Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food is the original, and only, company producing and selling Dr. Sebi’s original herbal compounds, formulated by Dr. Sebi himself. Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food products are 100% natural and deliver the critical alkaline electrical nourishment your cells need to function at their peak. 


Hair Food Oil

Nourishes the hair and the scalp.


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Cold Relief Tea

Dr. Sebi’s Cold Relief Tea provides the herbal relief of Gordolobo (Gnaphalium obtusifolium),


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Stomach Relief Tea

Dr. Sebi's Stomach Relief Tea rapidly alleviates digestive pain and renal discomfort.


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Herbal Energy Tea

Dr. Sebi’s Herbal Energy Tea aims to optimize your body’s energy levels, giving it a natural, caffeine-free performance boost.


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Blood Pressure Tea

Dr. Sebi's Blood Pressure tea provides nutritional and regulatory support for the cardiovascular system.


Seven Days in Usha Village

Seven Days in Usha Village: A Conversation with Dr. Sebi is a beautiful, question-and-answer style book that covers artist and writer Beverly Oliver’s


The Health Guardians

This full-color illustrated children’s book, created by Ron Seaborn, explores the importance of good nutrition for the little ones.