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All About Pancreatic Health (June 2020) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

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The pancreas is a sensitive organ, easily damaged by the acidity of modern life. It is known for producing hormones, like insulin, also critical for optimizing digestion and creating alkaline conditions in the gut. The pancreas can actually 'taste' sugar, but the response is not always so sweet.

What is the Pancreas?

The sponge-like pancreas is 6 inches long, and sits behind your stomach, in front of the kidneys. Alkalizing juices flow from the pancreas into the intestine, neutralizing stomach acids (to protect gut lining), and creating optimal conditions for digestion.

The pancreas also manages blood sugar levels. Certain foods (sweet or starchy) trigger insulin release, making cells absorb nutrients and store leftover energy (as fat). The pancreas also produces the 'opposite' hormone, glucagon, to release fat for energy, when no food is available.

Dr. Sebi taught us, "Glucose is the underlying enemy, " and it is the pancreas that prevents 'sticky' glucose in the blood from reaching dangerous levels. Uniquely, the pancreas has two roles; endocrine (producing hormones) and exocrine (producing enzymes). This makes it responsible for both digesting and controlling our response to food.

Stress and Excess

Refined sugar, and artificial sweeteners, stress and inflame the pancreas. Natural foods, like the fruit in Dr. Sebi's Nutritional Guide, stimulate a 'well-managed' insulin response. But, super-concentrated refined sugars create 'panic' because the pancreas must prevent blood sugar from getting too high. Big portions of food, eating late at night and processed food all create pancreatic stress and inflammation.

When the pancreas becomes inflamed it enters a vicious-cycle of acidity, mucous and impaired digestion. The pancreas shares ducts (tubes just 1mm wide) with the gallbladder, and if they become inflamed, and blocked, the fluids stagnate. Reduced bile flow (from the gallbladder) also impairs liver detox and leads to gallstones.

Feeling stressed reduces digestion, even more, impacting nutrient absorption. We need to feel calm to stimulate the (parasympathetic) nervous system to initiate digestion. Dr. Sebi taught us that to be healthy we need alkaline and nutrient-rich fluids to bathe our cells, but, when the pancreas is inflamed, this process breaks down.

Supporting the Body

Diabetes is the 'label' used when the pancreas can't effectively manage blood glucose levels, but, Dr. Sebi taught us "There is only one disease: the compromising of the mucous membrane". Each organ fights a unique battle against incorrect inner conditions, created by unnatural foods.

When fine ducts, capillaries, or tubules are inflamed they get blocked, and delicate cell membranes produce mucus to fend off an acid attack. The process to support whole-body health is remarkably simple but requires dedication to wellness.

  • Prevention: stop the damage from occurring by following Dr. Sebi's Nutritional Guide.
  • Reduction: cut down portion sizes and be mindful of sweet and starchy foods.
  • Nutrition: combine green juices and smoothies with anti-inflammatory tamarind.
  • Hydration: drink 1 gallon of spring water a day to ensure fluids flow freely.
  • Cleansing: diuretic teas (like dandelion or Dr. Sebi's Stomach Relief Herbal Tea).
  • Minerals: top up minerals with Irish Sea Moss, Sarsaparilla, and Burdock root.

Herbal Help

Dr. Sebi's Bio Ferro Capsules provides nutrition and detoxifying herbs to cleanse and protect the pancreas. Bio Ferro Capsules contain chaparral (cleanses lymph), nettle (reduces inflammation), and nopal (blood sugar control) together with mineralizing herbs. Dr. Sebi's Green Food provides anti-inflammatory nutritional protection for the organs and glands, supporting them to release toxins and repair damage.

By addressing the root issues of disease (acidity and mucus) you can restore optimal function to the entire body. Restoring alkaline conditions allows critical hormones, fluids, and digestive juices to flow freely in the body. Reducing inflammation increases nutrient absorption, allowing organs to repair cellular damage. Prevent disease and revitalize the whole body by supporting your own remarkable self-healing.


I am looking for help my son is 33 and has pancreatitis. Looking for healthy alternatives. Thank you

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A friend had been told they have pancreatic cancer. My question is can Dr. Sebi products cure this issue.

Estelle Dickerson

I need to know how to purchase these products, in order to feel better.

Katerina J. Person

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