Do you have brain mucus? (April 2021) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food


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Do you have brain mucus? (April 2021) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

Sleep is essential for health, yet, humans are the only animal to fight this natural urge. Sleep deprivation can be fatal, so why aren’t we able to get enough?

If you struggle to sleep, Dr. Sebi’s hemp-CBD can help you relax and drift off peacefully. Stress Relief Tea supports you to wind down at night, and you can trust Banju to ensure you wake up supercharged with energy.

“She asked the cause of insomnia? Where is the mucus? On the brain! So we remove it! …..He was sleeping because the mucus left the brain!” - Dr. Sebi

Why do we need to Sleep?

While you sleep, amazing cleansing and revitalizing processes take place:

  • Growth and repair of muscle, organs, tissues, and cells.
  • Detoxification and elimination of waste by the liver.
  • Cleansing the brain to remove toxic by-products.
  • Reorganizing neurons to create long-term memory.
  • Erasing unwanted short-term data cluttering the mind.
  • Conversion of fat into easily accessible energy.
  • Replenishing cellular energy and nutrient stores.
  • Recycling and making hormones and neurotransmitters.
  • Regulation of the brain’s emotional region to stabilize mood.
  • Synthesis of protective immune cells to reduce inflammation.

There are four different stages of sleep. You cycle through the stages four to six times every night:

  • Stage 1: Sleep is initiated, brain slows down. Lasts 7 minutes.
  • Stage 2: Light sleep, body temperature decreases, muscles and body relax.
  • Stage 3: Deep sleep begins, restorative functions start to replenish cells.
  • Stage 4: Eyes move, brainwaves increase, dreaming, memories formed.

If you don’t achieve the deeper stages many of the restorative functions are missed. We need seven to nine hours of quality sleep, incorporating all four stages, to replenish the body. A lack of sleep impairs brain functions and puts strain on the body. Chronic sleep deprivation increases the risk of disease and is linked with mental health issues.

Lack of Sleep and Fatigue

Even a minor sleep ‘debt’ reduces our ability to think clearly because it disrupts the brain’s ability to cleanse and refresh itself. This causes emotional imbalance, mood changes, increased anxiety, enhanced fear response, depression, reduced memory, poor focus, and an inability to concentrate. The immune system is inflamed and the entire body is weaker without sleep, and elevated cortisol makes weight gain inevitable.

Fatigue is responsible for accidents while driving and working with machines, and an increased risk of falls. Lifestyle diseases, like diabetes and heart disease, are also associated with a lack of sleep. Sleep is critical to keep your body and brain performing effectively. It’s not an optional activity, but unfortunately, too many of us are not getting enough sleep.

Healing & Hygienic Sleep

More higher-quality sleep is going to improve your mental and emotional health. You can learn faster, remember more, solve problems more easily and creatively, and concentrate better when you improve your sleep.

Sleep is regulated by sunlight, creating a 24-hour sleep cycle. Your body also regulates the overall amount of sleep - a lack of sleep creates ‘sleep rebound’ to balance the deficit. You can make up for a ‘sleep debt’ (or deposit extra ‘sleep credits’ in advance) by making extra time to sleep when possible. Don’t go to sleep on your well-being. Consider having an extra sleepy weekend to make up for lost sleep during the week.

Optimizing your sleep environment, and patterns, enhances sleep quality:

  • Schedule a regular time to go to sleep and get up.
  • Exercise during the day to tire out your body.
  • Synchronize yourself with the sun – see dawn and dusk.
  • Reduce blue light after 8 pm (e.g. computer screens).
  • Remove devices, gadgets, and electronic media.
  • Avoid eating a few hours before bed, and limit liquids.
  • Prepare with relaxing activities like reading a book.
  • Create a nice environment (comfy mattress, clean sheets).
  • Oxygenate your room with plants and allow airflow.

“Crazy people cannot sleep because it takes oxygen for someone to sleep…..When oxygen fails to reach the brain, you cannot sleep.” – Dr. Sebi

Sleep Support

Getting sufficient sleep is critical to all aspects of your health and should be a top priority for your healing journey. Dr. Sebi’s Banju Tonic enriches the brain with critical minerals and antioxidants that enhance neurological energy, remove mucus, and reduce brain inflammation. Ensuring you get deep, restorative, nourishing sleep.

Dr. Sebi’s Stress Relief Tea comforts and soothes with sleep-inducing chamomile, relaxing your muscles and slowing down your thoughts... Dr. Sebi’s Hemp CBD Oil & Capsules calmly mellow you into a good night’s sleep, refreshing your physical and mental functions for a welcome start to the next new day.

Don’t skimp on sleep. It’s not lazy, you need it. Getting a good night’s sleep, a restorative rest, or just a nice nap lets your body recharge, ready for living life. Love your body and mind. Rest well.