What We Eat Impacts Our Health (May 2020) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food - Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

What We Eat Impacts Our Health (May 2020) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

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The Food We Eat Is Our Medicine

Do you believe that what we eat impacts our health? Food is perhaps the most important habit that we have for our health. It can influence physical health, the occurrence and severity of diseases, and even our general well-being. If what we eat impacts our health, why is it that we still have bad habits?

Dr. Sebi studied the effect of food on our bodies, and the types of foods and herbs that help our body reach its balance and its peak health.

Food Impact on Disease

There is plenty of research available that shows that the dietary habits you have strongly influence the risk of disease. This much is certain.

In particular, diet is the most important factor in affecting the pH balance of the body. A body that has a healthy alkaline level is resistant to disease. However, conversely, a body that is too acidic is a breeding ground for illnesses and disease. A disease can only exist in an environment that is acid.

"Food that we eat is the very substance that causes the whole hormonal structure of the body to go haywire because it's on acid base. So you're going to get acid thoughts." - Dr. Sebi

As Dr. Sebi has outlined, disease is caused by damage to the mucous membranes. These membranes are compromised through diet and other habits, causing excess mucus to build up in certain areas, which then leads to disease is those affected parts of the body.

Food as Medicine

Food is the most potent medicine available to heal chronic disease. Food is a source of unique ingredients that can prevent and treat disease and transform your health. What you eat programs your body with messages of health or illness. Fruits and vegetables are historically and biologically relevant.

"That's why Hippocrates said that your medicine should be your food, or your food should be your medicine." - Dr. Sebi

While some foods and dietary patterns may trigger chronic illnesses, there are also some that offer a medicinal and preventative impact. Certain plants, vitamins, and minerals have been shown to reduce the risk and severity of many diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, inflammatory diseases, osteoporosis, arthritis, and many others.

Food contains information that speaks to our genes, not just calories for energy.

For example, human cells need oxygen to function. As Dr. Sebi. has said, "the more that you get, the more alive you are." So then, herbs that are high in oxygen help the body function and heal itself. Knowing that what we eat impacts our health, we then want to ensure that we are disciplined enough to eat the right foods. Foods that are acidifying in the body must be excluded from your diet habits. By doing this and eating foods that are alkalizing, we allow the body to function properly, heal itself and cultivate a detoxified environment that is resistant to disease.

"It is not always easy to stop eating the many acidic foods we've enjoyed for so long and have become addicted to but it can be accomplished through cleansing and nourishing our bodies with the foods the Creator has provided." -Dr. Sebi

You must eat a whole foods, plant-based diet with as little processed food and added sugar as possible. For a full list of foods to eat, check out Dr. Sebi's Nutritional Guide.

Giving Your Health A Boost

We also want to feed the body the foods that help it detoxify and rejuvenate at a cellular level. With Dr. Sebi's intra-cellular detoxifying cleanse, each cell in the body is purified. This allows the body to rebuild damaged cells and rejuvenate itself. And with the Bio-Mineral Therapy, a natural vegetation cell food nourishes the body and detoxifies at the cellular level.

The State of New York Supreme Court classified our products as "natural vegetation cell food" in 1988. As a result, when you take them you will have fed your cells and will not have much of an appetite.

"It is the food that you eat that would reconnect you with the energies of life and then words are unnecessary because you could see. You're reconnected." - Dr. Sebi

Check out Dr. Sebi's Nutritional Guide for a list of foods that help the body heal and his detoxifying cleanse packages for natural cell food that will nourish the body and purify at a cellular level.

"One must consume life - not death - to maintain and sustain oneself." - Dr. Sebi

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