how to be in control of your emotions

The Human Electromagnetic Field: How to be in Control of Your Emotions

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Every single cell in the human body produces an electromagnetic charge and it’s possible to measure human-generated electromagnetic fields (or EMFs) with great accuracy using special machines called Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices (or ‘SQUIDs’ to most of us).[1,2] 

These electromagnetic fields transfer vital information around the body and allow all the independent bodily systems to function coherently. Changes to these regulating electromagnetic fields impact every biological system.

Today, we take a deeper look at the connection between our emotions and electromagnetics, discovering how they not only affect our heart and brain health, but also the heart and brain health of people around us!

Our Electric Bodies

The strongest electromagnetic field we generate comes from the heart, so this has a guiding role in the function of all of our biological systems. As we explored in this article, the heart truly is the center of our being, physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

Dr. Sebi taught us that we are bio-electric beings. Bio-electricity is an electrical current generated by biological organisms, from plants to animals and people. Our bodies produce electro-magnetic fields, and the most powerful of these fields comes firstly from the heart, and secondly from the brain. 

The body is not made up of any alphabetical order, it is made up of minerals and when those minerals have been depleted by the presence of disease, a disease ensures. So you replace them in a natural form – in the form of a plant because it is electrical. Why does it have to be electrical? Because the body is electrical.” - Dr. Sebi

Electromagnetic Voltage 

The specific voltage of the electromagnetic field is difficult to quantify. Studies show that the electrical signals generated by individual neurons in the brain and nervous system can range from a few millivolts to several hundred millivolts, with the average voltage being around 70 millivolts. 

The electrical signals produced by the heart are also relatively strong, with an average voltage of around 0.5 to 1 millivolt. But, the heart's electrical field is stronger due to having its own specialized electrical system (the ‘cardiac conduction system’) responsible for coordinating the rhythmic contraction and relaxation of the muscle. The heart’s electrical signals can be detected on the surface of the skin using an electrocardiogram (ECG). 

In addition to its electrical activity, the heart also generates a strong magnetic field due to the movement of electrically charged ions within its cells. This magnetic field can also be detected outside the body using sensitive magnetometers. The body’s electromagnetic field (the interplay between the electricity and the magnetism) is a complex system of energy that interacts within the body, and with the environment.

How Our Emotions Impact Other People

Emotional states have been proven to be directly related to the strength of the electromagnetic fields our heart and brain produce; negative emotions make the field weaker, while positive emotions strengthen it. This emotional information is communicated through our heart-generated electromagnetic fields to the electromagnetic fields of the people around us. 

When we experience anger, sadness and other ‘negative’ emotions, our heart beat becomes disorderly, beating in an incoherent way. (Instead of “bu bup, bu bup, bu bup”, it’s more like “bu bup bu bu, bu bu, bu bup, bup bu…”) When we’re accessing more ‘positive’ emotions like love and happiness, our heart beat comes back into order, and so does the EMF it generates.

The heart’s EMF then communicates signals of harmony and organization to all of the body’s cells and organs, which then function more efficiently, achieving more beneficial results with less biological resources.[3] The coherence of our heart-generated EMF creates integrity across our entire biological system. Its like the conductor of your own personal symphony ensuring every cell is playing the same tune.

The beneficial results of a coherent heart beat and EMF include: 

  • Increased cognitive performance
  • Increased emotional balance
  • Increased immune system function
  • Increased intuition
  • Increased mental clarity
  • Reduced risk of disease
  • Reduced stress levels

But, perhaps even more amazing is how we can transmit these benefits to those around us… without consciously doing anything. Acting like a radio antenna, other people’s EMFs pick up the signals our fields are generating from our hearts, which then influences the coherence of their electromagnetic field and their whole biological system. 

This is a whole new level of non-verbal communication! Your optimum state of health can be achieved and supported by taking care of your emotional wellbeing. But if that’s not reason enough to prioritize your emotional state, maybe helping others to achieve better health is. Choosing to actively support your emotional wellbeing also supports the optimal health of the people physically close to you… without you saying a single word!

One ingredient that is so missing for this journey to be understood and accepted is Love; but it is not the word itself. It is that electrical communication between you and the other person or everybody besides yourself.” Dr. Sebi

The New Non-Verbal Communication

Do you have a friend who just makes you feel at ease whenever they’re around? You’re getting this sense of wellbeing thanks to the interaction of your heart-generated EMFs. The same can be said when you have an “off” feeling about someone who repulses you for no apparent reason.

Beyond body language, tone of voice and facial expressions, our EMFs are talking to other people’s EMFs all the time, below the threshold of conscious recognition. Because the heart transmits and receives the information first, the brain takes slightly longer to catch up with what’s going on.

So what’s being shared between these fields? The answer involves mental, physical, and social data, all transmitted electromagnetically and received via our EMFs, then transported through the nervous system to be decoded by the brain. 

Influencing Others

It’s important to know that whoever has the strongest coherence of heart and brain has the ability to automatically ‘entrain’ the hearts and brains of the people around them to synchronize with their emotional and mental state. Again, this is all happening below conscious awareness. 

When the heart beats consistently, the EMF it produces is stronger and gets picked up by the EMFs of people nearby, (up to 5 feet away and beyond.) The person emitting the EMF with the highest coherence can automatically tune nearby EMFs to that same frequency. You know that person who lights up the room? This is how!

Furthermore, the more coherent a person’s emotional state is, the more information they can pick up from other people’s electromagnetic fields. So the greater your heart-brain electromagnetic coherence, the greater your sensitivity to other people’s! This translates to increased intuition (or ‘inner-tuition’). 

The benefits of higher EMF coherency can be seen in the way a mother and child relate emotionally; mums with more coherent heart-generated EMFs can give their children more love and appreciation, resulting in better mental, emotional and physical developmental outcomes for their offspring.  It’s also interesting to note that our EMFs also interact with the EMFs of animals, and even plants (this is explored in the scientific field of Plant Neurobiology.) [4] 


How to Improve Your Emotional State

Since the person with the most coherent emotional state will naturally ‘tune’ the emotional states of the people in their proximity, if you optimize your emotional state it will naturally assist the emotional states of people alongside you. Here’s how:

  • Observe with awareness, and without judgement: its easy to get caught up in life and disconnect with how we feel. But reconnecting with your emotions brings a sense of balance and inner peace. Try setting a timer for different intervals throughout the day. Then simply pause, breathe and notice how you feel and where you feel it. Paying attention to sensations and labelling emotions will help you stay grounded and connected.
  • Pay attention to your actions: noticing your behavior can reveal hidden emotional clues. Are your feelings driving you? How are emotions impacting your day-to-day life and decision making. Managing our emotions becomes easier once we become more conscious of how we react to them. Are you eating when you are hungry or is it another emotion (like boredom or loneliness) driving the behavior?
  • Question your Beliefs: are your ideas you own or are you just aligning with the crowd? Do you have your own point of view, that you can explain to yourself, or are you simply spending time consuming opinions that are being re-enforced? Is there another side to the story? Its healthy to challenge your own views, this also increases receptivity to change and new ideas.
  • Celebrate the positive: reflect on positive moments and emotions to embed them more deeply and experience more of the same. People who focus on positive emotions increase resilience and have supportive relationships that help them cope with challenges in life.
  • Breathe more: take in oxygen, get rid of carbon dioxide, pause and let your brain become enriched with the energy needed to produce higher emotional states. Anxiety makes us breathe in shallow ineffective ways which increase stressful emotions.
  • Objective self-awareness: helps you understand yourself better. Notice your moods, triggers, needs, capabilities, and preferences. Simply being more aware of your strengths and weaknesses will help you grow emotionally. We can adapt when we identify areas for improvement, often its simply a skill we were never taught. 
  • Predict your emotions and trust your intuition: we often know how we will feel but ignore our own better judgement,  trust that these subliminal urges and understandings come from a deeper emotional intelligence that speaks in metaphors, dreams, and hunches. 

    Emotions and their electro-magnetic impact are getting more and more credible attention. Science is uncovering the reasons underlying age old understanding. Love is good for your health. Follow your heart, trust your intuition and get to know yourself, inside and out. 



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