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Feed your mind as well as your body with books and videos that provide information and insight into the life and teachings of the one and only Dr. Sebi.


Dr. Sebi Speaks, vol. 1, DVD

Filmed at the Los Angeles Convention Center in 2014, Dr. Sebi Speaks, Vol. 1 delivers fascinating insights


Seven Days in Usha Village

Seven Days in Usha Village: A Conversation with Dr. Sebi is a beautiful, question-and-answer style book that covers artist and writer Beverly Oliver’s



The Health Guardians

This full-color illustrated children’s book, created by Ron Seaborn, explores the importance of good nutrition for the little ones.


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A Natural Alternative

Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food offers natural herbal compounds that cleanse and detoxify the body. Our products are inspired by the 30 years of hands-on experience and accumulated knowledge of our founder, Dr. Sebi — a pathologist, herbalist, biochemist, and naturalist whose alternative approach to holistic wellness is grounded in an uncompromising respect for tradition, quality, and compassion.

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