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Autumn Challenge 2020 (April 2020) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

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With the leaves going from green to red, and the winds changing from warm to cool, it is no wonder Fall is considered the season of change. Autumn is a reminder to reflect and undertake some changes in all aspects of our lives. This month we want to invite you to the Autumn Challenge we'll be running in all of our Social Media Channels. The Autumn Challenge is all about staying healthy during the Fall, and letting go of all things that no longer serve you. While it's believed that Spring is the perfect season to start changing your life, there are a few undeniable reasons Autumn is the right time to make some drastic changes in your life:

Why Is It Easier To Stay Healthy During The Fall?

  1. Nature Inspires You To Let Go. Dr. Sebi always encouraged those around him to live in harmony and follow the lead of nature, and this is no exception. In Spring, flowers blossom, which might encourage you to start new projects and reach new goals in your life. In Autumn, however, as the flowers fall and change color, you're encouraged to evaluate what things are holding you back. It's time to shed old habits, patterns, and feelings. Check out this video about 5 things to let go of right now to start.
  2. It's Easier To Eat Healthier During This Season. As you let go of old, damaging eating habits, it's important to find nourishing food to replace the junk food you will no longer be eating. During the Autumn months, most fruits and veggies are cheaper, so it's easier for you to try new things and cook healthy meals and snacks, and stay healthy during the Fall. These Apple Pie Pancakes have all the comforting flavors of Fall, while also providing you with a variety of minerals and nutrients. Remember to always stick to Dr. Sebi's Nutritional Guide.
  3. It's Pleasant To Exercise and Be Active. If one of your goals is to be more active, the Autumn Challenge is your chance to do this. Grab a friend and go for a walk to admire the beautiful Fall foliage, or download a couple of yoga classes to stretch at home. As it gets colder outside, you can look forward to spending some time by yourself exercising indoors. Watch this video to find out all the benefits that stretching has for your mind and body.
  4. It's a Great Time To Detox. Years of eating the standard American diet and being exposed to environmental pollutants can tax your body's well-being, so it's advisable to start a detoxification program to cleanse from toxins, mucus, acid, and calcifications. Autumn is a time of natural transition, perfect for a gentle detox to reset your body and mind, and prime your system for Winter wellness. Dr. Sebi's Cell Food offers several packages to choose from if you decide to join the #AutumnChallenge; for example, the Small Cleansing Package, which is specially formulated to gently kickstart the cleansing and nourishing process in those who are transitioning to a healthier lifestyle.
  5. It's The Best Time For Self-Care. Without the hustle and bustle of earlier seasons, and before the stress of the holidays kicks in, this month is the perfect time to spend some quality time with yourself. The Autumn Challenge is all about focusing on your skin-care routine, cook nourishing meals for yourself, take some time to relax or meditate, and journal to work through your feelings and emotions.

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