Electric Foods: How They Work & Why They're Beneficial To A Healthy Body

Electric Foods: How They Work & Why They're Beneficial To A Healthy Body

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Hey people,

Mwaka here, learning about the vast world of alkaline foods and bringing you along with me. You welcomed me into your kitchen with smoothies for constipation and a heavy metal detox smoothie, and we talked about herbal cleansing. Today, I’m over the moon about our topic, electric foods, so let’s dive into it.



What Are Electric Foods?

The first time I heard the term electric foods, my mind went straight to the potato light bulb experiments we’d do as kids. I may not be the only one who thought of that!

People give off energy around them, a vibe, or aura. This energy surrounding a person can influence how well you relate to them. This subtle energy is felt at an intuitive level; we feel ‘connected’ or ‘disconnected’ from people at different times. When people have an argument, for example, if you walk into the room, you ‘feel’ the tension; that’s a bioelectric emotional charge you are detecting!

It’s the same concept in plants. Electric foods or food bioelectricity refers to the energy field surrounding foods, raw or cooked. Plants are more like us than we knew. Let’s see why electric foods are beneficial.

With the invention of Kirlian Photography in 1939, we can actually see this energetic aura. The photographic technique captures ‘electrical coronal discharge’ using a photographic plate and high-voltage. Also known as ‘electrophotography,’ it allows us to actually see the energies surrounding our bodies, and plants.



Science Of Electric Foods

Electric foods help create a conducive environment for nourishing, repairing, detoxifying, and cleansing cells in your body. Dr. Sebi taught us that cell food has to be electrical because our bodies are electrical. So for chemical affinity, our food has to be electrical. Makes sense, right?! We are human batteries, and we need electricity, which comes from the sun, through our diet.

The foods we eat nowadays are highly processed, full of chemicals, and have undergone genetic modification. This manipulation has altered the food's electrical properties, reducing its chemical affinity to our bodies.

Kirlian Photography has shown that raw organic foods have a more powerful energy charge than cooked foods. Also, the longer the time since picking, the weaker a food's bioelectric field is; as the field drops with time, it discharges. The health of food is dependent on how strong its bioelectric field is. Our health is dependent on how strong our bioelectric charge is.



Electric Foods With High Bioelectric Charge

The body’s average bioelectric charge is 70 MHz, at which its function is optimum. Foods with high bioelectric charge are fruits at 65 to 75 MHz and vegetables at 70 to 90 MHz. This makes them superfoods for our bodies.

Foods with high bioelectric charge include cucumbers, approved greens, onions, seaweeds, avocados, limes, sesame seeds, Seville oranges, tomatoes, dandelions, and berries (except cranberry).

What happens to our bodies when we eat foods with low bioelectric charge? Suppose if you buy a can of fruits from the supermarket that has been processed under high temperatures to increase shelf life, in this case, the food has minimal bioelectricity, because the heat ‘killed’ the food’s bioelectricity. It provides no nourishment to your body due to the lack of chemical affinity. Dead food can’t nourish alive cells that are alive.

Benefits Of Electric Foods

Organic raw foods are better than chemically processed foods based on their bioelectricity. Foods outlined in Dr. Sebi’s Nutritional Guide are electric foods and are beneficial in the following ways:


Foods with high bioelectric charge provide our bodies with more solar-photonic energy and ensure our organs' optimum health to perform their functions. In addition, foods with high bioelectric energy contain minerals like iron, sodium, magnesium, and calcium that promote electrical energy conduction. This additional energy is used to power your self-healing immune system. 

PH Balance

Dr. Sebi recognized that disease is a symptom of mucus accumulation caused by acidity in the body. This acidity forces our bodies to strip minerals from bones to restore alkalinity. Mucus is produced to protect delicate cell membranes from acidic damage.

Alive alkaline food plays a critical role in PH balance. An alkaline environment is not conducive to bacteria, inflammation, or uncontrolled cell growth. This promotes healing and detoxification in the body.

Blood Flow

It may come as a shock to you that blood circulation in your body depends more on the electric charge than it does on your heart. With the correct electrical charge, individual red blood cells can neatly squeeze through very fine blood vessels. But, if the charge is too low, they get stuck together, reducing oxygenation.



Increasing Bioelectric Charge

Raw foods have a stronger bioelectric field, making them beneficial for our bodies. Their benefits include better nutrient absorption, increased energy, decreased inflammation, and promoted healing in the body.

Consider A Home Garden

If time and space allow it, then why not! This will enable you to take charge of what you eat since you decide on the soil, water, and compost manure you use to grow your organic foods. If you consider this, our how to grow your own greens article is a place to start. All you need is a windowsill space to harvest the sun using microgreens.

Moreover, since you are the source of your own food, you can reduce the storage time before consumption. Foods have the strongest electric charge immediately after picking, and you can eat them within minutes if they were produced in your home.

Cook Your Food Gently

Cook foods only when necessary. Heat reduces the electrical charge of food. Overcooking food causes the leaching of nutrients, especially in vegetables.  Blanch your vegetables and bake foods over a short period instead of frying. Doing so will allow you to preserve a food's bioelectric charge.



Green Juices Are A Powerhouse

Juices are easily digested and absorbed. Green juices from green leafy vegetables and herbs have a high bioelectric charge. These juices enable you to reap the full benefits of your foods while giving your digestive tract ample time for healing.


“Nature didn’t make any water with chemicals... so the best water is spring water.”— Dr. Sebi.

Spring water is pure, hasn’t undergone any processing, and is rich in calcium, magnesium, and potassium, which play a key role in the body’s pH balance. In addition, spring water is structured, which your body prefers, and has an electrical charge. So take your gallon of spring water daily to achieve optimum health.

Better Bioelectricity

Occasional cleansing, combined with an alkalized electric diet, is the perfect choice for your body’s optimum health. When you focus on adding energizing bioelectric foods to your diet the shift can be dramatic. What would life feel like with double the mental and physical energy?

Food either takes or gives, energy, the choice is yours. Dead food doesn’t energize, it drains your resources. We know this at a deep level but addiction and advertising get in the way. 

Organic, alkaline, raw, and delicious. How will you top up your bioelectricity today?

Until next time,

Stay healthy!





This was very informative and encouraging, I will be changing my eating habits immediately. Thanks.

Willie Dearborne

I need to preserve a life. I need the specific diet it takes to starve Lupus from your body. Help Me save someone i Love. I know what it takes . For me but for them it might need to be a little more structured.(Senior).Thanks


You’re brilliant. Thank you for making the world a better place.


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