Take the Quiz: Are You Addicted to Your Device?

Take the Quiz: Are You Addicted to Your Device?

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Answer each question honestly to find out how reliant you are on your cell phone. At the end of the quiz, check your dominant answer category to understand your level of phone addiction.

1. How do you feel if you leave the house without your phone?

A. Panicked, and I have to go back to get it.
B. A bit anxious, but I can manage for a short while.
C. Indifferent, I can manage without it.
D. Relieved and enjoy the break.

2. Do you ever find yourself checking your phone without remembering why?

A. Yes, it happens all the time.
B. Occasionally, when I’m bored.
C. Rarely, only when I’m expecting something.
D. Never, I always have a purpose when I use it.

3. How much time do you spend on your phone each day?

A. More than 5 hours.
B. 3 to 5 hours.
C. 1 to 3 hours.
D. Less than 1 hour.

4. Do you feel anxious or uncomfortable if you are unable to check your phone?

A. Always, it feels unbearable.
B. Often, it’s uncomfortable.
C. Sometimes, but it’s not a big deal.
D. Rarely, I hardly notice.

5. Is your phone the last thing you interact with before you sleep?

A. Yes, I use it until I fall asleep.
B. Often, but I try to put it down.
C. Sometimes, but not regularly.
D. No, I avoid it before sleep.

6. Have you tried to spend less time on your phone but failed?

A. Yes, multiple times.
B. Yes, but I’m still trying.
C. Once or twice, I’m getting better.
D. No, I can easily manage my usage.


Mostly A's: Your responses indicate a high dependency on your phone, which may be affecting your daily functioning. Consider professional advice to manage your phone use.

Mostly B's: You exhibit signs of moderate phone addiction. It's a good idea to start setting stricter limits on your phone use to prevent further dependency.

Mostly C's: You have a fairly balanced approach to phone use. There are minor issues, but you're generally in control.

Mostly D's: You have a healthy relationship with your phone. You use it when necessary but prioritize real-life interactions and tasks.

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