Spring into your best health! (April 2021) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food


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Spring into your best health! (April 2021) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

Showering, and brushing your teeth are daily cleansing rituals to promote good health. But, what about cleaning the inside of your body?

Remove the accumulated 'dirt’ wreaking havoc with your immune system, and draining your vital bio-electric energy. Dr. Sebi’s Small Cleansing Package helps your body effectively remove the toxicity of modern life while delivering the critical minerals and nutrients needed to thrive.

Time to Clean

Excess of toxins in our food, and environment, overwhelm the body’s natural cleansing ability. When the scales tip towards toxicity there is a range of symptoms you can expect (but may overlook):

  • Digestion: slow bowel movements or bloating (endotoxin inflammation).
  • Immune: allergies, frequent infections, slow healing (immune stress).
  • Mood: depressed, anxious, lack of emotional stability (bacterial imbalance).
  • Fatigue: feeling physically or mentally tired (toxins drain energy production).
  • Menstruation: heavy flow and painful cramps (hormone-mimicking toxins).
  • Skin: irritations, rashes, itching, and dull appearance (excess toxins in sweat).

“Cleansing the human body is but one part of the whole journey, the other is returning the energy that was lost to disease.” – Dr. Sebi

Spring is Special

The Vernal Equinox represents a critical shift in the Sun’s seasonal cycle. Daylight increases and temperatures rise, as the North Pole once-more tips towards the sun. Increasing solar energy wakes hibernating animals, and encourages the first flowers to bloom. The elevations in air temperature help trees move nutritional sap from the roots to the twigs, providing energy for new growth.

Just like the trees, after a cold winter, we need to get our own ‘sap’ flowing. Air-conditioned homes are dehydrating, and we feel less inclined to move when it is cold and dark. Spring warms the body, loosens the lymph, and provides the ideal opportunity to get stagnant waste out.

Stuck in You!

Putrefying waste in your intestine releases inflammatory toxins into your blood. Heavy metals and pesticides also get caught, creating irritation and inflammation. Incomplete digestion drives internal fermentation; creating an environment that supports pathogenic yeast, bacteria and parasites.

Bacterial endotoxins seep into the brain, causing mental-fog and lethargy after eating Endotoxins also irritate the gut lining making it ‘leak’ partially digested food into the body. Fortunately, cleansing the digestive system paves the way to release toxic waste and open up natural routes of purification in the body.

Health is Wealth

Spring gifts us with the chance to start fresh, to cleanse toxins holding us back. Getting rid of mucus and stagnant waste creates the best possible results to treasured health just follow our road-map:

  • Rest, and fully empty, the gut to eliminate stagnant waste.
  • Support the liver and major organs to cleanse toxins and bile from the body.
  • Promote waste elimination through lymph, kidneys, and skin.
  • Increase circulation of lymph to enhance waste removal.
  • Nourish the body with one gallon of spring water a day balanced minerals and phytonutrients.
  • Relax your mind to reduce stress and encourage digestion. try our new line of CBD.
By working with your body, to enhance natural cleansing, you can reduce the burden of toxicity. Prevent the build-up of waste and toxins which reduce mood, energy, and immune functionality.

“Cleaning every cell, that makes up every organ, and system that totals the biological you mean cleaning all of you, not only the colon!” – Dr. Sebi

Clean on the Inside

Dr. Sebi developed an intra-cellular cleansing process to ‘wash ’ the body at a cellular level, correct biochemical imbalances, and breakdown cellular debris. The Small Cleansing Package supports your body to breakdown stagnant debris, neutralize acids and remove accumulating mucus from the body.
Cleansing should be a regular habit that lasts a lifetime. This Spring eliminates the dirt and debris clogging up your cells and reducing your internal efficiency. Cleanse your body to accelerate your mind, stabilize your mood and reclaim the wealth of energy you deserve.