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The Myth of a Varied Diet (October 2020) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

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Eating a wildly varying and diverse diet is not nearly as good for you as you might think!

While we hope you'll get everything you need by exclusively following Dr. Sebi's Nutritional Guide, it's even more important that you find your very favorites on that guide, and stick with them. You can supplement your faves with everything else on the Nutritional Guide, but the fact is, Dr. Sebi rejected the idea of a wildly varied and diverse diet, and eating familiar and similar things - every day. Eating a whole variety of different foods is worse for you than just sticking to the tried and true!

Those who eat diverse diets very often:

  • eat more calories
  • adopt unhealthy eating behaviors
  • and they tend to gain weight.

Some of that can be explained by the simple fact that by eating something varied, new, and different every day, your body can never really adjust well to taking advantage of the good things you're eating! Especially in the intestines and the rest of the digestive tract, big surprises are met with indigestion or even intolerance to all those new and different foods. Your health can suffer, but so can your digestion.

All of this means you shouldn't worry about a restrictive or difficult diet. Dr. Sebi's Cell Food includes everything you need for complete nutrition - and because you're sticking to it, you're actually eating better than those who quickly grow bored and insist on a varied diet: trying something new - every day.

If you need help to come up with ideas for Journal that won't bore you out and rely on Dr. Sebi's Nutritional Guide, head over to Dr. Sebi's Official YouTube Channel. You'll surely find something to love!

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