Green Food

Multi-Mineral formula made with herbs from Africa, offering chlorophyll rich food for the entire body. Promotes overall good health and nourishment. Ortiga (Urtica Dioica) is well known as a powerful anti-inflammatory herb. Treats kidney disorders, urinary tract infections (enlarged prostate, nighttime urination, frequent urination, painful urination and irritable bladder), gastrointestinal tract disorders, locomotor system disorders, cardiovascular system, hemorrhage, influenza, rheumatism, and gout. It is also efficient as a blood purifier and treating poor circulation. Ortiga has been used to treat allergy symptoms, particularly hayfever. Ingredients:

  • Nettle
  • Tila
  • Nopal
  • Bladderwrack

Dr. Sebi’s Original and Unique formulas are proprietary of Dr. Sebi and may contain ingredients not listed here.


"These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease."

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28 reviews for Green Food

  1. moneymike22k

    It worked felt the herbs working immediately love the results!

  2. Isaac Ward

    This is a miracle in a bottle. Increased energy, decrease appetite which I can’t stress enough on how good the green food make you feel. Arthritis symptoms decreased and most days I don’t have any pain.

  3. Dawn Palmer

    This product is revolutionary and I hope to someway inspire at least one person to try it and give it a real chance for at least 2weeks straight … the effects are undeniable

  4. Abdul Conteh

    Work great with me.

  5. Sheree Williams

    Makes me feel full… energetic as well!

  6. sheila scott

    My body feels great this product is so great I can’t live without it

  7. Marsha Spencer

    love, love ,love everything.

  8. tyler patrick


  9. matthews83candace

    I started taking Dr. Sebi’s products around March of this year. I added the Greenfood around June and with my diet change and exercise, I’ve seen and feel a lot of positive results. It would be wonderful if the Greenfood could come in a powder option as well like the Bromide, which I also have and take in capsule or powder daily. Having the powder form lessens the amount of capsules to take on a daily basis and would work great to add to a smoothie.

  10. Tamica Baker

    Amazing, one of my favorite!

  11. thegogogaga0

    This is a review being written, having taken these products for the first time on the 15th of September, 2017 and it is now September 22nd, 2017.
    This was taken in conjunction with Bio Ferro and Bromide Plus.

    I began to feel the effects of it, almost immediately. These are the things I noticed:
    1. I peed more, which is good, because I was releasing all excess toxins from my body. There were days where I fasted while taking the products, and I still had bowel movements. Gotta get rid of excess!
    2. Less bloating and constipation
    3. Clearly can tell mucus in the excrement leaving the body
    4. Less appetite: Let me clarify this, by also stating that I do not feel like I need to eat when taking these. The minerals are so powerful, that I feel I already got what I needed. All I do, is drink my gallon of water throughout the day and my protein powder after working out.
    5. Increase in energy: It’s not a sudden burst of energy, but rather, just a greater amount of energy available to be used in your body and increased focus when doing things. There have been times when I was at work (before taking the products) that I felt drained, doing every single thing felt tiring, yet when I started taking the products, after the first day of taking them, that “drained feeling” no longer existed within me.
    I will definitely continue buying.

  12. Jean Pierre

    Its only been a month since I finished the whole bottle of green food but i must say that my energy and overall feeling is great .Literally is a blood purifier and helps with appetite as well .. Thank for this alternative to maintaining healthy living !!!

  13. espionage304

    The first time i took it i was experimenting with all kinds of different herbs to see what works best naturally.I have trouble sleeping this last few years and after taking this Ive never slept this good since i was in my teens(Im 30 years old)So much energy. Now to be fair I am pretty health savvy and try to always exercise but i noticed a huge increase in energy.I usually jog 2 miles a week but this particular day after i had taken greenfood plus I felt like i could run for hours. I had to think back to why i had so much energy!!!! Secondly, I have had issues with overactive bladder and an enlarging prostate at times. A few months ago i had went on a binge eating alot of high sodium and milky cheesy foods. I had a bad craving for queso so i was eating lots of it at mexican restuarants. Needless to say, all that milk and sodium caused excess mucus(sebi states that the #1 cause of all dis-ease, is mucus(too much mucus)). I was having a constant urge to urinate and when i would barely any would come out. I was back and forth to the bathroom all night. After remembering the cause of this issue i stopped the binge eating and started taking greenfood again and like magic the symptoms stopped and my sleep quality improved again.Learned my lesson. Like Dr.sebi said” Herbs are for the healing of the nation”!!!!!

  14. ashlaw21

    I was a bit skeptical but once I started taking these products green food included I’ll say this my life has changed! You feel better each day and each week. Take all 4 like it says! If you skemp because of price then you won’t feel it trust me and I’m not being paid to write this. Just a believer in the Messiah Yahshua and believe that we should help one another wake up and feel like we are his people by getting back to our roots. Sorry, I was gonna see what I’d say to do first if you can’t afford to buy the cleanse just yet you need to do some kind of cleanse so you can be clean or have a clean body so you can start these with a clean body it will help it work faster. If you don’t cleanse first that’s ok but it’ll take a bit of time depending on how much your body needs to cleanse before seeing it’s effects. But it does work and you will feel like yourself again! Mind body and soul! Great stuff so thankful you all have keep this mans recipes and are continuing to share so that we can have such amazing results!

  15. e.powell.jr13

    Is there anyone new ordering this/these products? I’ve seen the same reviews for the last few month(s). I’m trying to convert over from eating meat and would like to know if there’s any new comers? Thanks. for direct contact.

  16. howcanirepayyou

    Hello! I employed the nutritional guide, Ty’s Conscience Kitchen recipes, Viento and Testo in April 2018 great results.

    I read your review about the great results of living the “High Alkaline Life Style” back in the day I started talking about Dr. Sebi’s compounds but I didn’t invest at the time. When I was a younger man. I felt resilience was for life. Sadly, I did not take daily bible reading seriously enough to learn the wisdom of Jehovah. God says the human body is designed to live forever. Dr. Sebi’s compounds are a major contributor to that fact. I

    Today, I’m all in with Being a daily user of Dr. Sebi’s compounds, nutritional guide, and Ty’s Conscience Kitchen recipes and developing some of my own recipe’s.

    I visited a traditional internal doctor a few weeks ago and the doctor told me that I was starting to become diabetic. Here is a hoot. That statement means that Dr. Sebi’s compounds are healing my pancreas and other filters. No more enlarged prostate. And there’s more good healing throughout my entire cell soul.

  17. derek_d_hudson1

    This really stop my heart from skipping a beat. As I was getting older it was getting worst. I took one bottle, and my heart never skipped a beat again.

  18. tysmula


  19. kathrynhollander37

    First let me just say that this is amazing. It only took a few days to get shipped. Now I have been suffering from a bad uti, and doc says I have ovarian cyst. So I’ve been having abdomenal pain, cramping and also pain due to a c section. I took the product as directed. And let me tell you no more than twenty minutes later the pain I was experiencing gone!! I couldn’t believe it! I’ve been taking the product for about a week along with a more alkaline diet. I feel good, more energy, I sleep better. Great product I will be trying more products. Try this product you won’t be disappointed!

  20. mariciortuz

    Great product! My husband was had frequent bathroom issues in the middle of the night And this stuff worked amazing for him. He no longer needs to use the bathroom frequently as he did before.

  21. keyonyam

    Used this a few months back and let me just say IT WAS AMAZING! Best product. If you’re having problems with your kidneys, liver, urinary tract and digestive then this is for you! As soon as I began taking this the product worked immediately I felt great! I was energized I wasn’t in any pain my body felt great also with a great diet you can take these natural herbs and they can work the way they’re supposed to. Will be ordering more and currently saving for the whole set of for a body cleansing. Dr. Sebi your legacy will live on! 🙏🏾🙌🏾❤️

  22. Michael Crawford

    Undescribable! I felt a surge of electricity running through my body from the first taking of this compound. Thank You Dr Sebi! May your continued legacy heal the world.

  23. DAYGIG

    I have been buying these products since 2015, Now 2020, there are many copy cat products out there where the ingredients are unverified. Stick with Dr Sebi products!!!! My father (prostate cancer) stopped eating…We give him Green Food Plus and Iron Plus and he’s LOOKING GOOD!!!!!!! GLORY TO LIFE!!!

  24. DAYGIG

    4 day express delivery to London..AMAZING SERVICE TOO!

  25. edmundwalton29

    Great product. This is my 1st product ever purchased. I felt energized the 1st day. Thank you so much!

  26. quaneshalford

    The first day I used the greenfood, I noticed immediately that I had more energy and I did not get my afternoon “crash.” I will say I did not get hungry after taking the greenfood, only if I was really starving before I took it. But it did not take much to get me full once I had my daily dose of greenfood. The first day, I poured the capsules into my hand and swallowed it down with water -horrible idea. The taste was repulsive lol. The second day, I poured the capsules into a green smoothie from Panera Bread. It was much better. The third day, I made a tea with it and added some honey or agave, which is how I normally prepare my tea. I have been making the greenfood that way since then and it is absolutely amazing. I am eternally grateful for you and your team Dr. Sebi ❤️

  27. r.zamarron100

    Today’s date 6/15/2020, I started taking GREEN FOOD on 5/25/2020 I will be finishing the bottle tomorrow I was taking the 4 capsules daily as instructed, I honestly didn’t feel a difference on my body/health while taking green food the only thing I did notice that changed in me was that it helped ALOT with my seasonal allergies. I will be purchasing green food again but only during my hardest seasonal allergie times.

  28. secsip

    Wow what can can I say about the Green Food. First let me say if you love them the first time you use them, don’t let them run and reorder because you will feel the difference in not having them. I’m experiencing that at this moment. So waiting for my next shipment to arrive. I’m a pretty health person. I do everything right for my health. The only meat I’m currently still holding on to is the chicken wing flings. The first time I used the Green Food I felt the energy and I was not hungry through out the day but I still would eat through out the day because of the workout that do but I’m greedy so even if i’m not hungry I eat…lol But the foods that I am eating are on the Nutritional Guide list. When I wake up in the morning I get right up and now that I waiting til I ran out of them to reorder I’m feeling trying to get up and that’s not good for me. All and all I LOVE this product.

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