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Feeling Clean and Thinking Clearly (January 2021) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

Showering daily keeps your body clean on the outside, but what about the inside? Just because you can’t see waste accumulating internally, doesn’t mean it’s not there! Do you know how it might feel to get truly, and deeply, clean?

Stuck on You

Oxidized and rancid fats choke the cellular supply of nutrients and oxygen. Like square pegs rammed into round holes, they immobilize vital processes, cause inflammation, and encourage waste accumulation.

Heating fats will oxidize them, changing the physical structure, and making them sticky. This oxidation is like ‘burning’ the fat - imagine trying to wash-up a burned roasting tin, it’s really difficult to get that charred-fat off!

Fatty plaques narrow blood vessels transporting nutrients and oxygen to cells. Organs become restricted with rigid and stubborn fat deposits that trap heavy metals and cause inflammation.

“I am removing plaque from the system; I am removing inflammation. That is the basis of all disease.” – Dr. Sebi

Acid Attacks

The cellular response to acid-injuries is a cytokine-signal of ‘Help me!’ to the immune system. Cytokine messengers use inflammation to ‘recruit’ immune cells to the site of the damage. Long-term inflammation places huge stress on the body.

Cells produce mucus to prevent acid damage to delicate membranes, creating a defensive shell. Unfortunately, this excess mucus clogs organs and creates stagnation in the blood, bile, and lymph - reducing waste elimination and increasing toxicity.

We can feel mucus in the lungs, as it makes us cough, but we can’t sense it impeding the pancreas, liver, gallbladder, or other vital organs. When mucus restricts the kidneys; they can’t filter your blood. If the liver is clogged; toxins aren’t processed. If bowels are sluggish; waste can’t get out.

“Mucus is the cause of every disease. Eliminate the mucus and you eliminate the disease.” – Dr. Sebi

A Clean Slate

You probably wash the dishes with warm water; a cleaning agent; and a scouring device. This removes the physical dirt and grease, with just a little bit of effort. Your body also needs specialist help to get naturally clean, reaching deep into your biological ‘nooks and crannies’.

Thankfully, Mother Nature provided us with fibrous plants (plus specific barks, roots, and herbs) that act like internal scrubbing brushes. Specific chelating herbs can drag out heavy metals, and nano-metals, that hurt your bio-electric body.

Supporting your bowels to effectively empty, ideally after every meal, prevents internal poisons from stagnating in the body. Plant-fibers keep bowels moving, and plant-pigments neutralize free radical damage, reducing oxidative stress.

Take a Cleaning Break!

The Happy New You Package combines advanced products, usually exclusive to larger therapeutic packages. This opportunity to start 2021 with a fresh new slate is only available until the end of January.

  • Expect your concentration to improve; as mood-alternating metals are chelated out of your system.
  • Snooze will be a thing of the past; as you wake refreshed, feeling like you’ve really slept.
  • Appetite is reduced, and the weight drops off; as nutrients are fully absorbed.
  • Energy is enhanced; as your clean body and pristine mind work more efficiently than before!


The Happy New You Package includes:

  • Chelation 2: Taken daily to ensure regular bowel movement, preventing constipation and inflammation, this will clean and clear your bowel and ensure healthy digestion.
  • Fucus: Cleanses the blood and improves circulation, removing toxins from the body. Softens hardened blood vessels, moves minerals, and dissolves fat plaques.
  • Bio Ferro: Increases oxygenation and purifies the blood. Cleanses the liver, reduces inflammation, and protects fats against oxidation.
  • Viento: Improves waste removal and reduces heavy metal toxicity. Improves the respiratory system and revitalizes the entire body with oxygen-rich herbs.


The Happy New You Package provides the perfect opportunity to: take a break, stop filling up on food, clear your schedule, and make time for yourself. If dirty dishes were piling up in the kitchen, you would make time to wash-up, and get them clean. Your body is more important than the dishes and needs love, dedication, time, support, and some herbal help, to get really, deeply, and truly clean.