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The Support package introduces the restorative process to your body. This package is customized to provide inter-cellular healing and detoxification.

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11 reviews for Support Package

  1. hernandezjony40

    Natural herb medicine is the only way to heal your body

  2. amyannmuller

    This works.Mucus was coming out in my stools within the first week and the products gave me so much energy.Also it cleared up my acne 🙂 Thankyou Dr.Sebi ❤️

  3. lupita

    I have just used it for 1 1/2 days and feel energetic and is cleansing my gut. I am following the food regimen as much as possible. I am so excited to better my health.

  4. andrewderekcrowe

    I have been following Dr Sebi for a year or so and i started playing around with fasting after changing to a plant based diet over a year ago and decided i wanted to go to the next level and boy did the support package take me to the next level and beyond.

    I started off taking all the tablets each day as noted on the bottle which is not advised here but i did it anyway and by the end of the first week of only eating once a day i did a three day fast and what came out of me was not pretty but i felt so relieved after the event.

    what this does is speed up the breakdown and removal of the mucous like i have never experienced before.

    Ive continued with a strict diet and fasting and the mucous removal slowed right down and i ended up with cold and flue symptoms for two weeks i assume because my body was left to rid the mucous on its own through the nose and mouth and not much in the stool or urine.

    Ive used mycozx and it gave me a dissolving sensation in the sinus that you might feel at times when recovering from a cold but the support package did the same thing but was way stronger more prolonged. the effects are definitely heightened if you are fasting and drinking plenty of water and i was drinking pucka cleanse nettle tea through the days.

  5. VashOnTheBeat

    Fam I ain’t even gon front. I been buying the packages for a min but I would always fk em off by half ass using the stuff and breaking my fast. I found a lump on my nuts sometime in october when GM went on strike so I was broke as hell and ain’t have any money to do anything. Soon as I got paid I bought the booster package and started taking it. The lump was around the size of one of my nuts. It felt like I had 3 balls. I been fasting a week and a day so far and the lump is completely gone. I wish I could just do just water with this fast but I been using keylimes, water and agave to make a drink to take the herbs with everyday. I got a lot of inflammation in my face for some reason right now(could be the herbs trying to drain that). But just the fact that the lump is gone and I only been fasting for a week I’m happy. Sebi definitely did his due diligence foreal.

  6. sameena91212

    i can honestly say i was bedridden and disabled , low blood pressure, heart palpitations, constant fainting, in a wheelchair, non stop dizzy spells,kidneys started to fail, numbness in my hands and feet, heat and cold intolerance, severe blood pooling, i couldnt even move without my heart rate jumping up to 160 in a split second, i purchased one of the $400-something dollar package and i couldnt thank dr.sebi enough for saving my life literally. doctors had no clue what was wrong with me and took my symptoms as a joke, they even googled pots syndrome because they didnt kno what it was i will forever buy these products, i can now take trips with family and friends and live a normal life i had something called POTS SYNDROME , autoimmune disorder, MS, stomach problems, and a bunch more i am now cleared free from hospitals

  7. bartlettdarlene24

    I need to tell you what happened and my body got messed up. I got ratlung parasite three and half years ago. The NERVE DAMAGE is horrible. I look forward to all his natural herbs and everything Dr. SEBI has to offer, his KNOWLEDGE wow incredible!


    This message is for Sameena 91212, did you have all those autoimmune disorders you described and now the product has cleared them all up?

  9. sameena91212 yes I had all of those symptoms plus more I couldn’t even walk for myself I went into severe depression and much more and these pills have worked wonders for me I am able to work both of my jobs I have not used the wheelchair in over a year at the time I was only using the product for three days and seen a huge difference it gave me so much energy to want to get up and walk and most of my symptoms have went away but it’s been quite some time now and I haven’t had any of those symptoms my doctors still ask me “how”! These pills also helped me with anxiety and depression because of everything I was going through . I still currently take these pills that’s the only reason why I seen your message to me because I am about to make another purchase 😂😂 💚 much love and I hope everyone gets better! I will always take these pills no matter how well I am

  10. mrrphillips6

    Sameena91212 is it possible for me to contact you about your experience with this. I am going through a similar situation and I would definitely be grateful to contact you as I am trying to make a decision to do what is best for me. My email is

  11. 1stlady0129

    My Father talks about him so I got us both some for his Birthday. I was not expecting to feel anything..These vitamins had me feeling so focus and free. I never had vitamins that made me feel anything maybe a lil energy.. These are amazing.. May God continue to bless you all

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