love what this product has done for me! I had been experiencing mental health issues from past trauma and gut issues. Since taking, I have felt much like myself again. I’m more calm, alert, energized and focused. I don’t know if it was this or the green food plus but my iron levels also tripled since my last doctor visit! I did have to cut out the nightly dosage because my brain was so alert that I couldn’t sleep. Worked well nonetheless with just 1 dosage a day. Ordering my 2nd bottle now!

  3. increasewealth.1

    Dr Sebi’s product is all amazing..every one of this product is super awesome…
    Thank you Dr Sebi and crew , You are still saving lives

  4. tenisha.ortiz

    Banju brought my 19 yr old son back from a bipolar diagnosis and has made my dementia diagnosis grandmother to as normal as she can be.. fast acting probably one of the most powerful tonics we have experienced. No more lithium no more dementia meds yay!!!

  5. Belinda Cozier Fingal

    I’ve been using banju for 3 weeks now and my body feels amazing. It revitalized me and give me alot of energy in the day time. I also notice that my headaches has decreased tremendously. I suffer with headache due to damage nerves in my ears and the headache are at a minimal. Health benefits out weights the taste if you are planning on trying banju. The taste is not very pleasant at all but you can take some maple or agave syrup to get rid of the bitter taste

  6. robtgina50

    Just received this product a week ago and we Love it. We have so much energy now.
    We have brought the green food and the Bioferro tonic and we are starting the abalone diet too.
    Thank you. Great Customer Service.


    Yes i give ecery day banju to my daughwr and since she has changed a lot and starting sounding some alphabet!

  8. ingrid sanders

    This product has really helped my son’s ADHD symptoms…he’s calmer, more aware and sleeps better than he ever has.

  9. Sophia Robinson

    I started taking Banju 2 months ago. I felt a difference in my energy level immediately. I’m much calmer and I handle stress with better ease and less nervousness. I ran out of Banju 4 days ago and so far I don’t feel any relapse. I placed an order for 2 bottles and plan to start my mom, who has dementia, on Banju. Thank you Dr. Sebi. You have left a legacy with your wisdom and herbal products.

  10. Crystal Aguilera

    My 10yr old daughter takes this regularly to help with ADD and it works amazing! We saw results the first day she took it. I’m extremely happy with the results. Thank you!!

  11. yerizep

    I suffered severely from anxiety. I would get frequent panic attacks, almost weekly. When I would have a panic attack , I would drink about 3 tablespoons of the Banju. I would feel the immediate effects of the Banju within 10 minutes to relieve the panic attack. After taking the Green Food Daily and taking the Banju, overtime I noticed less and less attacks. I no longer have panic attacks till this day. These are two of my favorite products.

  12. elizawilliams260

    I bought this product a month ago and now I’m out. I am sleeping better. I shared it with my friends and they loved it. None of us could get out of the bed the next day. That was perfect for me considering the sleepless nights I had in the past from stress and anxiety. I loved it. Apparently everyone else does too, considering it’s out of stock.

  13. Crystal Aguilera

    I have been giving this to my 10yr old daughter since she was diagnosed with ADD last year. Let me tell you within the first 3 days of taking BANJU, I along with her teachers have noticed a huge improvement. Its amazing to see how great she has been doing. She doesn’t struggle nearly as much with homework and her concentration is way better.

    We recently introduced my nephew to the product since he has a more severe ADHD and he has also shown a lot of improvement. I’m very pleased with Dr. Sebi’s line of products. I only wish I knew about them when I was growing up. Thank you!

    P.S Please restock! We ran out 🙁

  14. robyn613

    My mother has been suffering from cognitive issues so I put her on Banju and the Bromide and she and i both noticed a positive change in her cognition, attitude, and overall feeling of health. She does seem to have some digestive issues when she takes the 4 tablespoons a day so we’ve lessened her dose a bit. Wonderful product.

  15. Chris Irby

    This amazing product helped to cure me of epilepsy, I’ve been able to reclaim my life. I was cured in 2012 and have been seizure free ever since. The holy Grail for me was Banju, bio ferro, and Bromide plus for one year straight while adhering to Dr. Sebi’s nutritional guidelines.

  16. Siren Lewis

    I dont belive in over the counter meds because a pharmacist told me for every drug theres at least 200 side effects. I was recently robbed with my 2 yr old baby in the car. We survived and I left with a scratch on my knuckle. The fight was easy I just called Jesus. The after math I WAS NOT ready for. Paranoia, Anxiety attacks (heard about it but never experienced until now) PTSD, possibly even temporarily bipolarism from the trauma. Crying meltdowns, semi depression, no energy to do basic things, hair trigger emotions of anger. First I was surprised when I called and got a FREE consultation over the phone and explained the meltdowns I was having and where it stemmed from. I use other supplements like Bromide Plus, Bio Ferro, hair oil, and it worked great for 2 yrs now. So I called for something non physical that deals with my emotions. To my surprise the consultant said “yes, thats anxiety youre experiencing and we have Banju which targets the central nervous system. It will help you.” I poured some in my water bottle and was sipping on it. Waiting on the AMAZING results…none. So next time I put a little more and no difference. Then I decided to READ THE INSTRUCTIONS ON THE BOTTLE AND FOLLOW THEM. It worked! I still have the same challenges but i DONT spas out. It only last 2 weeks so get 2 bottles.

  17. TyShawn Willis

    Best thing since crack lol

  18. elyjahp21

    i have stuttering problems…..but since i took it…no more stuttering….but once ran out of banju…two days later it came back….so im going to buy more 🙂

  19. tiffanywaltonvaughn

    I began to sleep perfectly. I too suffer from anxiety and this product helped. I’m still sleeping great. Seemed to reset my sleep clock.

  20. Christopher Wood

    I have a son that suffers from Autism…when his routine is broken he sometimes has violent outbreaks. If anyone has used this product for Autism please provide your feedback! Thank you, a concern parent.

  21. Ahmed Ali El

    This is me and my daughters favorite product!!! By Far!!! I used this while studying for my LSAT and it allowed me to truly focus! My daughter is 11 years old and on the “spectrum” but after using this she has shown major improvement! I order this constantly. SUGGESTION: The company should make larger bottles of this.

  22. Ahmed Ali El

    My Favorite Product!

  23. Sbmoedog

    I was feeling nervous. I purchase Banju I’m feeling so much better.

  24. michaeledelsordo


  25. carleton.mcdonald

    This (and every other Dr. Sebi product I’ve tried) is the truth. Promotes focus, calmness, and overall mental clarity right away. Definitely will be purchasing it again.

  26. ilmprincessgirls

    This helps alot with Multiple Sclerosis.

  27. merrrcys8808

    Mi hijo de 28 años con síndrome de down, esta tomando Banju por 3 meses y cada día habla más palabras y comprende las indicaciones. Banju es increíblemente tan eficaz cómo el Dr. Sebi. Gracias a Dios que ahora con el legado de Alfredo Woman mi hijo tiene una muy buena calidad de vida.

  28. niadominick2000

    I haven’t tried this product but I’m currently in the process of buying it RIGHT NOW! But I just wanted to take the time to really say I LOVE all of Dr. Sebi’s products ! Not only have they’ve been tremendously helpful with a cleanse to my mind and body , but it’s been a motivation and drive to pursue a career in holistic medicine and enlighten people with knowledge , the correct way , like Dr. Sebi has done. He has been a true inspiration to our world , and the many people who buy these products should carry his wisdom and light to teach the kids and younger individuals what he taught us , so we can start to see a change in our society and world.

  29. blessed

    This stuff works! My twins boys (13) were having trouble focusing in school and stayed off task. They did not finish their work but they are very gifted kids. One had to be told what to do constantly and redirected often. The other has trouble with daydreaming and forgetting what has to be done even though his daily tasks are the same everyday. I thought they had behavioral issues, but they have never been disrespectful and they have amazing manners. After giving them the Banju, their grades instantly went up. All of their work was turned in and they were able to focus on school work and even finishing before their classmates! They came home and finished their homework without being told and slept well. In the morning, they go to the fridge to take the Banju on their own!! I’m so happy I bought this product!

  30. mesahfelix

    Great product, will give better review once we have used it over time, just received mine.

  31. chanteljohnson328

    I have tried many other products, however I have not tried the banju. I plan to use it for my kids and I hope I get some great results.

  32. hasansaid51

    I wonder if anyone tried this for schizophrenia?
    if yes please let me know

  33. triciawong40

    I am taking both Banju and bi Ferro and let me tell you no more pain, my body is feeling so good. No more tiredness. Thank you Dr Sebi this is the best ever I am ordering more today before I run out.🙏🏽

  34. Bri Bradley

    I just ordered my second bottle. This is a wonderful product. It helps me sleep like a baby and it calms my nerves! I’ll never stop using this product.

  35. hpasky2009

    Thank you guys you save my life thank you

  36. conciergenursingservice

    This products works great for the nervous system. It helps with headaches and other issues. Once you take it, you can feel it coming “ down “ in your head. It s a release. Works almost instantly.

  37. simayuyu17

    I’m waiting for the product to get here and I’ll write a review about it. As an East African back home there was too much war and not much food to eat so I suffer alot health issue right now. And I’m crying because dr sebi is going to make things right. I wish he was alive, but I’m glad his family is here. Plz continue the legacy we are nothing without sebi health plan.

  38. jbtentertainment

    I took my 1st dose and I felt the simulation going through me! And I also slept very well that week. My mother has early stages of dementia, so I am going to give her some and see if it helps! Thank you Dr.Sebi and his family

  39. daritsa88

    Excelente!! ha ayudado a mi hijo con Autismo severo no hablaba, estaba dormido no hacía caso a instrucciones que se le decía esto lo está mejorando y lo tiene alerta.

  40. qituwrahj

    So I finally figured out that it was THIS that gave the most energy I’ve ever experienced in my life. I immediately feel amazing, very alert, high energy & clarity. Wow. I will forever need this. Highly recommend!

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