Cold Relief Tea

Cold Relief Tea

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Our tea provides the herbal relief of Gordolobo for quick relief from the mucus associated with colds and flu. While gently reducing phlegm and thus relieving cough, this caffeine-free, anti-inflammatory tea has also been traditionally used as a treatment for bronchitis, laryngitis, pneumonia, fever, sore throat, and intestinal disorders resulting in diarrhea or gastroenteritis. This herb's powerful, dynamic nature is such that it also cleanses toxins from the liver, nourishes the blood, and soothes menstrual cramps, digestive discomfort, and gastrointestinal issues, including ulcers.

NET WT. 5 OZ / 141 G

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  • Relieve Pain & Inflammation* 
  • Remove Toxins & Mucus* 
  • Reduce Cough & Soreness*




Simmer two cups of distilled water with 2 tablespoons of Cold Relief Tea for 10-15 minutes and strain. You can drink the soothing Cold Relief Tea hot or warm, two times per day, or as needed to ease symptoms. Safe to consume on an empty stomach or between meals.

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