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#NoSugarChallenge (September 2020) – Dr. Sebi's Cell Food

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Dr. Sebi's "No Sugar Challenge"

If you're a regular follower of Dr. Sebi's Cell Food, either on Twitter, on Facebook, or on Instagram, (and we hope you are), then you'll have heard all about the "No Sugar Challenge."

It's important to your health and well-being - and it's an important way to jumpstart your own body's struggle to renew itself and to eliminate all the acid, mucus, and waste that builds up over a lifetime.

To summarize, these are the most important things to bear in mind as you go about eliminating sugar from your diet. Eating only the healthy foods listed on Dr. Sebi's Nutritional Guide will not only replace all those other sugary foods, but it actually helps you to keep resisting the urge to eat bad foods, too.

Here's what everyone learned while taking the #NoSugarChallenge:

  • Go cold turkey. It's still the best and fastest way to start getting over cravings, or even addiction. No excuses. Eliminate sugar from your diet starting today.
  • Eat regularly. You still need to eat, regularly, and only from the Nutritional Guide. Keeping a regular healthy diet will prevent you from wanting more and more unhealthy sugar.
  • Reach for the fruit. It's got all the natural, healthy sugar you need and the advantages are more than we can list here. Keep some fruit close at hand all day, and every day, just in case you start to feel cravings.
  • Get up and walk. A little moderate exercise, especially after meals is a terrific way to work off cravings, and excess calories. It helps you to sleep at night and keeps your digestion moving.
  • Eat a "green meal" every day. That's right! Lots of fresh greens keep you going and they're the best for the fiber and the digestive replenishment your body needs. Try to eat at least one good serving of (approved) greens every single day.
  • Plan everything in advance. When you plan to eat healthily, you're that much more likely to do it. Start by planning for a week, but try to plan for when you'll be away from home when sugary or nasty foods are more convenient. Plan to bring your own, or to stick close to the foods that are better for you.
  • Find the support you need. This is one more reason Dr. Sebi is so popular on Social Media. There's simply no substitute for the support of friends and family whenever you're struggling or doubtful. Friends are going to help you out.

Now, all that said, let's say goodbye to sugar, once and for all.

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