Brain Boosting Bundle

Brain Boosting Bundle

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Dr. Sebi's Banju and Viento are the ultimate dynamic duo for your brain health and mental wellness. Banju's targeted nutrition and cleansing provide an array of benefits including replenishing minerals, reducing neurological inflammation, and enhancing neurological energy metabolism. The tonic's powerful ingredients, such as Elderberry and Blue Vervain, protect and nourish the brain, reduce anxiety, and soothe pain. Meanwhile, Burdock Root and Valerian Root work to purify the blood, calm the nervous system, and aid peaceful and restful sleep.


Complementing Banju's effects, Dr. Sebi's Viento energizes, cleanses, and revitalizes, increasing mental energy and physical stamina. With ingredients like Bladderwrack, Chaparral, and Valerian, Viento boosts thyroid function, enhances immune defenses, and reduces addictive cravings. Together, Banju and Viento provide a comprehensive approach to brain health, balancing the nervous system, and protecting against oxidative stress, ensuring you can tackle any challenge with ease.


Experience the difference, as these two products work together to increase mental energy and physical stamina, improve circulation and oxygenation, support lymphatic waste removal, reduce inflammation, and enhance immune defenses. Feel invigorated, emotionally stable, and mentally clear, while also supporting your body's natural energy efficiency.


Don't settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your brain health and mental wellness. Try Dr. Sebi's Banju and Viento today and experience the amazing benefits for yourself!


Included: 4 Bottles of Banju Tonics and 1 Bottle of Viento Capsules

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