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Small Cleansing Package


Dr. Sebi’s Small Cleansing Package provides foundational detoxification and nutritional support. This package helps expel toxins, opening up elimination pathways and activating natural cellular cleansing. Bile flow is increased, helping the liver to remove toxins, and pancreatic enzymes are stimulated, alkalinising the gut. The synergistic herbs cleanse mucus, neutralize acids, bind toxins, reduce inflammation, stimulate detox, and increase digestion. The cleansing process will enable your body to absorb more nutrients and focus the immune system on cellular regeneration. Delivering intensive nutrition for detoxification organs enhances their ability to keep your body clean. Purifying the blood and increasing minerals and oxygenation is mentally refreshing and physically energizing, with long-lasting effects.


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  • Remove Toxins & Mucus
  • Detox, Cleanse, & Nourish the Body
  • Boost Energy Naturally


The Small Cleansing Package is ideal for people who are completely new to, or restarting, detoxification programs. Full dosage and administration instructions are provided with your order. For free consultations to formulate unique packages to meet your needs, please call or get in contact with us at


Some products are only available in packages and need to be paired/balanced with other products.

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