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Stress Relief Tea


A gentle caffeine-free aid for relief and relaxation, Dr. Sebi’s Stress Relief Tea harnesses the power of Chamomile to relax the body and mind, containing antioxidants that reduces anxiety, calms nerves and promotes sleep. Aromatic flavonoids and terpenoids boost serotonin (happiness hormone) and endorphins (reduce pain and elevate mood). The tea promotes muscle relaxation and physical decompression, soothes aches and pains while reducing tension and inflammation. Traditionally also used for menstrual cramps, fever, irritable bowels and stomach complaints. Chamomile is steeped in herbal folklore for its profound ability to transform negative emotions, reduce stress and deliver healing sleep. The tea also nourishes skin, promotes wound healing, and can even be used as a mouthwash to keep gums healthy.

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  • Relieve Pain & Inflammation* 
  • Reduce Anxiety & Stress* 
  • Support Healthy Sleeping Habits*




Simmer two cups of distilled water and steep 1 tablespoon of Stress Relief Tea for 10 to 15 minutes, then strain. Drink the comforting tea during the evening, or when you want to rest, relax and get to sleep more easily. Safe to consume on an empty stomach or  between meals. 

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