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All Inclusive Package (Female - Estro)


Dr. Sebi’s All-Inclusive Package provides enhanced nutritional support for the brain, heart, and delicate endocrine glands. Delivering faster and more effective results, the higher nutritional saturation drives physiological, electrochemical, and biochemical changes in cells, tissues, and organs. Enhanced neurological and nervous support calms overstimulated stress responses, reducing anxiety, sleeplessness, and tension. Balancing female hormones reduces symptoms associated with menstruation or menopause, while increasing libido and vaginal lubrication.

Utilizing these products can also help to reduce inflammation in the nervous system and endocrine glands, restoring effective regulatory genetic, metabolic, and immune communication, while significantly enhancing your ability to resolve nutritional insufficiencies, remove toxins, purify the body, and create alkaline conditions to rejuvenate trillions of cells.

The signature All-Inclusive Package thoroughly cleanses the body on the cellular level, breaking down acid, mucus, toxins, and calcifications to rebuild and restore the entire body.


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Products Included

  • Chelation 1 (Tonic)
  • Chelation 2 (Capsules)
  • Fucus Capsules
  • Fucus Liquid
  • L.O.V.
  • Lymphalin
  • Lupulo
  • Banju (2)
  • Bio Ferro Tonic (2)
  • Bromide Plus Capsules
  • Bromide Plus Powder
  • Bio Ferro Capsules
  • Green Food Plus
  • Viento
  • Iron Plus (2)
  • Endocrine
  • Estro


  • Reduce Anxiety & Stress
  • Support Female Hormonal Balance
  • Nourish the Brain, Heart, & Endocrine Glands


The All-Inclusive Package provides enhanced support for rapid physiological and nutritional restoration. Full dosage and administration instructions are provided with your order. For free consultations to formulate unique packages to meet your needs, please call or get in contact with us at



Some products are only available in packages and need to be paired/balanced with other products.

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