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Are Your Bones Healthy? (June 2020) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

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People on plant-based diets are used to putting up with "concerns" and questions from people around them, based on misinformation spread by common Western medicine and popular misconceptions. "Are you getting enough protein?", "are your bones healthy?" are some of those malicious questions you might hear on a daily basis. However, to say that dairy-free diets are harmful to bone health is just ignorant and not based on scientific data. A healthy diet full of minerals and micro-nutrients is fundamental to preventing osteoporosis, and you can get all of them from plants.

The dairy industry has very successfully propagated the myth that dairy consumption is essential for optimal bone health, yet it has not been shown to prevent osteoporosis or bone fractures. In fact, some studies find that is just the opposite, and dairy can be harmful for you: milk consumption is associated with poor bone health, because it produces acidity in the body, leading to erosion and fractures.

So what foods are actually good for your bone health? We have the top 5 foods you need to be adding to your diet today if you want strong, healthy bones:

Leafy Greens. Leafy greens such as callaloo, turnip greens, purslane, wild arugula, and lettuce make it to the top of the list, for their combination of calcium, iron, and alkalinity-inducing chlorophyll. One cup of cooked turnip greens has about 200 milligrams of calcium (20% of your daily goal). This Blueberry Wild Arugula Salad is delicious and nutritious, but you can also start by adding a handful of greens to your smoothies if you want to ease your way into it.

Sour Oranges (Seville) and Key Limes. Citrus fruits can do so much more than liven up a dish. Seville oranges and key limes have been shown to prevent bone loss, so wake up your taste buds and protect your skeleton first thing in the morning with an "Orange Julius" Smoothie.

Figs. If you're looking for bone-strengthening fruits, figs should be near the top of your shopping list. Five medium fresh figs have around 90 milligrams of calcium and other skeleton-saving minerals like potassium and magnesium. They taste great on their own, but you can increase their bone-building power by pairing them up with a glass of Homemade Walnut Milk.

Plums and Prunes. Did you know that prunes are actually dried plums? Whichever you like better, they are both great to improve your bone density by slowing the breakdown of bone in your body. Dr. Sebi Style "Ponche" is a delicious, comforting way to have both of those magical fruits!

Walnuts. Walnuts contain a high amount of the mineral manganese. Manganese has been shown to prevent osteoporosis in combination with minerals calcium and copper. Magnesium, another mineral in walnuts, is important for bone formation as it helps with the absorption of calcium into the bone. If you want to add them to your daily diet, you'll love these No-Bake Walnut Date Bars - and your skeleton will love them, too.

Make sure to download Dr. Sebi's Nutritional Guide, to find out what other things you can eat for bone - and overall - health and wellbeing.

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