How To: Grow Your Own Greens At Home (May 2020) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food


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How To: Grow Your Own Greens At Home (May 2020) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

Dr. Sebi's Guide to Micro Gardening

Three different ways to start harvesting alkaline greens at home.

Have you ever wondered how to grow your own greens at home? Worry not! Choose organic heirloom seeds, from garden centers or health-food stores. Up-cycle containers to go zero waste, you can also dig up your dirt for free!

Simple Sprouts

  • Select a seed or grain (hemp, Kamut, fonio, garbanzo, quinoa, rye, spelt).
  • Soak in spring water overnight (in a glass jar with mesh/cloth on top).
  • Rinse twice a day (keep ‘clean’ by washing, don’t let it dry or stagnate).
  • Enjoy eating after 2-3 days (when 5mm tips of leaves and roots show).
  • Store in the fridge (for 1-2 days) or dehydrate (grind to flour for alkaline bread).


  • Select a seed to grow (amaranth, kale, spelt, wild arugula, lettuce [not iceberg]).
  • Make (or buy) a growing tray (‘letter’ size tray, mesh separating soil from water).
  • Fill the bottom of a tray with spring water and put 2cm organic soil on top of the mesh.
  • Sprinkle seeds onto soil then spray thoroughly with spring water and cover.
  • Uncover after 48 hours to let sunlight onto seeds (spray with water daily) .
  • Grow for 3-6 days (roots will reach the reservoir under the mesh, no need to water).
  • Enjoy when greens are 3-7cm (size depends on seeds and growing time).
  • Harvest by cutting with scissors and eat immediately or refrigerate (2-3 days).
  • Re-seed and re-use (blend/blitz roots and soil with water then ‘pour’ over mesh).

Hardy Herbs

  • Select a seed to grow (dandelion, purslane, and wild arugula are easy to grow).
  • Choose a container (upcycle anything that will hold soil and drain water).
  • Create foundation (holes and stones for drainage, small twigs to retain moisture).
  • Nourish by mixing organic soil with raw vegetable scraps (immediate compost).
  • Plant seeds and sprinkle soil over the top (water seeds well and cover).
  • Uncover after 48 hours and let sunlight onto the seeds (spray with water).
  • Grow in natural sunlight until harvest (water daily and keep moist).
  • Enjoy when greens are over 7cm (size depends on seeds and time).
  • Harvest individual leaves and eat immediately or refrigerate (2-3 days).
  • Maintain by not taking too much at once and collecting seeds in the fall.

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