Your favorites are back in stock! (May 2021) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food - Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

Your favorites are back in stock! (May 2021) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

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We’re excited to announce that three of your favorite products are back in stock! Learn how, and why, these three potent products are so popular in our community.

These three powerful products are available to purchase immediately (while stocks last)!

Natural Quality Counts

Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food relies on exceptionally high-quality naturally grown herbs, to make Dr. Sebi’s infamous range of nutritional products. This means our seasonal supply is subject to natural environmental variations, and can possibly change in availability depending on the seasons.

We never compromise on quality, so we sometimes experience temporary shortages in our stock of specific herbs. But, behind the scenes, a passionate team has been working hard to improve the continuity of our herbal supplies, while maintaining the naturally high standards we require.

Please accept our apologies for the shortages - logistical issues, due to travel restrictions, have also made transporting goods slower than usual. Fortunately, the wait is over, and you can once more enjoy the energy, nutrition, and clarity of these three classic Dr. Sebi products.

Do you know how good optimized nutrition could feel?

Energize Your Body

The toxic modern world depletes your energy. Dr. Sebi’s Viento restores cellular metabolism by enhancing oxygenation; helping cells ‘breathe’ more effectively. Viento removes toxic heavy metals robbing your ability to energize, and protect your own body.

By enhancing circulation, and reducing cellular stress, you regain control of the energy supply. Emotions, strength, stamina, and the ability to focus are all radically enhanced when they are powered more effectively.

"Viento gives you a lot of energy, a good mood, and the feeling that you want to uplift big stones. I can sleep late and wake up sooner.” - Cláudio

"I notice that sluggish feeling went away right after taking Viento. I was able to get energy back and started to work out, jogging around track, without feeling worn out." - tip2nyce

"Natural energy boost with no crashing symptoms. Not an immediate energy boost like caffeine, but you will recognize it within a few minutes." - Earl

Nourish Every Cell

Malnutrition and obesity go hand in hand; people overeat due to a lack of nutrients. Dr. Sebi’s Green Food Plus protects your cells from mineral malnutrition, and provides purifying polyphenols, protective pigments, and powerful phytochemicals missing from our modern diet.

Hunger is naturally reduced when your cells are satisfied with the immense nutrition available in Green Food Plus - making weight loss, alkaline eating, and sustained cellular healing much easier.

"The first time I used the Green Food I felt the energy and I was not hungry throughout the day. When I wake up in the morning I get right up!" - secsip

“The first day I used the Greenfood, I noticed immediately that I had more energy and I did not get my afternoon ‘crash’." - quaneshalford

"Undescribable! I felt a surge of electricity running through my body from the first taking of this compound. Thank You Dr. Sebi! May your continued legacy heal the world." - M Crawford

Nutrition for your Vision

Your eyes communicate billions of bits of critical data to your brain, helping you navigate your environment, but they get tired, dirty, and worn out. Your eyes are put under pressure from excessive use of devices and screens, coupled with a lack of looking out into the far distance.

We can’t transport you into panoramic natural landscapes to stretch your eyes, but we can ensure they are cleansed and ‘fed’ with Dr. Sebi’s Eye Wash, and the nutritional-visionary herb, eyebright in the formulation.

"Since the first day I used it, I immediately experienced a lot of mucus coming out of my both eyes, less eye pressure, less pain, and above all less itching." - Claudio R

"I have been using this eyewash for 2yrs. Last year's visit to the eye doctor she remarked a slight improvement in my vision." - Sbmoedog

Care & Compassion

If you are feeling run down, unmotivated, fuzzy, or ‘out of sorts’ lately, it could be a nutritional issue. Stress, and ongoing uncertainty, depletes our nutritional, and energetic, reserves - making it harder to bounce back from difficulties.

To face the emotional, psychological, and practical, challenges life presents us with, we need to be fully nourished, energized, and able to see things clearly. Dr. Sebi crafted products to naturally support our bio-electric body, to help us thrive, no matter what we face. Three of your favorite products are back in stock, ready to get you going, move your mood, and ensure you’re not left in the dark. Order now while stocks are available; don’t wait until it’s too late - energize, nourish and see with crystal clarity today.

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