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Health Benefits of Cucumbers (September 2020) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

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What's the deal with cucumbers?

Even some long-time followers of Dr. Sebi's Cell Food still think cucumbers are just high in water and pale - like some kind of flavorless stark. That's far from the truth.

Cucumbers' fluid content is just one of the reasons they're still on Dr. Sebi's mandatory list of approved foods. Yes, they are high in essential water, the water that is so good for you. But here are six more reasons to get some extra cukes into the shopping cart, and to eat a few each day.

Dr. Sebi's Six Good Reasons to Treasure Cucumbers

  • Cucumbers reduce the risk of many cancers - Cucumbers natural lignans protect against many estrogen-related cancers, including those of the skin breast, ovary, uterus, and prostate.
  • Cucumbers keep you hydrated - Don't think 'cause summer's over that the risk of dehydration is too. One medium cucumber holds about seven ounces and helps boost your water intake all day.
  • Cucumbers have dozens of antioxidants, including the flavonoids known to protect against heart disease. Seeds are beneficial, so never seed your cucumbers.
  • Cucumbers are also great for weight loss. Low in calories to begin with, cucumbers have plenty of fiber and fluids and they make an excellent alternative to many breads and crackers.
  • Cucumbers soothe your skin - Cut cucumbers provide natural chemicals with anti-inflammatory properties. The effect on your skin is a reduction in irritations and swelling.
  • Guess what? Bad breath is often produced by bacteria in the mouth. Cucumbers help to cleanse the mouth and cucumbers wash away the bacteria that cause bad breath.

If you need one more reason to eat a few more, check out this Cucumber Avocado Salad from Dr. Sebi's Official YouTube Channel!

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