Online Course: Cellular renewal Micro - Training

Cellular renewal


Improved mood, memory, and energy — who doesn’t want that? But in order to heal and achieve optimal health, we need to remove toxins and nourish our bodies.

As Dr. Sebi discovered, certain plants help transform and heal the body on a cellular level. By filling your body with the right foods, it’s possible to undo damage, regenerate cells, and restore your health.

This course will help you discover empowering and effective ways to nourish your body and mind by covering topics including:

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  • The dangers of the "western" diet
  • How to help your body eliminate toxins
  • What micronutrients you’re missing and what herbs and plant-based foods you need
  • The benefits of creating an alkaline environment in your body
  • The importance of plant-based nutrition
  • How to establish healthy habits
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