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Support Package


Dr. Sebi’s Support Package provides sustained detoxification and nutritional support. This package encourages the breakdown of calcium deposits and delivers bioavailable minerals, supporting the heart, circulatory system, kidneys, and thyroid gland. Mineral rich herbs from the land and sea are combined to deliver a potent cleansing, energizing, and renourishing program that quickly enhances cellular nutrition and removes toxins. The Support Package is designed to open up detoxification pathways, enhance toxin removal, reduce inflammation, break down mineral deposits, and stimulate natural cellular processes to cleanse and repair the body.

Get the sustained nutrition and herbal support needed to promote cellular cleansing, immune rejuvenation, and long-term health.


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  • Nourish Heart, Thyroid, & Kidneys
  • Demineralizing & Remineralizing
  • Support the Immune System


The Support Package provides herbal reinforcement to sustain your cellular nutritional and cleansing program. Full dosage and administration instructions are provided with your order. For free consultations to formulate unique packages to meet your needs, please call or get in contact with us at


Some products are only available in packages and need to be paired/balanced with other products.

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