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Advanced Package

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A potent therapeutic package that delivers complete nutritional and detoxification support for mind and body. This biomineral herbal package for cellular cleansing and regeneration can help you establish and maintain long-term nutritional wellness, develop intracellular alkaline conditions, and remove accumulated waste, toxins, and mucus. Bitter and tonifying herbs stimulate digestion, detoxification, purification, and nutrient absorption. Pacifying herbs promote relaxation and physical restoration, encourage cellular rejuvenation and repair of internal tissue abrasions while reducing oxidative stress, and lessen pain and calm anxiety as herbs reduce inflammation in the brain and gut, enhancing mood boosting endorphins and neurotransmitters. This package supports major organs, functions, and systems of the body, taking into consideration their complete nutritional and detoxification needs.

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  • Chelation 1 (Tonic)
  • Chelation 2 (Capsules)
  • Lymphalin
  • Fucus Capsules
  • Lupulo
  • Bio Ferro Capsules
  • Bromide Plus Capsules
  • Viento
  • Iron Plus (2)
  • Green Food Plus


  • Promotes Intracellular Alkalinity
  • Naturally Calming & Mood Boosting
  • Reduce Inflammation & Pain


The Advanced Package provides dedicated nutritional and detoxification support for complete health transformation. Full dosage and administration instructions are provided with your order. For free consultations to formulate unique packages to meet your needs, please call or get in contact with us at


Some products are only available in packages and need to be paired/balanced with other products.

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